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‘Old Way’ Will Enrage Gun Control Crowd

Nicolas Cage, Nick Searcy star in western about empowered, gun-toting teen

Entertainment Weekly slammed the 2018 sci-fi film “Kin” for a curious reason.

The story followed a teen (Myles Truitt) who finds an alien weapon and uses it to defend his brother (Jack Reynor) from a crime lord (James Franco).

KIN (2018 Movie) Official Trailer - Dennis Quaid, Zoë Kravitz

The magazine’s critic gave “Kin” an “F” rating for allowing a 14-year-old character to use a gun-like device.

You can disagree with this reviewer’s take on Kin and what it’s saying both explicitly and implicitly about guns. But I can’t and won’t recommend it in good conscience.

Just imagine that critic’s reaction to “The Old Way.”

The Old Way Trailer #1 (2023)

The upcoming western, debuting Jan. 6, 2023 in theaters, stars Nicolas Cage as a reformed gunslinger trying to raise his 12-year-old daughter (Ryan Kiera Armstrong). When an outlaw gang threatens his family, Cage’s character schools his daughter in the art of self-defense, and that means Firearms Training 101.

“The Old Way” co-stars Nick Searcy (“Terror on the Prairie,” “Gosnell”), Clint Howard (“Apollo 13,” “Far and Away”) and Noah Le Gros (“A Score to Settle”).

The film continues the western genre’s quiet resurgence, given recent oaters like “Prairie,” “Dead for a Dollar” and the modern western “Yellowstone” series.

It’s also trafficking in a topic that causes many critics to recoil. Consider the reception “Run Hide Fight” received two years ago. 


That film followed a resourceful teen (Isabel May) who takes the fight to a gang of school shooters. “Run Hide Fight” featured an empowered female heroine, catnip to most movie critics, but setting the thriller in a school under attack proved untenable for many scribes.

The thriller struggled to find a distributor until the right-leaning Daily Wire grabbed it as the company’s first original feature.

Gun control is very much top of mind in Hollywood. Groups like Everytown for Gun Safety use advisory boards to tweak scripts in development. That, in turn, ensures more gun control narratives enter pop culture.


Newly installed Disney CEO Bob Iger just confirmed his company’s commitment to doing the same across its massive content landscape.

“Those of us who are in positions to affect change, whether it’s by influencing laws of shaping culture or supporting organizations on the frontlines, I think we have an extra responsibility.”

“The Old Way” debuts on VOD Jan. 13, one week after its theatrical bow. That gives audiences, not just critics, the chance to weigh in on its themes and western credentials.


  1. The Hollywood message against guns is lost when nobody will watch the current movies anyway.
    We will continue to watch the manly ones from the past.

    “Go Woke, Go Broke” makes sense and is working.

  2. Anti gun stupidity on display. Of course there are guns in England, in the hands of criminals and the Elite fox hunting class. America is a very safe country for most people in most places. Almost all violent crime occurs in small parts of large cities, all of which are run by anti gun liberal Democrats.. Crime stats are presented in a way that those areas make the entire State look bad when most of the crime is concentrated in small pockets. Although 2/3 of murders are committed with guns, most violent crimes don’t involve firearms, and almost half of firearm deaths are suicide. The others are accidents or legal justifiable homicides. There is also a misunderstanding about guns used for self defense. The fact is that they are usually not even fired because the would be attacker is armed with a knife or other weapon and simply brandishing a firearm is all that is needed to end the conflict. Which is why an AR type rifle is the best weapon for self defense because criminals are essentially all cowards, and even if they have a gun they aren’t inclined to test their skills against an unknown opponent. Lastly it’s impossible that more guns in the hands of law abiding citizens causes more crime. Despite the recent uptick in violent crime (most of which is gang on gang) , over the last 25 years all crime has gone down by about 50%, yet the number of guns has almost doubled in that time, from about 200,000,000 to over 350,000,000. It took over 220 years to reach 200 million, and only 25 to to add another 150 million +, yet violent crime went down by half during those years. Also over the last thirty years all but 6 ultra leftwing states have allowed concealed carry by anyone who does not have a criminal record or mental illness. And yet crime went down ! Best one should be informed of the actual facts rather than leftist propaganda before lording it over the people who over threw the tyrannical autocracy that still treats it’s subjects like fools.

