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Colbert Does Damage Control for DNC Leaks

So how did Colbert react after the now infamous DNC leaks revealed damaging information against the Democrats? He turned from political tormentor to Palace Guard Comic.

Anyone surprised?

Trump gives Colbert’s “Late Show” writers more ammunition than a political satirist could ever demand. Imagine the scribes poring over Trump speeches and tweets, gleefully highlighting the most outrageous passages.

“If only we had more time!”

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The Republican National Convention is over. And, on the dawn of the Democratic National Convention, a treasure trove of emails flooded the news.

Bernie Supporters Furious at DNC Leaks, Vow #NeverHillary, Consider Third Party Vote

What did they reveal?

  • Journalists sharing pre-released news stories with DNC sources.
  • DNC officials mulling how to use Sen. Bernie Sanders’ faith against him.
  • DNC actively working on behalf of Hillary Clinton.
  • A member of Clinton’s legal team offering DNC staffers advice on beating Sanders

Turns out the Vermont Senator’s rant about a “rigged” system was more right than he or anyone else imagined. And these are just the first wave of leaked emails. More may be on the way.

Making matters worse? DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz lost her job as a result. But she landed safely.


Hillary Clinton just hired her.

So how did Colbert react to the news? Did he shake his fist in anger? Defend Sanders and assault the “rigged” DNC process? Slam Clinton for taking such a flawed public figure on her payroll?

Not quite.

Colbert first mocked all the female Democrats crying over Sanders. Then, he called the start of the convention, “Hillary Clinton and the Terrible, Horrible No Good Very Bad Day.” So far, so accurate.

He went on to explain how the emails showed the DNC conspired against Sanders. Here it comes, right? That signature Colbert outrage, gussied up with biting sarcasm.

“In an unprecedented show of bias, the Democrats threw their weight behind the registered Democrat. That’s not fair. It’s like Sam’s Club refusing to take your Blockbuster card,” he said.

Damage Control 101.

Then, Colbert continued by taking the attack on Sanders’ faith and twisting it into a joke about Easter peeps. He also shared other, tiny details about the leaked emails’ seedy side for humorous effect.

Distraction. Deflection.


Colbert even managed to sneak in a Trump attack — while talking about the damaging DNC leaks, mind you.

“Sure it’s vulgar, disgusting and crude, but it’s the first evidence the Democrats can take on Donald Trump.”

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He did mock how Wasserman Schultz’s punishment was to be let go AFTER the convention. Not mentioned? Her new gig (and new boss).

And, in a final insult to Sanders’ supporters, he teased them by suggesting they reject “strong, independent women.” Why else could someone not support Clinton, right?

Where is “speaking truth to power” persona the media keeps telling us about? The guy we saw last week savaging Trump and co.?

A separate, impeccably produced bit welcomed viewers to the DNC. The sketch featured plenty of ’60s callbacks and cited Clinton’s inevitability.

Death.Taxes. Hillary!

The video mentions her “donor problem,” but that’s about as cutting as the clip gets.

Colbert did do his “Hunger Games” shtick, which he trotted out last week at the RNC, at the DNC, too. That’s all well and good, but it’s how he handled the DNC leaks in his monologue that matters most.

Colbert is a hard-partisan comic who uses his late night perch for political purposes. Period. Anyone seeking fairness or truth in their satire should look elsewhere.

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  1. stephen kolburt is the clown in the aborted Jerry Lewis movie come to life. Ushering his smug, sanctimonious, arrogant and ignorant and declining viewership into the gas chamber while impersonating the Dramatic Chipmunk to great effect among the idiocracy. If Baghdad Bob was a “humorist”, and had a team of 30+ writers and his own TV show…

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