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‘The Chosen’ Shocks Hollywood (Again)

TV sensation's second big-screen closeup outdraws 'She Said,' 'The Menu'

“The Chosen” has more miracles up its sleeve.

The Angel Studios show, focusing on the life and times of Jesus Christ (Jonathan Roumie), became a crowdfunding sensation in 2019. The first two seasons have been viewed more than 440 million times, to date.

Even secular critics, routinely harsh toward faith-based storytelling, have embraced the saga.

This weekend, “The Chosen” showed it can compete with the best and brightest Hollywood has to offer.

The Chosen: Season 3 Official Trailer

The first two episodes of the show’s third season, packaged for theatrical release, is set to earn $10 million in its opening weekend. UPDATE: Final numbers for the weekend – $8.68 million according to Angel Studios.

For perspective, the ballyhooed “She Said,” recalling the journalists who helped expose Harvey Weinstein’s predatory crimes, will earn roughly $2.25 million on its opening weekend.

Both films snagged around 2,000 screens nationwide.

“The Chosen: Season 3” also beat out “The Menu,” a thriller starring Ralph Fiennes as a fanatical chef.  That film was shown in roughly 1,000 more theaters than “The Chosen.”


“The Chosen: Season 3” quickly outpaced some of the season’s Oscar-bait releases, like:

  • “Armageddon Time”
  • “Till”
  • “Tar”
  • “Call Jane”

Here is the official plot description for “The Chosen: Season 3’s” theatrical debut.

After Jesus completes a sermon that turns the world upside down, all 12 disciples (including newcomer Judas) are ready to follow him to the ends of the earth. But problems remain. Matthew wrestles with estrangement from his family. Andrew visits an imprisoned John the Baptist. Mary and the women must find a source of income. Simon and Eden face the costs of following Jesus.

Most importantly, the disciples face their biggest challenge yet when Jesus sends them out, two by two, to preach and perform miracles without him.

The news comes days after Angel Studios debuted the first two episodes of “The Wingfeather Saga” at a packed Nashville venue. That animated series, debuting Dec. 2, features characters and stories introduced by singer/songwriter Andrew Peterson in his four-book series.

“For the second year in a row, The Chosen is capturing the imagination of moviegoers around the country … we’re seeing that the same audiences who have helped us break streaming records can have similar impact at the box office,” Neal Harmon, CEO of Angel Studios, said in a statement.


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It’s not the first time the series crossed over into the cineplex. Last year, “Christmas With The Chosen: The Messengersearned $10 million in its first seven days, going on to generate $13.7 million. That release earned more than $4 million in its debut weekend.

“The Chosen” can be viewed on the Angel Studios app, but its reach will soon expand. The show’s creative team told Deseret News that it struck a deal with Netflix for the streaming giant to carry the series.


  1. You will all be embarrassed when you find out the Jesus in the chosen is the Mormon Jesus that lives on kaboom or whatever they call the planet, married to Mary Magdelene and someone else, a polygamist.

    Cute little trick covering up the comment box.

      1. I agree, instead of focusing on all the good works He does, instead they try to get ppl to think of Him any different then The loving Rabbi/Messiah & all the love he taught & respect. I LOVVVE Jesus so much my heart fills w joy just thinking of him

        1. Love your comment, I feel the same way just thinking of Jesus Christ and thanking him everyday fir the love he has for me makes my day go such much better.
          Jesus Christ he is the way the light and the truth.

        2. Thank you Denah. Those comments are surely sent by those HE has not revealed HI self too BECAUSE they DONT Believe HE is who HE is

          1. Thank you Patricia. Your words are so true. Jesus is the new covenant God made for us to follow. Following Jesus is THE ONLY WAY to get to heaven .

        3. The devil will always convince the non-believer to remain a nay sayer. Praise up Raise up ☝️ in the mighty name of Jesus and unleash the veil covering the enemy had placed on the determined non-believer.

          1. Amen, The Triune God saved me from a sinful lifestyle and “I was lost but now found.” Amazing Grace! Thank you Jesus and thank you Dallas Jenkins.

        4. Me too—it is so with all His true believers! 🙂
          “Though you have not seen him, you love him; and even though you do not see him now, you believe in him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy,” (1 Peter 1:8).

          Jesus, Son of God. Our Supreme Rabbi!

    1. That is a complete lie. Dallas Jenkins is an evangelical, not a Mormon and you very obviously not seen it. Stupidity abounds.

