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‘SNL’ Goes Full Pravda for ‘President’ Elizabeth Warren

Saturday Night Live” lost plenty of fans when it serenaded Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign three years ago.

The iconic show mourned Clinton’s defeat, with Kate McKinnon’s Clinton uncorking a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” In lieu of flowers, send a cringe-worthy song.

Election Week Cold Open - SNL

Wait … isn’t this a comedy show?

They doubled down a few weeks later, singing “To Sir With Love” to the president they barely mocked, Barack Obama, as his White House tenure expired.

We may look back at last night’s “SNL” as even more embarrassing – as well as a sign of things to come.

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren appears the most likely Democrat to battle President Donald Trump in 2020. She’s consistently second in most polls but on the rise. Plus, front-runner Joe Biden is so unsteady on the campaign trail it’s hard to imagine him beating her in any head-to-head scrap.

She could TKO him by simply saying, “Remember Corn Pop?”

The overlords at “SNL” clearly recognize this. It’s why they wrote last night’s sketch, with McKinnon’s Warren defending her factually challenged Medicare for All plan.

Elizabeth Warren Town Hall Cold Open - SNL

The faux Iowa town hall had her facing tough questions about her health care plan. She started by saying how many families go broke paying for health care, both those with and without insurance.

Wait … didn’t the Democrats fix all that with Obamacare?

Next, she vowed to take care of the problem, assuming the role of the nation’s parent. This is still a comedy program, right?

“Fix it, Mom. And I’ll do it, cuz that’s what Moms do,” Warren said, before unleashing a few Dads vs. Whatfinger NewsMoms jokes.

The only time “SNL” lays a glove on Warren is when she describes how she’ll pay for it. It starts with reducing the size of the U.S  military’s budget, which even she called a “non-starter.”

Then again, when government numbers get this big, she said, it’s just an illusion. The government marches on, and the computers can crunch all the numbers until they finally add up.

“You ready to get red-pilled? Money doesn’t exist, it’s just a promise from a computer.”

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When a town hall member asked her to “show the math” behind her plan, Warren did just that via an elaborate, chalk board-sized chart. I’d explain it all, but it would kill you, Warren said. You see, dumb yokel voters can’t process it, but Mom’s got it.

“People are afraid of change. They only like their current insurance because they already know what it is, not cuz it’s good. Some things seem scary until you try them and find out they’re great, like sushi or butt stuff,” said Warren, sharing the cold open’s biggest laugh.

Question after question hit Warren from the skeptical voters’ point of view. Each time, Team SNL provided answers to assuage any concerns.

They know exactly what they’re doing. So do viewers:

The most revealing part came when a voter said she’s comfortable with her current health insurance, even if it is far from perfect. The faux Warren compared her existing plan to a bad boyfriend.

“You need to leave him. He’s draining you. You deserve better, dump his ass,” she said.

“I know. You’re right. I’m settling,” the voter said, crying. “I’m just scared to leave because, what if it’s the best I can get?”

“Girlfriend, how much is your deductible?”

“Eight thousand. I don’t even have dental. My teeth hurt so bad!”

It’s not hard to tell in which direction the comedy winds blow. Late night humorists have dinged Biden over the past few weeks, in part, because he’s an old white man deemed the most moderate politician running for the White House.

Corn Pop Was A Bad Dude, But Joe Biden Wasn't Scared

They sense his weaknesses and hope someone else emerges. Meanwhile, most fellow Democrats avoid even that level of scrutiny.

Need proof? Please tally up all the bruising jokes told at Warren’s expense over the past few months.

We’ll wait.

Now, with “SNL” going all in for Warren, expect more of the same from late night comedy. No, the steady flow of Trump jokes won’t stop. They may even, gasp, intensify. You’ll also see a new wave of humor, “jokes” designed to promote Warren at all costs.

She’s like our Mom! She’s too darn smart for her own good! Yeah, she’s fake folksy, but would you rather Orange Man Bad for four more years?

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