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Woke Scolds Want to Cancel Pop Culture Classics

‘Seinfeld,’ ‘Friends’ and more under attack by humorless, click-baiting trolls

Ralph Kramden vowed to send his bride “to the moon” on “The Honeymooners” … with his fists.

“Pow! Right in the kisser!” he’d cry, his hand balled up in a meaty fist.

The bus driver would never hit his beloved Alice, of course, but a modern sitcom wouldn’t even joke about striking a spouse.

Times change. So does the culture.

That “Honeymooners” trope didn’t stop generations from adoring the show. Viewers understood both the era in play and the love Ralph had for his wife. She ruled the roost, reigning in his “get rich quick” schemes along the way.

Now, imagine a progressive scribe watching “The Honeymooners” for the first time.

  • This cis-gender male is threatening violence?
  • Alice should be empowered enough to fight back against his cruel taunts!
  • Where’s the diversity?

Sound silly? Then you haven’t read the think pieces denigrating “Seinfeld.” These far-Left screeds want us to stop enjoying the iconic show’s reruns, available for streaming on Netflix and cable channels.

Collider serves up the latest “think piece” on why we can’t enjoy “Seinfeld” anymore — Why Is ‘Seinfeld’ So Hard to Watch Now?

Though it’s still as great and funny as it was then, it can also be hard to watch due to just how different the culture of then and now is.

Imagine that. The culture evolves. Who could have predicted it? Can we at least get a Spoiler Alert warning?

The essay runs through the expected gauntlet – it wasn’t diverse enough! It tackled sensitive topics that made me crave a Safe SpaceTM!

The piece even suggests the next cultural target.

In our current era we have a series like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Almost everyone is white and mean and self-involved. They’re constantly doing something offensive, but they too get away with it because they’re poking fun of such behavior.

Screen Rant, a far-Left platform that features like-minded articles, also routinely targets “Seinfeld.” 


The site used the now infamous “jokes that haven’t aged well” attack.


This isn’t isolated to “Seinfeld,” of course. There’s a cottage industry of writers waging war against “Friends,” another beloved sitcom that still holds sway over the culture.

  • It wasn’t diverse enough!
  • The scripts fat-shamed Monica for her former, heavyset self
  • The show’s progressive storyline about Ross’ lesbian ex wasn’t progressive enough!

The scolds proved so effective they bullied “Friends” creator Marta Kauffman to donate $4 million to assuage her cultural sins. The mania following the death of George Floyd in 2020 also impacted her check-writing skills.

She created the Marta F. Kauffman ‘78 Professorship in African and African American Studies at Brandeis University which will do nothing to digitally add people of color into the show’s reruns.

And on it goes. These scolds want clicks, of course. Never forget that.

It’s also an attempt to prove one’s worth over the artists who created popular art. Here’s betting these scolds could never pen a “Friends” episode or create a character as indelible as Kramer.

Canceling these pop culture icons is far easier. And, with luck, it earns one oodles of social media attention.

Remember that super famous TV show? Yeah? I helped make it go away!

Plus, this trend is part of the larger, Orwellian movement to erase the past in favor of a progressive utopia.

What these scolds don’t realize is the reason “Seinfeld,” “Friends” and other “problematic” shows like “The Office” grow more popular with age. They’re funny, of course, and there’s not an ounce of woke in them. They followed the laughs wherever it led them, allowing unlikeable characters to be … unlikeable.

Sinners are almost always funnier than saints.

You won’t hear a lecture mid-episode, either.

These shows, which aren’t very old in the grand scheme, aren’t difficult to watch as these naysayers insist. They’re the opposite, offering a tonic for our Cancel Culture age.

It’s why we can’t stop re-watching them … no matter how many chin-stroking think pieces say otherwise.


  1. OK I’ll bite why if the Office “problematic” in the eyes of the Wokistas?

    1. Just type into a Google search ‘problematic office’ and Google will helpfully suggest ‘episodes’….lots of results! What isn’t problematic though is an early episode of The Upshaws where the parents are leaving 2 kids alone and their parting instruction is ‘remember what I tell you’ and they respond in unison (paraphrasing) ‘don’t open the door to any Republicans’. I like the show too, even got by that bit, but even I know what ‘Republican’ really means and so the show is now a guilty pleasure.

    1. And let’s not forget Sanford and Son.another classic I still watch and it’s still never gets old.

  2. Those left-wing marxist nut-jobs don’t get to dictate how the world is gonna be. The days of them getting their way are coming to an end. Sometime in the future they are going to be dealt with and shut up permanently. They are a terminal cancer to all that is good and normal. They are NUTS!

    1. Typical lemming hypocrite Christian. Hope your daughter doesnt ever need an abortion for any reason living down south.

  3. Well, TV & movies are basically unwatchable now. I haven’t watched anything past 2000 in quite a while. Have an extensive selection of Blu-rays and DVD’s to keep me busy for decades. Who needs Hollywood?

  4. If the left has it’s way, no movie or TV show made before 2019 will be allowed. And of course Looney Tunes cartoons will all be banned as well.

      1. I don’t hear squat from their fellow travelers. There are ‘traitor lefties’ out there but you already know all the names as it’s a short list…..Taibbi, Greenwald, Brand…….I’m probably missing 1 or 2 more. That’s the population of lefties that dare criticize their own side. CCP has more in country dissent Ha Ha

    1. And Harry Potter, and The Dixie Chicks, and all metal music, and Elvis, and The Doors, and 1990s Disney movies, Teletubbies…Oh wait, this is just a sampling of things the right tried to cancel before pretending their political cultmasters and YouTube gods commanded them to care about cancel culture.

  5. It would be impossible to convince me that the crap we have today can even hold a candle to shows of the fifties, sixties and early seventies.

  6. Woke rhetoric needs to be IGNORED. These types are easily offended, are incapable of comprehending that there is no right to not be offended and they need to toughen up. Like they used to say, don’t like what’s on the channel, well you got two buttons, one turns it off the other changes the channel. What you don’t do is force the world to change to you.

  7. I know these movies are their absolute favorite fantasy films but the can start with all the Revenge of the Nerds flicks

  8. Ppl like this should be put in a mental institution. This soft, corrupt mindset is the leading cause of degeneracy in the world. Suck it up butter cups grow some courage and quit being so hypersensitive to everything and everyone.

  9. The Wokescold are never happy and they are always changing the goalpost. They crave the attention while they terrorize you and control what you see and hear because they crave the control over others. they are the Bullies of the modern age.

  10. The single most overused and over hyped word in this century is ‘woke’ . It’s nothing but a catch phrase for idiots bereft of critical thinking skills. Oversensitive dolts ( both left and right) who complain about irrelevant and imaginary offenses get way too much hype. It’s a tiny group who’s power is created by the hype and by dumb articles like this, designed to create needless offenses. Being kind and caring to all people should not need a movement or anti-movement. Quit giving extremists on either side the attention and power they crave. ‘Woke’ is really about accepting all people, regardless of your understanding or religious beliefs, as long as they are not hurting themselves or others

  11. As many boycotts as you morons call for when someone says something you don’t like, then don’t tell me you’re against cancel culture. Phony baloney nutbags.

  12. They think man hands, low talkers, men with high pitched voices, the ignorant, those that eat candy bars with a fork and knife, women that are hot only in a specific light and eating subs while having sex are all not woke enough for them.

    They just want kamala Harris speaking in tongues running on a loop to be the only entertainment allowed.

    That’s what we’re dealing with.

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