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‘Kill Tony’: The World’s Most Brutal Podcast

'Roast of Tom Brady' standout stages gladiator-like battles between comics

The blood sport of podcasting has found its new champion, and its name is “Kill Tony.”

This live podcast has surged to the top of the charts, grabbing the crown as the most popular live podcast in the world.

This isn’t just any podcast, It’s a savage, unforgiving beast, a veritable coliseum where only the strong survive. The weak are fed to the lions.

(Mature language in the following video clips…)


Hosted by the irreverent Tony Hinchcliffe, “Kill Tony” has become the ultimate proving ground for aspiring comedians looking to make a name for themselves. Each week, a lineup of hopefuls steps into the spotlight, armed only with their wit (or lack thereof) and a handful of jokes.

Be warned. This is no place for the faint of heart.

The atmosphere is charged with tension, the audience is hungry for laughs and the judges (think Joe Rogan, Dave Attell and more) are ready to pounce on any misstep.

The result? A no-holds-barred competition where the weak are torn apart and the strong rise to the top. This is Darwinism in its truest form.

If asked to paint a portrait of “Kill Tony,” it would be a mishmash of “America’s Got Talent,” “The Eric Andre Show” and a hallucinogenic trip out of Hunter S. Thompson’s fever dreams.

It’s raw. It’s unapologetic. Every episode is laced with wicked humor.


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As the ringmaster of this mad circus, Hinchcliffe reigns supreme. He wields a whip of caustic wit and flickers of unexpected kindness. He presides over the chaos with a sardonic grin, always primed to deliver a brutal zinger or, just as surprisingly, a fleeting moment of grace.

Like a modern-day Dionysus, Hinchcliffe, forever puffing on a cigarette, shepherds the comedians through their sets, offering feedback and banter that keeps the audience riveted and roaring. A master showman, Hinchcliffe shapes the show with a precise and relentless vision, orchestrating the madness with an artist’s touch.

Hinchcliffe has put out a “Kill Tony” episode every Monday since 2013. He’s not just funny, he’s a phenomenal worker.

The 39-year-old has earned a reputation as the best in the business when it comes to wielding the sharp sword of insult comedy. Recently, he took his talents to a whole new level by roasting some of the biggest names in the entertainment world, right to their faces, at Netflix’s “The Roast of Tom Brady.”

"It Was BRUTAL!" - Kim Kardashian HUMILIATED By Tony Hinchcliffe At Tom Brady Roast

Close your eyes (or go on YouTube) and picture the scene: Tom Brady, Kevin Hart, Kim Kardashian and other stars, all seated, butt cheeks clenched, as Hinchcliffe unleashes a barrage of insults upon them.

In a world where political correctness reigns supreme, Hinchcliffe stands as a potent remedy. He’s unafraid to push boundaries and challenge the status quo.

His podcast is a direct reflection of who he is. And what a podcast it is.

Every Monday night, a motley crew of contestants gather, their names scrawled on crumpled bits of paper that are tossed into a battered old hat like sacrificial offerings to the comedy gods. Each one is a potential hero or a tragic figure in the making.

When fate intervenes and a name is plucked from the hat, the chosen one is thrust into the spotlight, armed with nothing but a scant 60 seconds to lay bare their comedic soul.

Some are grizzled veterans of the stand-up circuit. Most are mere novices, trembling with a potent mix of stage fright and raw ambition.

As the seconds tick by like a merciless metronome, the contestants take their shot at glory. Some soar like comedic eagles, their punchlines landing like a jab from Mike Tyson.

But for most, the stage is a battleground strewn with banana peels, landmines and tears of shame. It’s a treacherous terrain where even the most well-intentioned jokes can detonate in spectacular fashion.

For those who stumble and falter, the descent into comic oblivion is swift and severe. The sound of crickets chirping fills the air, punctuated by awkward coughs, nervous titters and, in some cases, brutal heckles.


The audience, fueled by a mix of bloodlust, curiosity and copious amounts of alcohol, revel in the spectacle, their cheers and jeers shaping the fate of the comedic combatants.

The “Kill Tony” stage, situated in Austin, Texas, is a theater of the macabre where the line between entertainment and savagery is blurred.

One of the blazing comets in the absurd galaxy that is “Kill Tony” is William Montgomery, a fiery hybrid of Willie from The Simpsons and a Duck Dynasty reject. This guy struts with the swagger of a redneck demigod, delivering a sharp, 60-second routine every Monday night.

His jokes, usually a blend of current event topics and Hillary Clinton jabs, resonate with the crowd. Bold, brash, and loud as a freight train, Montgomery, always wearing a mad grin, delivers his satirical onslaughts with the finesse of a born performer.

The “KT” crowd adores him.

As for Hinchcliffe, there’s a case to be made that he’s the comedian with the most skin in the game. After all, he’s a comic who’s not just cracking jokes. He’s diving headfirst into the battle for free speech, putting everything on the line.

In a world where censorship is creeping in from all sides, and snowflakes hog the limelight, Hinchcliffe is one of the few standing tall to defend the very essence of free expression. His approach to comedy has struck a chord, propelling him to host one of the world’s most popular podcasts.

It was recently announced that Hinchcliffe and his eclectic ensemble of comics are primed to headline Madison Square Garden for two nights in August. It’s less an announcement and more a defiant gesture aimed squarely at the sanitized, scripted and self-righteous realm of modern-day media.


  1. If you like stand up comedy, you’ve got to be watching Kill Tony. It’s hilarious and cringey but can also be heartwarming and uplifting. Last week’s episode with Erik Griffen may be the best one ever. Anyone who’s name is drawn gets 1 uninterrupted min to do stand-up. Sometimes its amazing, sometimes it’s awful, but Tony and his guests always make it funny. Highly recommended. Maybe the last place on Earth where you’ll hear mountains of non-PC jokes

    1. I’ll just add that Tony H is the fastest gun around these days when it comes to jokes on the fly. Maybe the fastest ever. How many times has his audience seen him listen to a one/two line joke and respond with an extension of that joke to create a ‘complete bit’ requiring set up and a ‘fuse’? TH is literally writing bits for other comedians, live on stage.

      Going two comments further with 1) William Montgomery is, for me, more of a cross between Zach Galifanakis (?) and Sam Kinison than anything else (contemplative to bombastic) and 2) Post Malone appeared on the panel about a year ago and that was an audience inflection point – ever since every video gets 1 million views in just a few days where previously a million views were only obtained when comedic ‘stars’ were on the panel and many videos had fewer than a half million views.

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