    2. It’s too bad the indoctrination of the matrix has blinded you common sense to the point you forgot this is a story about life before you were born and everything your told and believe is from others opinions and the fact it’s a movie

    3. Actually, no. The series is written by evangelicals. It’s only DISTRIBUTED with the help of certain LDS folks. Think of it like a newspaper, someone else writes it, Mormons just help deliver it. That’s not a bad thing – to help deliver the words of the Savior.

    4. You could not be more wrong. The Chosen is beautifully done and is the best portrayal of Jesus and His followers that I have ever seen. It’s moving and inspiring. Come and see.

          1. Eric, it was so realistic there were scenes I could not watch! Jim Caviezel who played Jesus says he spent so many hours on the cross during filming and with all the others who felt so personally about their part… his life was forever changed with being a part of the reenactment. He will only act in “clean” or Christian parts.
            Look for him on Youtube. Another amazing thing is that during the filming the actor who played Judas and the one who played Barrabas became converts!

        1. Me, too James…This series feels like a gift. Saw season 3 first two episode in the theater last weekend. Gorgeous, rich, fun, charming, inspiring, sincere, touching and healing.

        2. I am 100% with you! I can’t thank God and all of you who are working so hard to make this film that’s so beautifully depicts the love of our savior! Keep up the good work don’t ever back down!

        3. Amen. Follow Him. He is the light and the life and the way. There is only one way to Heaven, it is on the narrow path.

    5. This is nonsense. The Jesus presented is the Jesus of the Bible and the stories are absolutely consistent with Scripture. The producers simply used facilities owned by the Mormon Church and nothing more. Please stop slamming this exceptional series that is doing so much to advance the Gospel!

      1. And please stop slamming the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (nicknamed Mormons) Is THAT what Christ would do?

        1. I don’t know about season three, but some of the episodes were filmed on Mormon sets in Texas. It’s in the credits. Thanking them.

    6. God surely loves you.

      “if you deny me with your mouth …“ you know the rest. discipline yourself with God’s – not your version of – truth. and avoid what you just know.

      God surely loves you.

    7. Not sure where you get your information from. Dallas has directly stated he is not Mormon nor is he using Mormon influences. Christianity is more popular than culture or even some Christians believe it to be. Haters will hate as Taylor swift said and Jesus warned us there will be persecution… sadly so much comes from those who profess Christianity.

      1. Hey there,
        I am a little concerned about Dallas. He did say that he knows if some LDS (Mormon) that are saved. How can this be?
        To them, Jesus isn’t God. Jesus is sadly a Jesus of their own making. Not the true one revealed to us through the Bible.

        1. Monique, it is not your plight to inquire or be concerned with another’s faith. That calls for judgement which is so NOT our job.
          We are to accept others…love them with the love of God and be an example so that they see Him in us.
          He will do the rest.

        2. We know that God is our Father, Jesus is His Son and the Holy Ghost is the third part of the Trinity with all having the very same purposes, acting as One.

        3. That’s not true. Jesus is God incarnate born of Virgin Mary suffered and died on cross for our sins rose again on the 3rd day and sits at the right hand of the father. I believe just as everyone else does. Jesus is God! And all my fellow LDS believe the same. Are their people in the church that believe they are the only church, sure. But that’s true for catholics Baptists etc. The point is who do you believe Jesus is and will you choose to follow and trust and love Him. I do.

    8. I heard the rumors about there being a Mormon connection to the Chosen and there’s an interview with the show’s creator, Dallas Jenkins where he flat out says there’s nothing Mormon at all in the show, behind the scenes or on-screen. Apparently one of the lines Jesus said is very close to a line that is in the book of Mormon, but it’s something innocuous like “always put others before yourselves” and was just a coincidence. Like everything else, people on the Internet are spreading disinformation and like everything else, go check for yourself before you believe anything (including what I just said here!)

      1. And, is it just possible also that there is plagiarism of the Bible in the Book of Mormon…????? Which came first??? I think this guy doesn’t know the Word and just loves to stir a stink.

      2. Since God’s came BEFORE the Mormon, it’s safe to say they borrowed from the Word of God. Satan (and I am not calling Mormons Satan) loves to give just enough Truth to make it sound right……but the Word of God is the Plumbing truth is measured against.