  3. Newly installed Disney CEO Bob Iger just confirmed his company’s commitment to doing the same across its massive content landscape.
    “Those of us who are in positions to affect change, whether it’s by influencing laws of shaping culture or supporting organizations on the frontlines, I think we have an extra responsibility.”

    And yet, just about every character in every Star Wars show Disney produces is carrying a firearm of some kind! Is it because these firearms shoot deadly bolts of highly charged light they are different? And the authorities in these shows, even the “evil Empire” don’t bat an eye when someone walks by a storm trooper with a blaster attached to their hip! In the Last episode of Andor (an actually excellent show) we see Imperial troops open fire on a crowd of unarmed civilians. Is that “influencing laws to shape our culture”? Considering the political party that Iger supports is increasingly resembling the Empire of Star Wars, this is quite telling!

  4. Kids with guns! Oh, the horror!

    My could load, shoot, clear jams, and hit a target when he was seven. When the girly men run and hide, he’ll be the guy saving their whiny, gun-hating lives.

    Or maybe he won’t. They should consider being more respectful.

  5. The old ways are the better ways. When we grew up in the dark ages, everybody had a gun, murder was a horrible thing, and not an hourly occurrence! You all had your chance. You left kids to raise their selves, run the streets, didn’t make them mind, andleft them to run amuk! So instead of taking responsibility for your failures as good parents you just want the government to keep banning things so you don’t have to do anything. Except not doing anything has left our society in the toilet. Great job people! Leave my guns alone and do what you should be doing!

  6. All the Americans going on about the second amendment is hilarious. The fact is that America is way too far gone when it comes to guns, there was no control and now it’s impossible to undo. America will always be unsafe, there will always be shootings and innocent people will always get killed. It’s really sad when the only way to feel safe is to carry a gun yourself. Glad I live in a more civilized Country where guns aren’t an issue in any way because noone has one.

    1. Well, not knowing where your from I’ll guess Europe. Europe is an “older” country. Freedoms are not something Europeans have had for very long. Most of you don’t even live in what “we” would call a free country.

      Countries like England have gun control, but they don’t have murder control. It’s just people use other things like knives to kill each other. I am sure there are people in England now carrying knives to protect themselves.

      America was not a murderous culture years ago. excepting the occasional “mass/shooting” (you will notice that when black gang banger shoots up a party and 10 people are killed the media does not call that a “mass shooting”) the majority of murders are committed by those in possession if an “illegal” gun. So no amount of gun control is going to stop that.

      This current explosion in murders has a few reasons:
      1. When the FBI took down the big mob organizations in the 1990s they didn’t realize the one positive thing these organizations were doing. Controlling the criminal element. Young punks shooting up neighborhoods and killing civilians was ‘bad for business’ and they kept that in check. It’s like the line from the movie Goodfellows, “We are like the police for wiseguys!”
      2. We have a preponderance if idle men, particularly in minority communities. Combine that with the fact the young black men are raised with the idea that they cannot succeed in America and the wide spread “revenge culture” so predominant in black culture, we have young men killing each other over simple offenses, and killing bystanders as well.
      3. The Left has perpetuated the myth that the American criminal justice system is racist. It is just that, a myth. It is a fact that not all black people are criminals, bit its also a fact that most criminals are black. It has not always been like this, before the welfare state black crime was no higher than white crime in areas of the same economic standing. The 1955 FBI most wanted list is all white! Using this myth the Left has decided to castrate the criminal justice system resulting in offenders being released back into the community where they commit more crimes. The effect of this is to destroy the very communities they say they want to help. They also perpetuate the myth that poverty begats crime. That is also a myth. Crime begats poverty as jobs leave the community, commerce leaves the community and poverty deepens.

    2. Seriously, Spayme? Your username here says a lot about you. Wants little to no responsibility, let the government take care of me. Feed me, clothe me, live a life of existence if you call that a life. Like the animal is spayed so they can’t reproduce can’t be, don’t want to be responsible. I’m so glad you don’t live in America, just remember it was a bunch of brave boys from America that came across the.ponds and fought all over the world along the side of many others for what you enjoy today and most of those American boys owned guns at home before and after the war and taught their kids true gun control, hit what you’re aiming at, and don’t point it at something you don’t want to shoot and life is sacred.

