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‘Trumped’ Sequel Needs Your $$$ to Defeat Donald

He’s got a presidential election to sway, and he needs your help to do it.

You've Been Trumped Official Trailer #1 (2012) Donald Trump Movie HD

Baxter is the director of “You’ve Been Trumped,” the 2011 documentary about Donald Trump building a sprawling golf course on Scottish land. Locals decried the move, saying it would kick them out of their beloved homes. Environmentalists screamed the project would devastate the land and those living on it.

Trump and his defenders said the project would bring fresh jobs to the region. They also vowed the golf course wouldn’t harm the region a whit.

“It’s gonna be done environmentally perfect,” he crowed at the time. Pure Trump-speak, the kind we’re all too familiar with now.

Guess who won?

Now, Baxter has a sequel he wants us all to see. Baxter revisited the issue, drawing what he promises are fresh insights about the project and the man behind it.

“You’ve Been Trumped Too” could use a little push, though. The director, a former BBC journalist, established Kickstarter campaign to help spread the word about the film.

The plan? Release it by any means necessary before Nov. 8.

The original 2011 got mostly adoring reviews, cemented by an 87 percent “fresh” rating at The story showed how the little people were steamrolled by a big, bad businessman. That’s critical catnip.

Not everyone was won over, though.

Slant Magazine, which leans left, said the movie’s one-sided arguments felt hackneyed. The documentary made a complex tale far too simple.

Any chance the sequel will chart a fresh course?

We won’t know until its release, which may hinge on the Kickstarter campaign’s success. As of Oct. 4, it’s hauled in $33,000 of its $75,000 goal. The money will be spent on “distribution, publicity and some advertising,” according to the crowdfunding project’s home page.

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“Trumped Too” will be shown in UK theaters soon. The U.S. outreach will be primarily TV and online viewing, both free of charge.

Here is part of Baxter’s email outreach letter to drum up interest in the crowdfunding campaign:

I felt I had no choice but to begin documenting this most amazing campaign – not from the vantage point of news conferences and sound bites, but from the perspective of the “little people” (Donald Trump Jr’s description of the residents) the Trump family continues to impact so profoundly.

While journalists hung on every word of the Trump campaign, I wanted to show the consequences of his actions.

I wanted you to be among the first to know that the film is almost finished. We are now eager that as many people see it as possible before the American Presidential election.

There it is. Another artist doing all he can to impact the election. Add that to the recent Will & Grace reunion special, the “Star Trek” open letter against Trump and Joss Whedon’s anti-Trump PSA.

Can a British journalist do what those assembled stars haven’t so far … derail the Trump Train?

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via / CC BY-SA

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  1. Very interesting. I will donate more money….not to this crummy documentary…but to Trump’s campaign. MAGA.

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