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The Ugly Truth Behind Griffin’s Comic Supporters

Comedians are starting to pipe up about GriffinGate.

We all know what happened after Kathy Griffin gleefully posed with President Trump’s bloody, decapitated head.

What’s next? Comedians rallying to Griffin’s side. Mostly.

Jim Carrey defended Griffin, adding he dreams of braining President Trump with a golf club himself.

Jerry Seinfeld said the joke bombed. So what? “I don’t understand the big deal?”

Comic actor Alec Baldwin unabashedly cheered her on.

Jay Leno echoed Seinfeld’s sentiment. Move along. Nothing to see here.

Margaret Cho supported Griffin, saying GriffinGate will only make her a bigger star. C-list, anyone?

And more will likely speak out in Griffin’s defense. Yet where were these comedians when a rodeo clown got shredded by the mainstream media? His crime? Mocking President Barack Obama.

Silent. Maybe he wasn’t famous enough for them to protect.

No one would raise hell, or even heck, if Griffin landed a comic haymaker on Trump. Click To Tweet

More importantly, don’t Leno, Seinfeld, Baldwin, Carrey and Cho get the bigger picture? The president deserves a level of respect in our culture. Mock him. Taunt him. Have at it. It’s a time-honored tradition done to perfection by Johnny Carson.

Carnac answers "Elmer, Roger and Billy Carter" on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

Others, like Stephen Colbert, are too consumed by rage to do so. Even a Colbert wouldn’t attempt Griffin’s image. At least we hope not.

No one would raise hell, or even heck, if Griffin landed a comic haymaker on Trump. Some argue there’s been an overload of those gags since Trump assumed office. That’s a different, and valid, argument. That crowd isn’t calling for any punishments to be meted out, though. They say it’s merely an exhausted trope at this point.

Showing his bloodied head to the masses? Unacceptable. Period. Full stop.

When Carrey said there was no “line” to cross in comedy he wasn’t being honest. Ask that rodeo clown.

Obama rodeo clown act inspires political fight

So why are comedians rushing to prop up a “broken” Griffin? Blame the political party attached to said head.

Here’s betting Leno, Cho, Carrey and Seinfeld wouldn’t have said a peep in Griffin’s defense had she targeted President Barack Obama. Or even Presidents Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. They would have stayed silent. Or, they might have joined the pitchfork brigade against the 56-year-old comic after seeing that bloody image.

That’s the “big deal,” to paraphrase Seinfeld. And it’s huge. The disconnect on display is yet another sign of a collective group that doesn’t “get” half the country. And doesn’t want to try, it seems.

So spare us the phony support. If you wouldn’t offer it to a comic holding the severed head of a Democrat, it’s worthless.

Actually, it’s worse. It’s hypocrisy 101.

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  1. miss Carson, there is a cable network does reruns every night. great show, the jokes are still funny some even funnier with history and always classy

    as for the woman , so what she is garbage.. the public has decided. leno and seinfeld are cowards , we all know obama was off limits to all and still is, that makes them all cowards

    I don’t care what the job title is we all have free speech and opinions, being a comedian does not make one special or exempt from life anymore does sports star or politicians ‘
    grow up folks

  2. Ann Coulter continues to have coined the best response, “screw you”. There is no point discussing anything with these knuckleheads. They are try to their tribe.

    As the rest of the country should start waking up to be as well.

  3. Walk away, cancel cable and just reject their product. Advertiser respond to that. Saves one time & money.

    1. And in truth, I think the whole thing will be forgotten in about a month. It was a clear, premeditated publicity stunt and in that, it worked. Ms. Griffin got spoken about for a few days. That’s what she really wanted.

      She ain’t “broken” because we’ve all moved on from it.

  4. The champions of communism, socialism and fascism call themselves progressives, but they recommend a system which is characterized by rigid observance of routine and by a resistance to every kind of improvement. They call themselves liberals, but they are intent upon abolishing liberty for anyone not pledged to the cult Liberalism. They call themselves Democrats, yet they yearn for a dictatorship. They call themselves revolutionaries, but they want to make the government omnipotent in every way imaginable.. They promise the blessings of the Garden of Eden yet the results are simply more unsustainable debt that will eventually enslave our progeny. They plan to transform the world into a gigantic post office, every man but one a subordinate clerk in a giant bureau. Modern ctrl-left Progressive Liberalism is a serious and dangerous mental disorder.

  5. I give Jerry Seinfeld a pass on this one. He remembers the faux outraged media mob that destroyed the career of actor/comedian Michael Richards (Kramer). So I can see why he’d just like the outrage to stop.

    1. I have seen both Seinfeld and Leno stand up to leftist mobs trying to suppress comedy they dont like, adn they also have mocked the left as well as the right, so they have moral authority to stand up for any comedy. The others dont.

    2. But that would essentially no “comedy” is off limits. How about mocking Holocaust survivors? Ahh, the joke bombed, so what? Is that ok, Jerry? Anyway, it wasn’t just a bombed joke, because it wasn’t a joke at all. It was pure hate, the stock in trade of most “comedians” today, certainly including the execrable Colbert, the constitutionally angery Baldwin and the whole host of other Trump-deranged gang. Although, to their credit, apparently not Seinfeld or Leno in their own acts.

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