    3. Yeah glad you do to but I live in America where is this utopia you live in? I’ve never heard of a country where not a single person has a gun whether law abiding or criminal except for the likes of North Korea which you wouldnt be commenting if you lived there. Countries with out right bans are almost all the most oppressive to there own people and those with the most restrictions are often just as oppressive but when you live under oppression long enough it becomes your life and in many cases it’s not seen as oppressive its thr rest of the world thats crazy like those in the United States worried about defending thereself from criminals or even more so from the government. If our government would enforce the laws on the books then maybe Americans wouldnt be so concerned with defending thereself but when we see law abiding citizens paraded in front of the camera and hauled into court as happened to anyone who dared stand against the woke mobs leveling cities and killing or attempting to kill anyone who wasnt on board and making martyrs out of mentally Ill sexual predators then yes many Americans understand they are on there own against not only criminals but the people supposedly in office to serve the people and the law and the corrupt media who suppresses stories that dont fit or undermine the socialist agenda. A white man was shot in the head and killed while handcuffed behind his back inside a police station and the cop even said now you’re going to die but that doesnt bolster the racial marxists narrative so noone ever heard his name the officer was deemed justified and that was that when you know these things you know that a gun is you’re only hope of survival and it’s the government and there ultra rich masters who you must be afraid of. It’s very real but I’m glad you’re safe wait until a civil war or another lab leaked virus devastates the world economy or natural disasters send a wave of immigrants flooding into you’re country and then get back on here and tell us how happy you are you cant defend yourself. Obviously you live an insulated and sheltered life apart from the realities that others must face in the modern world and I sincerely hope you never have to because in the event the real world comes crashing in you would be better to use butter knife or whatever you are allowed to have like a pair of shoe strings and just take yourself out rather than suffer what will be in store for defenseless sheep when the wolves are at the door

  7. The 2nd Amendment reflects law about individual self-defense that goes back to the Magna Carta of 1251. Such law has evolved but at its core was about individual self-fense against tyrnanny writ small (local thugs) or large (an abusive king, or a foreign attacking army).

    It starts with the individual and, depending on the threat, involves multiple individuals, perhaps millions of them, as in major wars of the 20th Century. The idea and laws far predate the common use of firearms, which why 2A states “arms”. After all, the first assault weapon was a rock.

    A flip side of the coin is the idea that individual human life is valuable, whether or not someone else likes it or not, for whatever reason.

    Every self-defense class I have taken always talks about “ending the threat”. Case in point was a man who shot a burglar who threatened him with a knife. He fired twice and the burglar fell to the floor, the knife skittered off well away from him in a corner of the kitchen. Threat ended. Man walks over to the burglar and shoots him in the head. Murder conviction, and well deserved, IMO.

    I want to live a peaceful life. If someone decides it is in their interest , for any reason, to threaten me or others with violence, I will resist to the point the threat has ceased, as best I can and no more than it takes to end the threat. Sometimes that requires using potentially lethal force. The above example could have resulted in the death of the burglar if the EMT’s were slow or unable to deal with the damage required to end the threat. There is plenty of literature about death resulting from legitimate use of force in self-defense. Read it. The head shot was unjustifiable in the circumstances, with the threat neutralized.

    I run on. I limit this comment to the above.

  8. This article doesn’t seem to say much. I’ve never understood most Westerns. I feel like they should be based on something akin to reality but they are all just fantasy. Also, no clue why Google would recommend this site to me considering it seems very biased and a huge lack of nuance from other commenters. I’ll see my way out.

    1. The reality of the west was not all that exciting. Most of what we know of the “wild west” was written by eastern authors who never set foot in the “west”. Yes there were famous outlaws like Butch Cassidy. Billy the Kid started out as hired security.

      In all reality the “wild west” wasn’t all that wild as the majority of the citizens were armed. Personal crime was very low. Crime in the west was economic crime, rob banks, rob trains, rustle cattle, etc. The largest anti-crime organization in the west, The Pinkertons, didn’t work for land owners or individuals, they worked for the Rail Roads and Stage Coach companies.

