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Late Night Gaslighting: Seth Meyers Ignores Portland Riots, Chaos

The far-left comedian peddles Fake News 101 to unfairly attack Trump

In a way you can’t blame Seth Meyers.

The far-left host of “Late Night with Seth Meyers” likely feasts on the same corporate news his Hollywood peers read. That means alternate voices, be it The Daily Wire, National Review or other respectable, right of center sites, rarely crack his news feed.

It’s one possible explanation for his extreme gaslighting earlier this week regarding the raging Portland riots. Or, he’s a stone cold liar.

What riots, you say? The media has done all it can to cover them up or explain them away. For those counting at home, the riots have gone on for nearly 60 days now.

Kayleigh McEnany plays Portland riot video at briefing

Day after day, hundreds and even thousands take to the streets and claim the territory as theirs. They cycle through a number of chants like “All cops are bastards” and “F- -k the police.” A large number of them participate in violent criminal acts such as arson and assault. They’ve made it a game to lure law-enforcement officers out of buildings so they can assault them with blinding lasers, paint, rocks and other weapons.

Luckily, brave reporters like Andy Ngo are doing the essential, dangerous work to capture the violence. That helps defuse the late night gaslighting attempting to twist the truth into a pretzel.

Meyers’ first mistake is leaning on MSNBC to get the full scope of Portland’s woes. The far-left news channel, much like CNN and other outlets, downplays the violence caused by BLM and Antifa activists.

MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes described the fallout from the protests as “graffiti” and “light property damage.” in the clip Meyers’ show shared. If it’s your house, your business or your property, the word “light” might sound like a slap in the face.

And it should.

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Meyers used that farcical news byte to savage President Donald Trump.

“You’re going full dictator over some graffiti,  What’s next, sending Seal Team Six to arrest love struck teens carving their initials into a tree,” Meyers cracked.

“Our government used graffiti to justify sending secret police to an American city to abduct protesters in unmarked vans without telling them who they are, where they’re going or why they’re being arrested,” he continued, echoing both the media and the Democrats’ new talking points on the subject.

A legal process, by the way.

“What they’re actually doing is even worse. They’re snatching peaceful protesters off the street. They’re kidnapping people and not even telling them what they’re being charged with.”

Again, Meyers turns to MSNBC to buffer his outrage.

What’s missing? Context, the law and a heaping helping of violence.

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Yes, the corrupt press continues to call the riots plaguing several major cities “protests,” and often “mostly peaceful” ones at that. It would be laughable if the consequences weren’t so profound … and deadly.

Sometimes it’s impossible not to laugh.

National Review’s Rich Lowry offers the insights Meyers’ writing team refuses to even consider regarding Portland’s plight.

The officers are operating under clear legal authority. 40 U.S. Code § 1315 says that the DHS secretary “shall protect the buildings, grounds, and property that are owned, occupied, or secured by the Federal Government (including any agency, instrumentality, or wholly owned or mixed-ownership corporation thereof) and the persons on the property.”

These aren’t gentle protesters shouted slogans and waving placards. It’s a mob intent on destroying as much property as possible, including the federal courthouse.

Let Andy Ngo, one of the bravest journalists alive today, offer more proof via his essential Twitter feed.

“Mostly peaceful,” eh, Meyers? Need more? Ngo has it, and then some.

The same peaceful protesters that Meyers fears are the target of the new Gestapo also attacked Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler earlier this week. The progressive leader hoped to show support and encouragement to those tearing up his own city.

Let. That. Sink. In.

Instead, the rioters cursed him out, threw projectiles at him and demanded he resign.

Remember what Adam Carolla warned us about the far-left in society today – “you retreat, they encroach.”

Wonder if that footage will be part of a hilarious Meyers bit coming soon? 

Need even more proof of surging violence far greater than mere graffiti? Here’s the Dept. of Homeland Security describing some of the “mostly peaceful” folks in action.

Consistent with tactics employed in previous nights, rioters attacked federal officers’ eyes with lasers – which can cause permanent blindness

Around 10:30 p.m. local time, rioters attempted to push over the fence while rioters also started to throw flaming objects over it. Mortar-style fireworks continued to be launched at federal property and officers as well.

It’s also worth noting Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who inexplicably blamed her city’s soaring crime rates on President Trump, just agreed to let Trump’s “stormtroopers” help quell the Windy City’s violence.

Is Mayer Lightfoot a dictator now, too?

Just this week The Washington Post settled a $250 million lawsuit with Nicholas Sandmann after the paper smeared the teen based on selectively edited video. Meyers and co. may think long and hard about how much they twist the truth with their comic “reportage” moving forward.

UPDATED: Far-left British comic John Oliver joined the gaslighting movement on his latest episode of “Last Week Tonight.” Oliver similarly downplayed the extreme violence roiling the city for weeks. Instead, he blamed the police and President Trump for the mayhem.

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