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Russell Brand: Mainstream Media Think That You Are Stupid

Bawdy Brit blasts reporters trying to snuff out so-called 'misinformation'

Getting red-pilled has been good for Russell Brand.

The British comic once sang socialism’s praises and pounded Western culture for real and imagined sins. He simultaneously enjoyed a thriving film career and endless media attention.

Brand slowly changed his attitude over the years. And, at the same time, his traditional Hollywood career shrank.

The film roles mostly dried up. The press accolades went the way of 8-track tapes and pagers. He found himself in a new role, one forged outside mainstream circles.

Call is Big Tent Populism, with plenty of room for Left and Right-leaning followers.

[PROOF] The Great Reset Is HAPPENING!

He may not land leading roles in Hollywood anymore, but here’s betting his YouTube account is bringing in plenty of coin. He boasts nearly nearly 5.8 million YouTube followers, fans who make his daily videos go viral in a hurry.

That kind of a following translates to stand-up ticket sales and other revenue streams, too. Just ask Andrew Schulz.

Brand’s latest salvo? He’s attacking the press for attempting to decide what the public can and cannot know.

Brand interviewed investigative journalist Aaron Maté on the topic. Maté, dubbed by The Guardian as a champion misinformation spreader, questions media narratives involving foreign affairs, the war in Ukraine and much more.

That tension illustrates how the Fourth Estate operates in modern times, according to Brand.

“They Came After Me”

“Fundamentally, the mainstream media think that you are stupid and that you are incapable of forming your own opinion. They want to control the information that you are given,” Brand said, adding how he’d like the data flow to happen.

“Just give people all of the information you have accessible, and we’ll form our own opinions,” Brand said.

The video then switches to Brand’s chat with Maté, who shares how media organs attempt to silence debate by calling critics anti-Semites, or worse.

Conservatives know that routine. It’s similar to how the far-Left dubs conservatives racists, sexists, bigots and homophobes rather than engage in thoughtful debate.

So, I'm Right-Wing Now?

Brand hints at his hard-Left bona fides in the conversation, suggesting Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn as merely being accused of anti-Semitism while the real story is more complicated, with most British Jews believing he is, indeed, anti-Semitic.

“I think you have to not be afraid of being called names,” Maté said, adding he was dubbed a Russian asset for not buying into the Russia collusion hoax.

The conversation showed Brand’s awkward place in modern culture. He’s a professional comic with less connection to Hollywood gatekeepers, a left-of-center soul who burns serious calories attacking Democrats and progressive news outlets.

He speaks glowingly of The Guardian of yore, but he skewers the outlet’s current vision.

Maté agrees.

“The Guardian has increasingly parroted the line of the national security state,” Maté said, a change since it published Edward Snowden’s leaked information.

Brand wrapped the conversation by noting the mainstream media line that viewers aren’t smart enough to draw their own conclusions, to absorb all the possible data and make decisions from it.


  1. Kind of annoying article to ad ratio here. Plus, the articles tend to ramble on. Get to the point and try to have less than 50 ads per page.

  2. Well, perhaps lefty media look around and see useful idiots happily slurping up their barfaganda and assume the rest of us are just as stupid.

  3. Hey Russell, the problem isn’t that they think we are stupid, the problem is that they believe they are smart.

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