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Tim Dillon: ‘The Media Has Been Covering for Biden’

Rebel comic skewers corporate press' scandalous spin to protect ailing president

Tim Dillon didn’t forge his fame by echoing media talking points.

The indie comic calls it as he sees it, the perfect antidote to late-night propagandists. You know them all by name.

Dillon, in comparison, channels ’90s-era Howard Stern in his blunt monologues. You won’t always agree with his ribald humor, but he’s not playing footsie with industry insiders.

His fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s why he doubled down on President Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance last month and the lingering questions it spawned. Except what shocked many Americans about Biden’s mental state should have come to no surprise.

Dillon called it months ago. So did conservative platforms and outlets like The Free Press. The president isn’t well, despite what the corporate press insisted.

Or, to be more accurate, lied.

Joe Biden & Something Different | The Tim Dillon Show #398

“Everybody could see this coming from 10 miles out,” Dillon began on the latest episode of his eponymous podcast.

“The media has been covering for Biden because they thought if they just covered, lied, shut up and the campaign just dribbled him out for a press conference here, a State of the Union there, very scripted, very tightly controlled appearances that he would never reveal the extent of his dementia. And the country could continue to be run by the people around Biden, primarily his advisors, people who we’ve heard of, people who we haven’t heard of … but the country would be run by people in the democratic leadership, people behind the scenes, the military … all these people were allowed to do whatever they wanted because the face of the operation, Joe Biden from Scranton, Pa. would be kept safe by the fact that everybody was lying. The media was lying, the citizenry was lying to themselves, which they have no problem doing.”

“‘Well, he’s actually pretty good … for his age he’s pretty good …” he said in a cartoonish voice of Joe or Jane Sixpack.

“We know the media is good at [lying],” Dillon said. And we all know what happened at the debate, the “hollow husk of a person who had been that way in private for a long time,” he said.

Biden, the Media and the Lies We Tell Ourselves

The problem is far from new. And while Biden’s mental clarity appeared sharper during this year’s State of the Union address, the warning signs were plain to see.

“If we were an honest society, which we’re not, we would have watched the State of the Union and said, ‘he’s too old,'” Dillon said. 

He capped the segment by recalling his trip to a Hamptons party and the reaction Biden’s debate meltdown had on the tony klatch. The revelers were rich and leaned to the Left, but Dillon said they seemed accepting of Biden’s mental state.

They just didn’t want former President Donald Trump back in the Oval Office.

“They all understand one thing, and that thing is lying. They understand the importance of lying. There’s an art to it, how it needs to be done. What lies people can swallow, big lies and little lies,” Dillon noted before saving his harshest comments for First Lady Jill Biden.

“She’s a very vicious woman to keep her husband in this race, to keep him doing this. He’s a puppet and they’re just taking him on Air Force One and putting him on a stage,” he said.

Now, imagine Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers or Jimmy Kimmel saying anything remotely like this. You can’t. And that’s why Dillon has made his name without much help from Hollywood, Inc.

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  1. true that the democrat party only understands lying but it’s their voters that are the real problem. The F’rs that make up their base consume Dem myths enthusiastically. These constituents need the lies to justify their embrace of Alt-left politics. great article and observations by Tim.

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