      3. Oooooh…read the book of James—“There is power of both life and death in the tongue”! Suppositions and gossip are as evil as any other weapon! Why waste time on trying to dissect what others believe? If you are Christian all your answers are in the Book!

    9. Ridiculous, uniformed response. So what are are you grinding. You’re doing a lot of people a great disservice with this sort misinformed and mean- spirited remark. Grow up!

    10. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints worships Jesus Christ. The same God who commanded not to bear false witness, love your neighbor, not stir up contention, Etc.

      1. The Mormon leaders teach you and the whole world about a totally different false jesus and false god.

        Anyone that is actually honest with themselves and with God can clearly and plainly see the obvious difference between the True “One and Only God” Jesus Christ, taught by Gods Own Words in the Bible – and the false Mormon gods taught by the Mormon leaders.

        Unfortunately, The Actual Fact Is, the Mormon god does not exist…

        The Mormon god once was a mortal man, lives near a star called kolob, likely has many many wives that bare billions of his children, and is the literal father of Satan, and the Mormon god “ironically” teaches Mormons can become gods EXACTLY like Satan desires to be a god! Mormonism literally worships a false god.

        As Aposed to The True and Living Jesus Christ who is literally The One and Only God, creator of the universe and savior of the world! True Christians follow the one and ONLY Lord, God and savior Jesus Christ… not the false Mormon christ who is Satan’s bother.

        In other words.. the Mormon god and the Mormon jesus literally do not exist. And the Mormon leaders have deceived most their followers into believing the false Mormon christ is the same Jesus as the True Christian GOD, Jesus Christ….

        The Mormon false prophets KNOW “full well” the Mormon “christ” they teach and preach about is not – AT ALL – the same as the ONE and ONLY True and Living God Jesus Christ….

        The Mormon leaders are unfortunately lying with horrible manipulation and KNOW full well they are deceiving their members. The Mormon leaders fulfill scripture right before your very eyes.

        Gal 1:8-9

        8 But though we, or an angel (Moroni) from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that was which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.
        9 As we said before, so say I now again, if any man (Joseph Smith) preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.

        Matt 24:24

        24 For there shall arise false Christs (brother of Satan), and false prophets (Mormon leaders), and shall shew great signs and wonders (book of Mormon); insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect (you).

        I know, I was once just like you… you are taught to speak as though the Mormon jesus is the same True Christian Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ – and yet Mormonism literally teaches Jesus and his Atoning sacrifice on the cross ALONE Is NOT enough to save mankind. Mormonism teaches you MUST pay the Mormon church – in order to enter the Mormon temple – in order to receive “saving ordinances” – in order to be “saved” in the highest Mormon heaven. Then “maybe” the Mormon jesus will save them … maybe.

        To teach this false doctrine is literally teaching Jesus is NOT enough to save you. Mormonism literally teaches YOU MUST do all these other things… and even then still – Mormons never “know” if they have done “enough” to be saved.

        Mormonism literally takes down the cross of Jesus and hides it away – then puts up a giant “man angel” on top their temples.

        Then the Mormon leaders deceptively steal the name of our Lord God Jesus Christ and place it in the name of their church – and AGAIN – “deceive the elect with great signs and wonders” (Matt 24:24). The deception is clearly revealed!

        The Mormon leaders teach, not only was their Mormon god once a mortal man, but his father and grandfather – on and on – were all once mortal men too (polytheism – endless gods). The Mormon leaders also teach they too can become a god EXACTLY like Satan desires to become a god! The deception is clearly revealed!

        And yet Mormons continuously ignore or attempt to excuse away the absolute inexcusable facts – The Mormon leaders are documented, verified and proven liars of Mormon history, doctrines and finances… they are proven LIARS and deceivers…

        … And Sadly Mormonism acts exactly like the ancient Israelites- as God has revealed in these last days the FULL truth of Mormonism’s lies and manipulation… it is literally like God sending mana from heaven, and Mormons refuse to eat, or Moses and his serpent staff, and Mormons refuse to look!

        So so sad, yet so so revealing.

        We truly pray that God will give you and all Mormons “eyes to see” and “ears to hear” the true gospel of Jesus Christ filled with unconditional love and grace. We pray in HIS name Jesus Christ, amen

        Jesus is enough

        1. Correct—amd He is probably shaking His head at your comment!
          Dedicate you time and thoughts
          to all you KNOW to be true! Why keep watering seeds trying to debunk another belief system? We were never asked in His word to do that. Are you familiar with The Great Commission?

