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Is This Obama Rap SNL’s Most Pathetic Sketch Yet?

Quick, think about the most iconic Obama sketch on “Saturday Night Live?”

It’s hard, right?

We all remember the Bill Clinton sketches and the “not gonna duh-it” moments from Dana Carvey’s President George H.W. Bush. Will Ferrell’s classic Dubya zingers were such a hit he took his act to Broadway.

What about Obama?

The NBC comedy series hasn’t churned out many memorable sketches featuring President Barack Obama. Like most of the comedy world, “SNL” essentially gave Obama a pass. The show didn’t actively campaign for him like “Key & Peele,” but the writers weren’t much better.

Occasionally, “SNL” would mock the roiling disaster that was/is ObamaCare. These bits never became a meme, a series of sketch that reinforced the themes. Nor were they carried out in a satirically brutal fashion.

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The show somehow couldn’t find the funny in Obama’s massive ago, nor his fixation on celebrities. Either could have become a meme as potent as Chevy Chase’s Gerald Ford tripping on whatever was nearby.

Nor did “SNL” poke fun at Obama appearing everywhere as president, including an interview with a woman famous for bathing in milk.


Now, with Obama’s final weeks as president here, “SNL” decided to revisit the last eight years. How? Will a celebratory old school rap video that Obama’s own team might have discounted as “too fawning.”

Jingle Barack (Chance the Rapper) - SNL

The throwback music video “Jingle Barack” featured a pair of rappers lamenting this is the “last Christmas” we’ll have with Obama in the White House.

That inspired a series of lyrics like, “It’s been a dope eight years, but now we got one last Christmas left with Barack Obama…” How “dope” was it? The country just rejected an Obama third term by electing a cartoonish reality show star.

The bit then celebrated the dawn of legal weed, gay marriage and unfettered immigration. The first one Obama had nothing to do with. Credit Colorado and California first. And ABC News reported Obama deported more illegal immigrants than any other president.

Fact check fail, “SNL.”

The show somehow couldn’t find the funny in Obama’s massive ago, nor his fixation on celebrities.

Then, the sketch trotted out the Trump fear mongering we’re getting 24/7 from the mainstream media.

“Kids enjoy the presents while you can cuz next year you might get a bomb from Iran,” they rapped. Of course, that ignores Obama’s disastrous Iran deal, one sold with significant sleight of hand.

One rapper starts guzzling egg nog without fear. Why?

“I’m gonna hurt myself before I lose Obamacare!” he cries. That’s the same deeply unpopular health care overhaul that shattered nearly every promise the president made about it.

The song also says the North Pole will be gone next year, thanks to Trump’s disdain for global warming counter measures. We’re even told Jesus was a Democrat.

Dope! Perhaps the Son of God flipped on that whole abortion thing.

If all of this weren’t enough, the song then transforms Joe Biden, our insignificant Vice President, into a sex symbol.

“Girls, what’s my weakness? Joe Biden! Makes me feel funny, want to take a freaky ride, We could share an ice cream under mistletoe,” SNL regular Leslie Jones raps.


The video ends, appropriately enough, with Obama literally dropping a mic.

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Remember, “SNL” cut its teeth skewering political figures. That’s precisely what it does to President Elect Donald Trump week after week. The show essentially has ignored Obama for months, certifying his lame duck status with its silence.

This latest sketch reminded viewers the show is no longer an arbiter of tough political humor. It’s just another media shill for the Democrats. As if we don’t have enough of that already.

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