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Costner Reaches Out to ‘Yellowstone’s’ Red-State Faithful

Actor's Fox Nation series 'Yellowstone One-Fifty' embraces conservative crowd

Taylor Sheridan made headlines this week by rejecting reports his “Yellowstone” series caters to MAGA Nation.

Sheridan, the prolific mind behind “Hell or High Water,” “Wind River” and now the Paramount Plus sensation, scoffed at those who consider the western saga a right-leaning affair.

“They refer to it as ‘the conservative show’ or ‘the Republican show’ or ‘the red-state Game of Thrones,’ And I just sit back laughing. I’m like, ‘Really?’”

Sheridan noted the show’s nuanced plot lines while ignoring how hungry conservatives are for woke-free content.

“Yellowstone” star Kevin Costner is taking a different approach to the red-blue divide. 

The Oscar winner anchors Sheridan’s ensemble drama, building on decades of audience goodwill along the way. Now, his latest project banks on his show’s cultural legacy while embracing a core part of its audience.


Yellowstone One-Fifty Hosted by Kevin Costner | Official Trailer

“Yellowstone: One Fifty,” debuting Nov. 20 on FOX Nation, is a four-episode look at the true stories behind the show’s setting.

Yellowstone: One-Fifty will consist of four one-hour episodes on the history and wildlife of Yellowstone National Park, which recently marked its 150th anniversary. Throughout the series, Costner explores Yellowstone National Park to discover whether it’s still as wild and untouched as it was on the day of its inception and looks back in time at the events that led to its preservation.

The show’s first episode will air on FOX News Dec. 11.

Costner isn’t as political as some of his peers, but he’s used his celebrity clout to promote select causes. He clearly leans to the Left, but not in an overly divisive manner. He calls himself an independent, most recently boosting Rep. Liz Cheney, one of the nation’s most vocal critics of President Donald Trump.

He’s not interested in running for office, nor does he mind if audiences abandon him for any one political take.

“I didn’t really care how the cookie crumbles — that people that liked me now don’t like me …that’s OK.”

That may be the case for some, but chances are fans will appreciate him contributing to an overtly right-leaning platform like FOX nation. It’s a decision many stars would studiously avoid for fear of industry blowback.

Costner may understand the ramifications of his appearance on the platform, but he didn’t care enough to turn down the gig.

That move speaks volumes without saying a word.


  1. Ain’t it the truth! Elections seem to bring out the the hate and nastiness in people. Why can’t we just vote our chosen candidate be it red or blue, keep it personal and go on with our lives. We certainly can’t control peoples decisions, and personally I don’t care what party he is affiliated with. He doesn’t pay my bills. His personal life choices are just that. Personal. I will still continue to enjoy his talent, be it movies, TV series, etc. Everyone has their individual choices,so get on with it. js

  2. I grew up and live in Wyoming/Montana. We all hate liberals. They’re cancer to the world. They ruin every state they take over. They come in and buy the most beautiful parts of our states with their I’ll gotten gains. One of my friends dad from Jackson was friends with Costner. He’s a pretend cowboy who would get his ass beat at the local bar if he showed up. When things turn upside down in America, Liberals here will be in a dangerous place.

    1. So Democrats ruined every state, huh? Did you know every state with an increase in crime this past year is a red state? Do you know that the 10 worst states for educational levels are all red states? Did you know that the top 10 states for welfare are all red states? You know that California is now the fourth largest economy in the entire world? Obviously you don’t know anything. So you must be a republican.

      1. Did YOU know that what drives the increase in those Red states is the outsized increase in crime in the BLUE cities within those otherwise Red states? Of course you did, which means you’re a liar. You must be a democrat.

      2. Bajoran, everyone knows you liberals will lie and say anything, and I do mean ANYTHING except for the truth. Try mentioning that you can commit almost any crime in California and you won’t be arrested. Especially if you’re black or illegal.

        Rob a Walgreen or a jewelry store in broad daylight for $999.99 and walk out without being arrested, no problem in California. You know why you won’t be arrested? Because it’s a blue state ran by Democrats a**hole.

        Where were you in the summer of 2020? Probably home watching CNN, MSNBC and watching democrat Jerry Nadler say there is no such thing as ANTIFA because ANTIFA was just a myth made up by the Republicans. It didn’t matter that MSNBC and CNN were filming the hundreds of BLM blacks and ANTIFA looting stores and burning businesses in Minneapolis while it was showing the city burning and being looted by ANTIFA and BLM with their pathetic lowlife followers.

        And of course CNN and MSNBC told you fools that what you were seeing was just a peaceful protest. The most crazy thing is, all you stupid liberals said you believed them. And you expect people to believe those twisted out of context lies that you spewed out. You know they are lies too and you don’t mind lying. Which makes you a Democrat liar who knows less than the dumbest republican.