          Great Commission
          Words of Jesus in Matthew 28:19–20: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you”

          “Keep my commandments”
          “Abide in my word”
          Bring others to Christ….

        2. Correct—and He is probably shaking His head at your comment!
          Dedicate you time and thoughts
          to all you KNOW to be true! Why keep watering seeds trying to debunk another belief system? We were never asked in His word to do that. Are you familiar with The Great Commission?

          Great Commission
          Words of Jesus in Matthew 28:19–20: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you”

          “Keep my commandments”
          “Abide in my word”
          Bring others to Christ….

        3. Beautiful. So this accurate depiction displays a copper colored Jesus with hair like a sheep’s wool.? A penny colored Jesus… Like people from Africa?

        4. I’m so sorry for you. I am a Latter Day Saint and know what we believe. You are so totally wrong in so many areas. Take time someday to speak to someone of our church instead of reading other’s thoughts, please. I agree that you are allowed to have your own opinion, but it should be based on YOUR experiences, not other’s. May Heavenly Father bless you.

      2. Good morning Kari. That is not true. They do not worship the same Jesus. I do have the book of the Mormons mostly because I wanted to read for myself what they say and believe. I also have a Quran and originally had a copy of the New World Translation that Jehovah’s Witness use. I do my best to try and follow the scriptures and would encourage all of us who call ourselves Christians to do the same. Please see my other post for scripture references to keep in mind. In the Master’s hand, revd

    11. Why would you even try to down okay all the good Jesus did. It’s so unnecessary! He was the most loving forgiving person to ever step for on this earth. Have some respect

    12. Actually he is not morman, he is Catholic, the producer may be, I’m not sure, but I think he is just using land to film on from mormans

      1. Jonathan (Jesus) is a pronounced and devout Catholic. He is on You-Tube leading the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and other catholic prayers.

    13. That is 100% not what Mormon’s believe, and it’s a very mean spirited and nasty comment regardless. You can do better than that.

    14. I believe the planet you’re referring to is Niburu. I had also read a bunch of quackery. Then I decided to ask Jesus into my heart and that has made all the difference in my life. I know the truth and the truth has set me free. I suggest you do the same

    15. I believe you will be the one embarrassed. You must be thinking of the heretical “Jesus Christ, Superstar.” Just because the storyline doesn’t match up with the Bible doesn’t mean it’s evil. The writers clearly say this is not a substitute for the Bible. Rather, it’s a TV show, written with the intent of getting people to read their Bibles.. Haven’t you ever been to a Christmas play, where the characters all had their own story? That’s how I think of “The Chosen.” Fiction written around fact, but with the intent of showing who God is through the Son. I hope you can change your view and see it for what it is. The series is not rewriting the Greatest Story, but is humanizing it for those who may not believe.

    16. Hey Brother,
      Not trying to embarrass anybody, but it’s usually better to find first hand basis for things we report as factual. This post has problems on three different accounts.
      1st of all, there are several interviews with Dallas Jenkins himself which make it very clear that specific doctrine of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is not used in the making of this film.
      Secondly, the doctrine that you mention in the post is speculative at best and mostly, well, strange. The LDS faith does not teach that Jesus was ever married on the Earth. Or anywhere else, we just don’t know that much information. Some members may have speculated along these lines, but it is not doctrine. And what in the world is planet Kaboom?
      Thirdly there seems to be an assumption that one sect of Christendom has all the truth and understanding that exists about the Lord Jesus Christ. I just can’t see how that is possibly true. Christ and His ways are far beyond the mortal understanding of any of us. I think the Lord would encourage us to be a little more open to learning from one another on our journey back to him.
      God bless those who are working so hard to bring us closer to The Lord. “By their fruits ye shall know them.” Just come and see!
      Love and hope in Christ to all and Happy Thanksgiving!

    17. Oh yeah….and in the Christmas secial last year they had Mary quote the part of the Bible that those silly Catholics use in their rosary. Oh! And when they portrayed Mary giving birth to Jesus they showed her in a lot of pain when some believe God’s grace spared her much of that because of who she was carrying. Some people just can’t see past what is problematic for them, even of the rest of the show is beautiful. But…you do you.

      1. If you are speaking of Hail Mary, then truth be known, that the greeting, is found in Luke chapter 1, Hail Mary, Full of Grace, the Lord is with you.
        So now who is the silly one?