      1. Well said Clifra, most people’s version of Billy the kid and Butch Cassidy are based upon the movies they have watched, which typically have some truth mixed with a lot of literary license to make a good story. Being an eastern or a western citizen really has little to do with ones opinion in regards to GC it’s conservatives and liberals. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people with automobiles, poison, knives, bats, hammers, bricks, drugs, alcohol, strangulation, tearing bodies apart in a variety of ways, starvation, rocks etc. Etc. Way more people are killed daily, monthly yearly from each of the following (not an accumulation) vehicle accidents, drug overdoses, infections in hospitals, the common cold, heart attacks, most major diseases, than from guns even when you include the wars. So our current administration is not concerned about deaths they are concerned about disarming the American public for control. If they were focused on deaths they would tighten control of drug trafficking across our borders, stricter DUi laws, better oversight of the FDC and it’s corruption with big Pharma. Abortions how is it okay to kill a child in the womb that child is not the mothers body it’s in the mothers body. Just as a new born infant lives in it’s parents home and is absolutely incapable of taking care of itself.
        Gender identity not hard look between the.legs if there is a penis – male, if a vagina-female at any age! Someone wants to pretend they are something else that’s their prerogative, for them to expect worse demand me to pretend with them is a violation of my human rights. If I don’t know them and they look like one gender cool, if I know for a fact what’s between their legs and they expect demand me to treat them like something different- not going to. I’m not going to disrespect, harm, make fun, or challenge them unless they demand I pretend with them- then we have a problem they are infringing upon my rights.

  9. Tho we all wish to condemn the use of firearms under any circumstances, tere are times when it is a necessity, and there may be no alternative. As far as “assault ” weapons, there really is no way to keep hem out of this country. Smuggling is way too sophisticated these days. I do fine with my lever .45_70, and my pistol. Guns are NOT the problem. The problem lies with us, our sense of entitlement, and privilege. Not the tools we use. We are selfish, narcissistic, depressed, underappreciated, over worked, among many other things. And yet we ignore the root of the problem to go for the candy, the buzz words, the emotional knee jerk of our manipulation. We really are gullible. Look TO ANY modern democracy or fair form of government, and we will be at the very bottom.

    1. First off, there is no such thing as an “assault weapon”, as stated elsewhere, a rock can be described as an assault weapon.
      The AR15 platform is just that, a platform. It is a modular design can be built from independently manufactured parts that are all interchangeable. The AR in AR15 does not stand for Assault Rifle, it stands for Armalite Rifle. The company that designed the rifle. The US military does not even use the term “Assault Weapon”. The unofficial definition of Assault Weapon is a rifle that can switch between Semi and automatic fire modes. So, a 50 caliber machine gun IS NOT an assault rifle. The term “assault weapon” is a made up term.

      The current “Assault Weapons” hysteria was created by a gun control proponent after their failed attempt to get a hand gun ban passed in the 1980. He determined that they could target rifles, particularly the AR and AK platforms because they “look scary and most American will not understand the difference between an automatic weapon and a semi-automatic weapon”.
      He was right, I can’t tell you how many GC supporter I’ve spoken to that fully believe the AR15 is an automatic weapon.

      The biggest problem in America is ignorance! People take political positions in this country that they know absolutely nothing about and that includes politicians. They believe what they are told by one groups and refuse to even accept an alternate position. They call people Fascist when the very people they support are the definition of Fascist!

  10. I read an article about the Y chromosome going away, and the rise of girly men. Firearms might be unsafe in the hands of an east coast big city liberal…..any east coast big city liberal. While working at a shooting range in Southern Arizona, I’ve watched many fathers training their 14 year old (and younger) children,
    both male and female (natural born gender, not chosen) in the proper,safe, and effective use of firearms. Probably best you stay in your city where you’re safe.

    1. Did you happen to notice that the y-chromosome issue you referred to is supposed to happen in about 1 million years? I think you’re masculinity is safe for now.

      1. The “scienctists” predicting things are basically rattling their cups, begging for money. It’s a scam.

  11. When guns are outlawed only the Crips, Bloods, Zetas, Gambino Family, and government thugs will have guns… do you want that?

    See that is why there is a 2nd Amendment… it is not about duck hunting, or really even self defense. It is about Tyranny.

    And unlike Biden, you don’t need F-15s and Nukes to take the government back. Read up on Guerilla warfare 101.

    1. I totally agree with you! The Left is trying to make the honest citizens sheep. I am no sheep, but a wolf and I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees!

