Comedian turned pundit Russell Brand says he knows why members of ISIS are chopping off the heads of innocents and torching people to death.

Point the finger at western culture … and the media, too.

Brand’s latest video release, part of his politically-charged vlog series The Trews, finds him blaming disenfranchisement for why British Muslims turn to jihad, according to The Daily Mail.

‘The kernel of truth in the sprawling, bewildering, bramble of ISIS madness is society isn’t working, the system isn’t working, it’s totally corrupt.

‘If Muslims have been here in significant numbers since the fifties, why is this only happening now?’

The problem, he says, is that “our cultural story at the moment makes no sense.”

“It’s more to do with alienation than it is to do with Islam,” Brand says of terrorism.

Brand also dragged the media into the matter. He says reporters aren’t looking into the “core problem” behind ISIS’s actions.