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Does RFK Jr. Have Rebel Comedy Vote Locked Up?

Independent candidate draws support from Schneider, Carolla, Breuer and more

We all know how Colbert and co. will vote on Election Day.

They’ll rush to the nearest polling place to help President Joe Biden snag a second term. That’s assuming their rhetoric matches their on-screen propaganda.

The rest of the comedy universe is far from settled. Some, like Steve “Mudflap” McGrew, are avowed Trump supporters. We’ll assume progressive comics like Sarah Silverman will vote straight Democrat come Election Day.

And then there’s the rebel comedy crew.

Rob Schneider airs support for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and slams Democrats

Think Adam Carolla, Rob Schneider, Mike Binder, Jim Breuer and more. They don’t cling to a particular party, but they’ve been highly critical of today’s Democratic messaging.

February’s “A Night of Laughter” found Carolla, Binder, Schneider and Bobby Lee feting independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for laughs and cash. The L.A.-based fundraiser saw RFK Jr. leverage his comedy connections for his campaign.

The gambit worked, apparently.

The third comedy-themed event for Kennedy takes place May 15 in Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium. The list of comedians once again includes Binder and Schneider along with Dave Landau, Jim Breuer, Katherine Blanford, Jeff Dye and Russell Brand.

Landau was once a man of the Left, but in recent years he’s drifted toward the center. He previously worked on right-leaning shows including “Louder with Crowder” and “The Anthony Cumia Show.” Now, he’s part of The Blaze’s “Normal World” video podcast.

The Nashville lineup is veritable who’s who of comedians who questioned the pandemic overreach, praise free speech and worry that neither Biden nor Trump can heal the nation. The event also features performances by Kayley Bishop, John Carter Cash and Ana Cristina Cash.

Kennedy Jr. and his Vice Presidential candidate, Nicole Shanahan will be on hand for the Tennessee event.

The comedian’s collective help extends beyond a single night’s haul.


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Audiences have grown to trust these rebel comics. Their shtick avoids the usual Left/Right bullet points, enhancing their credibility. Their willingness to hit both sides and stick to core issues like free speech has earned them passionate followings.

Schneider has decades of fame under his belt, but he’s developed a new type of celebrity thanks to his recent opinions. Carolla has never embraced party dogma, but his common-sense take on COVID-19 earned him new fans.

Kennedy’s presidential hopes remain the longest of long shots. His ability to act as a spoiler, however, is considerable. It’s unclear which party he’ll hurt more come Election Day.

He’s a Democrat at heart, which could peel some Biden support away. His criticism of the COVID-19 vaccine appeals to the right side of the aisle or Never Trumpers who can’t pull the lever for the real estate mogul.

For some comics, the 2024 presidential election is no laughing matter, and they’re acting accordingly.

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