        1. As far as it is mentioned in Luke’s gospel, “Hail Mary…” was spoken as a single salutation. I don’t recall it being a repetitive mantra for Christians to recite multiple times!
          over and over and over and…
          Substitute the name of our Lord and master “Jesus” I can understand. HIS NAME IS TO BE EXALTED ABOVE ANY OTHER NAME ON EARTH AND HEAVEN!
          Psalm 148:13
          James 1:9
          Psalm97:9 and
          2 Samuel 22:47

    18. So far there is absolutely no evidence that Jesus is meant to be Mormon. The Nest Entertainment version of Jesus was more Mormon.

    19. This is a complete falsification. But Satan speaks in lies… He is the Father of lies. It is really really important to the enemy that you NOT watch this show and examine scripture and fall in love with the Savior. So understand what’s at stake here for the enemy.

    20. Jonathan Roumey is a practicing Catholic. I suggest you research (it’s common knowledge on the internet) before posting misinformation. (it’s not a good look to be so callously incorrect and biased).✌

    21. Sorry. Not sure where you get your information but Jonathan is a Catholic and the Chosen is nondenominational. Have met with them and supported them from the beginning

    22. I assure you that this rumor is false. Compare all the episodes to the historical record in the gospels and draw your own conclusions.

    23. You have no idea what you’re talking about. The Chosen isn’t even put out by the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints. Jonathan Roumie is a practicing strong Catholic. Please check your facts before you go spreading silly nonsense

    24. You have no idea how untrue your comment is. I don’t know where you got the things you said about “Mormons”, or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but they do not believe Jeses lives on Kolob, or that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, or do they believe in polygamy! Somewhere you are reading lies, and believing them. The Chosen is not affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but it is true that many members love The Chosen because it is very faith promoting to anyone who loves Jesus . I know because I am a life long member, and I try to seek pure truth, and love all God’s children.

    25. Dallas Jenkins already denied this this is a complete lie. These type of comments trying to have people reject the Truth which Jesus Christ is not going to win. This reprt is already proof that The Chosen is simply bringing the Gospel unbeliever. I pray that you also may have eyes to see and ears to hear that Jesus is THE ONLY WAY to GOD. He aló loves you and is waiting for you withhis arms wide open. God bless you.

    26. Read the Gospels in the Bible! Watch the Show! You might feel a little embarrassed but you won’t be disappointed when it blesses your life. I’ve seen all the episodes, believe me, not a trace of Mormonism. Smile and enjoy!

    27. Jesus is the Christ! Saviour of all mankind from sin and destruction! He did not come to condemn, but to give His life for all!. Sin/darkness hates Him, but cannot wish Him away! He is coming back!

    28. May God bless you and keep you, dear friend. May he open your mind, heart and soul to hear HIS truth. May you experience His mercy and grace and love. In Jesus Name, amen.

    29. That is all a lie I don’t know who you are or who you think you are but you’re terribly wrong sadly mistaken! It’s very apparent that you have not heard any of his interviews nor watched all of the program, and I’m pretty sure you probably have not read the Bible. The truth will be found in God’s word by those who want to find the truth.

    30. John Foss is the actor most used in the lds (mormon)church videos. Johnathan Roumie is Jesus in The Chosen. Close but not the same actor. The evangelist story is slightly different than the (Mormon) videos but both are truly inspiring. Jesus is the Christ of all nations kindred and tongues.

    31. Nothing about the Chosen teaches any Mormon doctrine. In a recent interview, Dallas Jenkins said he has never even read the book of Mormon. That Christian producers have to go through non Christian sources to get their creations released is nothing new. Dealing with non believers is just a reality all Christians go through in this world. It doesn’t equate to Christians embracing their beliefs.

    32. Dallas says that Mormons worship the same Jesus as Christians. That is a lie. And by him endorsing them it implies that they can get to heaven as Mormons which much like Jehovah’s Witnesses are cults because they deny the Deity of Jesus.

    33. The creator of The Chosen, Dallas Jenkins, address this rumor, calling it false. First of all, the line isn’t from the book of Mormon. The rumor came from a comment made from Wretched from their community page on YouTube. Apparently it was from a member of their staff & it was unauthorized. They didn’t share in this person’s opinion & neither should you. None of the lines came from the book of Mormon. Check out his response on YouTube

    34. Not true at all. Dallas Jenkins is an Evangelical and writes from that respective. A biblical one. I guess you have never seen The Chosen.