      3. I’m guessing you are like all liberals, and you are pulling those stats right out of your ass. What cities with the highest murder rates have Democrate mayors?
        I’m sure you think that the idiot in the white house is doing a bang up job, too.
        I wish all Marxist jerks like yourself would please move to another country, so we could save this one.

    2. I wanted to give you a thumbs up or a check mark but couldn’t find one on the keyboard. So here is a big CHECK! I agree.

  3. All you Kevin Costner haters be glad you live in a country where you can make your stupid comment and people with half a brain will take them with a grain of salt. That show is setting all kinds of records, he doesn’t need your adoration or respect.

  4. I find it ironic that Costner tried to spoil the beauty of the wilderness with a playground resort for the rich like he pretends to fight against on Yellowstone.

    1. Well if you ran a mom and pop donut shop in North Dakota when he filed Dances with Wolves, you would NOT love him. He was rude on a daily basis to the owners. If they didn’t have HIS preferred donuts for the crew, he’d yell at them. AND, he loves himself too much to care about you Irene. He is often aghast and surly when us commoners (that’s you too Irene) don’t bend a knee fast enough for him.

      1. That’s interesting. I met him in a bar and we spent the evening together laughing and getting to know each other. Maybe the donut shop owners were dicks. They had a job to do. He was taking care of his crew.

  5. I was a huge fan and supported his films but I’m DONE with Costner, he doesn’t know America or care about Americans. He’s rich enough to say whatever he wants now, he’s showing his true colors but his lost half of his fans. If you tear it down, they won’t come (back).

    1. Throw in Tom Hanks and Robert De Niro and of course that alleged racist Oprah although I don’t count her as an actor.

    2. It must be difficult to live in a society with a spectrum of opinions. Refusing to hear is refusing an opportunity to learn and to teach.

  6. After decades of enjoying KEVIN COSTNER, the minute he supported LIZ CHENEY & her unconstitutional J6 DC gulag BS was the minute I gave up on him. I know that means nothing to him, but it means a lot to me. If he is THAT BLIND to what’s going on, he’s been in a bubble echo chamber way too long & he is supporting & enabling the OPPOSITE of freedom & justice. Damn shame.

    1. You are not alone. Many of us think the same way. I watched Yellowstone the other night, but it’s turning out to be an overly dramatic “Dallas” and more “reality” based. I’d rather watch Longmire – again!

    2. G-d forbid Costner support Cheney who wouldn’t fall in line and put Trump and his attempt to overthrow our government cause he lost an election ! It’s a damn shame you don’t see that !

      1. You are so screwed up on what is happening. You really think Biden is helping you and the rest of us? Look at your 401k if you work and invest. Good Lord son. You aren’t from around here are you?

      2. That covid vax should be giving you blood clots right now snowflake, the only violence in protesting came from that drug addict George Floyd finally meeting his maker, them people burned there own towns down, shouldn’t you be at a elementary school drag show or something?

      3. “Stonewall Forest” is your chosen screen name? So confederate general Stonewall Jackson and KKK founder Nathaniel Bedford Forest are your idols? So Trump’s treason on Jan 6tg is not the first violent overthrow of the US government you supported. I

    3. Oh my Lord! how that ex president has blinded all these people into a cult, is beyond me. It’s time to wake up! He’s not what he has led you to think he is. I grew up in the same area that he and his family are from in Queens, NY and he’s not going to fool me. Believe me, I know them very well. His father was in jail for tax evasion and he has been avoiding paying taxes most of his life.

  7. Costner is a dirtbag Socialist, Biden supporting POS, Goddamn him and everything he stands for…Don’t let his “Stage” persona fool you.. .remember he is an actor and by definition lies for a living!

      1. Exactly right. Hate appears stronger than respect or civility. I’d like to think people are nicer but…

    1. I agree with your opinion that Costner is a dirtbag socialist. However, you would be wise to stop saying Goddamn. Doing so is asking God to damn someone… and that’s not a good idea. You’re asking God to punish someone that you don’t like, and doing so assumes that God will punish someone just because you want it to happen. Since you referred to God; that implies that you believe in God. Do you, though, believe that God is your personal servant who will take revenge on anyone that upsets you?

    2. Agree. I know it means nothing to him but I can say without a doubt Kevin Costner is on the wrong side. He tells us he agrees with pesos killing babies child trafficking drugs the cartel illegals whom will destroy and kill Americans woke you go broke…

    3. I can only laugh when I realize you are a real person that believes this nonsense. Right/Left both full of dip****s if you move too far either direction.

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