      1. How do you know they don’t and just because you served doesn’t mean your mos was combat arms…about 3% of the army is actually combat arms. Everyone else has some training but it’s not their primary job. Anyone can learn to fight and defend this country and saying only military personnel have that right tells everyone who knows where you actually stand. 19d.

      2. I served 21yrs, retired 2015. I must say I’m very disappointed in this country’s leadership. There is no reason for regular people to own anything bigger than a handgun, shotgun or bow.
        Anything else is overkill

    2. That’s about the size of it. It seems to be a constant of human nature that many will refuse to acknowledge Tyranny until it’s past time to deal with it.

      1. The FBI (chuckles), now there is a trustworthy and totally non-oppressive governmental agency.

      2. Jack,
        For what?
        Saying that it’s a good thing to be against government tyranny?
        Screw you.
        You’re either a Fed yourself or could care less about freedom.

    3. Works fine in the UK. America just screwed up and now guns have gone too far so they can’t fix that screw up. America will never be a safe Country.

      1. No country is a safe country. Grow up. If you want individual liberties and human rights you have to accept the responsibility for your own safety. Against crime and against tyrants.

      2. Than you should leave , maybe you can find a safer country or a cave to hide in . The sissies in the UK go to jail for saying things that hurt feeling , you would fit right in with a country of soy men .

      3. Wow that’s a doozy of a lie the UK is absolutely overrun with violence and crime you fool. Go tell lies elsewhere. I understand you aren’t legally allowed to tell the truth there or speak out against government overreach and crime but the people in America still have that right and won’t give it up , especially seeing where it leads whenever we see places like the UK

      4. Are you kidding me the UK has had a multitude of gun issues all the way back to Crane twins hmmm. As well as a history of knife and machete attacks. Not to mention imprisonment of Irish for just speaking Gaelic. have killed murdered and taken the lands of how many countries with GUNS!!

      5. I dont know how many with modern weaponry? I know that a vast technological advantage was involved in much of there colonial empire there was a song about there time in Africa that went something like that might have a thousand but we have the maxim ir something like that referring of course to the machine gun that could mow down scores of brave souls with machetes and spears or old muskets. Afghanistan has been invaded for thousands of years but it’s never been held successfully or peacefully and why? Because they didnt allow thereself to be disarmed. The author of the gulag archipelago said how we burned in the camps when we thought of how different it all might have been had we allowed ourselves to be disarmed or instead of cowering inside our apartments and jumping at every bang or knock on another’s door we would have decided we have nothing to lose and armed ourselves with pick ace and machete or ball bats and laid in wait for the government agents in the foyer of the building. How different it might have went they arrested a quarter of the city if the government agents had went out not knowing if they would return. But we did it to ourselves we simply did not love freedom enough.

      6. During WWIi English civilians were begging their American counterparts for firearms. Also the massive numbers of Jews and others murdered in their homes and concentration camps would have been far fewer. In every country that fall under the control of Socialism the first thing they do is kill all dissidents, 150,000,000 non-war dead in the name of Socialism during the 20th century and continuing on in the 21st. Even in England criminals are armed and wealthy, and government as well, while law abiding sheep, I mean subjects are denied effective self defense. When danger is seconds away, Law enforcement is minutes away. A firearm is better than a cell phone.

      7. Hey America *acid attack* why don’t you *gets stabbed* ban guns *nail bomb goes off* so then you’ll be safe *gets hit by truck* like us?

    4. Hahaha they’re not going to take anyone’s guns. There won’t be an elimination eradication of the second amendment. F the bloods in the Crips and every other gang. They can have their guns I got enough Firepower

    5. Too many people either don’t understand what “shall not be infringed” means or they think they can change definitions.

    6. So you are in Las Vegas and your in a crowd being shot at from elevated Window in Mirage Hotel . Return fire , avoid crowds. Or avoid Jake Vegas

    7. Well said, the government is supposed to do what we the people want and should fear us but they want all the power so we fear them

    8. Yeah but society crumbling into a crime infested hell hole where decent people cower in there homes and atrocities are committed on there neighbors daily is exactly where the socialist want it. Not only do they want your guns but they want the police’s guns to boot. Now tell me what would any non brain dead person expect to come of that? Anarchy chaos the exact situation that would cause the populace to embrace anything and take the hand of anyone and give up there rights to the same just so someone would restore a little order. Socialist destabilization.

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