    35. Sorry to disappoint your opinion of Jonathan Roumie…he’s Catholic, which may bring another nasty comment from your dark heart. If you’re here to criticize The Chosen, it means you haven’t watched and don’t understand Jesus Christ. I’ll be praying for you.

    36. I don’t understand why you would say such a thing except to cause contention, or to try to make fun of someone.

      Dallas has explained his religious beliefs on multiple occasions. That being said, I think most “Christians” would disagree with you that “this is the Jesus the Mormons believe in”. But I can tell you, being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – a Christian (for I have taken upon myself his holy name when I entered the waters of baptism, and renew that covenant each week as I partake of the sacrament), that you are correct. This portrayal of Jesus of the Bible is the exact same Jesus who I worship. Hallelujah for his saving grace!

      I invite you to read the Book of Mormon to learn of the testimony given of this same Jesus of Nazareth, who was born of the virgin Mary in Bethlehem in a manger, grew and increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man, and atoned for our sins in Gethsemane and upon the cross at Calvary, who broke the bands of death when he was resurrected 3 days later, and showed the marks of the nails in his palms and his wrists to his apostles and others in Jerusalem, and who also appeared to his other sheep who were not of that fold – who lived in the American continent, and also showed them the same marks in his hands and wrists that they too may witness of his bodily resurrection. If you do read it with real intent, and pray to ask if it is true, you will receive a personal witness that this is the same Jesus. And you will come to know him better than you now do.

      Thank you to everyone who has made this production of the chosen possible. It is fantastic!

    37. Lmao Jesus is “Married” to the church not to Mary Magdalene. You know you could read the bible more to refresh your damaged brain.

      People only say that because the church rejected her in the past calling her a prostitute.

      Disgusting non believers you know you could all go to hell if you guys want to like who TF is stopping you.

    38. Except Dallas Jenkins is NOT Mormon. He’s Baptist. Right from the start there have been rumours about this. Dallas has a team of Catholic, Messianic Jew and Protestant consultants who help make sure he stays on track. Because it is a show, they take some literary license in the dialogue and backstories of the disciplines, etc, but they are careful to stay within the realm of plausibility. If you haven’t watched any of the episodes yet, I would encourage you to download the app and watch S1E3 of Jesus and Nicodemus. You will see how closely the writing team stay to scripture.

    39. As a Mormon you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. I mean none whatsoever. The series is exceptional and has many religions who collaborate… please do some research and save yourself from looking uneducated.

  2. If you are religious, or want to know more about the roots of Christianity, I highly recommend this show. Watched most of them and this is the best.

  3. More than one news post talks about how surprised people are that chosen took the box office by storm. Which is why most theaters gave it only 5 days for sure of showings…. I am surprised they are surprised (take off cities pizza). Chosen is a huge audience funded spectacular taking the world stage. A fresh take on how to present the gospel with success where many Jesus films have failed.
    May those with eyes see what the Spirit is doing and how He is moving, the walls chosen is breaking, and the lives God is using it to save.
    God’s not dead. He’s surely alive. Let liberal agenda and prune face believers find their minds opened and their souls awakened to see revival and reception as the Spirit pours through the silver screen.

    1. Excellent comment. It is changing lives…and you get to experience what it was like to walk with Jesus. A very personal and growing experience even for Christians.

  4. If I had to explain ‘The Chosen’ (all seasons) in one sentence: ‘You feel like you are walking with Jesus; like you are there’

  5. I love the Chosen specially because portrait Jesus as the son of God and a man, a human being, that we can relate, every other beautiful Jesus movies portrayed Jesus as God out of reach of a sinner and Jesus said he came to save the lost like you and me. Glory to God that a Mormon financed such a good serie that have helped so many Christian and non Christian to find hope and salvation in Jesus. The question is where were the rich Christian people , big Churches and Christian Television that didn’t stepped out to finance such a good way to spread the gospel of faith?
    God bless you.

    1. It is not “financed” by a Mormon. It is crowd funded. Which means people, like you and me, donate cash. We buy tshirts, mugs, hats, books , dvds, etc… Has someone of the Mormon faith donated? Probably. The same as other faithful have! They also let Dallas use their facilities ( rented I believe) to film in prior to the sets now have.

  6. Jesus is our lord and savior he die on the cross for
    all of us,for all the none believers open your Bible’s
    and read the gospel,denial yourself pick up your cross and follow Jesus he is our savior

  7. That is simply not true and you need to do more in depth research and listen to Dallas’s interviews. Their distribution Co. Is LDS and that was a decision that Angel Studios didn’t come to lightly the film is NOT LDS. You are spreading mis-information about a series that is changing people’s lives for the Lord. Thanks Shmuel!

  8. I’m sad for you that you listen to those who dont know the truth. If you take the chance and challenge yourself, read scripture so you yourself will know. Jesus loves you, and wants you to know him!Jesus wasnt married either

  9. This is our families fav show to watch. Very well casted and directed. Very informative and gives great perspective of the lives of those who followed Jesus.

  10. I have often struggled with my faith. My mother died recently, and I have been watching the chosen as a way to deal with my grief. It has comforted me in a way nothing else has. I am so thankful that this amazing series is here, and it continues to reach people. My family went and saw the chosen in theaters yesterday, and although, the theater wasn’t full, it was pretty packed. I was very happy to see that.

  11. I know the Chosen is just a stepping stone to lead you to the Word of God. I love that they are using artistic license to help people understand that these were real people who had possibly relatable issues. Almost every episode leaves me in tears and in awe of how lost we are without our redeemer and Lord of Lords; King of Kings. Jesus loves you. Believe it.

  12. This is what too many Christians do best, they focus on differences and not on Christ Jesus himself. This is a great series. If they decide to show the Jesus on the cross with nails in his wrists and not his hands, I’m sure the same arguments will surface. Focus on the mission and not whether he wore a blue or red cloak.

  13. Amos 3 verse 7, surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealed his secret unto his servants the prophets. Yes, we still have a prophet and apostles today as in biblical days because the Lord has not changed his ways to the will of the world. Ask God through prayer if this series about Christ is helpful in choosing the right and bringing souls closer to God , faith, hope, and charity. Keep it pure and simple and let God be the judge.

  14. When Jesus spoke those words to Mary “You are mine”. I felt like He was saying this just to me. This maybe JUST a movie but the TRUTH can not with held. You feel it! And it fills you with warmth, contentment, peace. If you are looking for those things take a chance and watch and listen with your heart. Be still and know that God wants you…he knows your name.

  15. Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings and doctrins of demons.
    1Tim 4:1

  16. The Chosen embraces all…Jewish and Christian. I asked my buddy who is Jewish to watch. He did. He loves this series. I do too!

  17. Dear brothers and sisters, I implore you to remember that God has given all of us free will to believe and think as we please. But for those who believes, he reminds us to love those who would prosecute us from their own misinformation. By trying to retaliate or justify by our own understanding removes Jesus love from us. So remember, all publicity, even negative remarks, is still free publicity that will get the Good News out. God’s peace be with you all. Thank you Dallas and team for this wonderful life changing production.

    Luke 23:34
    And Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

    Luke 6:27-28
    But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.

    Matthew 8:12
    Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

    Romans 12:14
    Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse.

    Romans 12:17-20
    Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone. If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.
    Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.
    To the contrary, “if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head.”

  18. I love The Chosen. It’s been a great portrayal of Christ. I love the Lord so much and appreciate His atoning sacrifice, teachings, and all He’s done for us. I also love my Christian brothers and sisters and it is so sad to see that they don’t understand the teachings of my church. My church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Truly it is a wonderful Christian faith. We support you all but it is generally not returned. Unfortunately the special golden nuggets of this faith are being missed. One great one is more knowledge and understanding of our Savior. It is amazing. Of course there’s more! Makes sense to me. God is not sleeping…He is fully awake speaking to a living prophet in our day. Again makes sense when we need this now more than ever! We are ridiculed (comes from the adversary)as a tactic to keep people away from some additional truth and blessings. I’m so grateful I have it because I may have listened to the buzz and missed it also. Take care everyone. Be kind….especially when you are trying to follow Christ.

  19. We need to all pray for the haters. This beautiful story is amazing and thanks be to our Lord and savior that we get it. Think of the blessings you will receive praying for the lost

  20. I decided that I don’t have to explain my beliefs to anyone especially to those who don’t believe in the Holy things. What I can do is pray for them, love them and let the Father do the rest.

  21. What are y’alls thoughts on the idea that Jesus should never be portrayed in art or movies because some interpret this as breaking the second commandment?

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