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Joe Rogan: Australia’s Extreme Lockdowns Show ‘Everyone Needs Guns’

Rogan, Tim Dillon wrap 2021 by debunking liberal media memes sans apology

Joe Rogan invited Tim Dillon onto his “Joe Rogan Experience” one last time in 2021, capping a year where the Spotify superstar embraced his red-pilled status.

Consider Rogan’s recent takes on:

The comedy duo talked about car innovations before diving headfirst into the pandemic during their Dec. 24 reunion on “The Joe Rogan Experience.” That included the draconian measures enacted in Australia to fight the virus’ spread.

“No one’s lost their mind better than Australia,” Rogan said. “It’s a great sign that everyone needs guns.”

Here’s a quick glimpse at that country’s recent COVID-19 measures, courtesy of The Federalist:

In the Greater Sydney region of New South Wales, local authorities have restricted most interstate travel, forcibly shuttered places of worship, and limited the reasons individuals are allowed to leave their homes. Likewise in Victoria, where citizens remain in indefinite lockdown, state officials have instituted a curfew from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. in metropolitan Melbourne.

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“It’s shocking that it was that country,” Dillon said, suggesting similar tactics might be expected from totalitarian nations like China or North Korea. “I always thought that country was a party … everybody was just having fun.”

“But it is a penal colony, and a lot of the people there are descendants of criminals,” Dillon added, tongue likely buried in cheek. “They don’t love work, which is OK …. Someone says, ‘hey, sit in your yard and get hammered for a year,’ they don’t ask too many questions.”

That lead to rules that you might see in a dystopian thriller, not a “free,” western nation, Dillon noted.

“They’re doing face scans … ‘did you really go for coffee? Let me check your cup,'” he added, referring to a Melbourne man drinking coffee outside who had to show proof of his full coffee cup to a police officer.

Most health experts agree it’s rare for COVID-19 transmission to occur outdoors.

Some critics of Australia’s harsh new rules connect its gun restrictions to the populace’s inability to maintain its freedom. The nation enacted sweeping gun control legislation following a 1996 shooting massacre in the country. Guns are still legal, but many specific types of guns (semi-automatic rifles, shotguns) aren’t. Plus, strict rules now prevent citizens from carrying arms for personal protection.

Rogan, apparently, connected those dots. He’s not alone.

Again, The Federalist:

Once signed into law, the [Australian gun] legislation efficaciously removed any form of control Aussies had over their individual rights. Rather than entrusting themselves to safeguard society’s civil liberties, Australians instead rendered all responsibility to the government.

And yet Rogan is a far cry from rabid Second Amendment advocate like Ted Nugent or Wayne LaPierre. He’s debated gun laws on his podcast, doing so from a good-faith perspective plus a dash of humor, with Colion Noir, among others.


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The comedians quickly turned from Australia to the litany of half-truths, lies and censorship tied to the U.S.’s attempt to defeat the pandemic.

Dillon hoped the Omicron virus, which so far appears more contagious yet much more mild, will sweep through the globe. And, once it’s gone, we’ll reach that “herd immunity” many have hoped for during the past two years.

Then, he said, the old normal might return.

Rogan gently disagreed.

“The reality of human beings is, once you give people power they don’t give it back,” Rogan said, quoting Chicago Mayor, Democrat Lori Lightfoot, who vowed to make it “inconvenient” for non-vaxxed Chicago residents to live their lives.

The two discussed vaccines, COVID-19 treatments, the moving goalposts established by Dr. Anthony Fauci and other government bodies and Big Pharma’s stake in perpetual booster shots.

“For sure there’s a lot of money involved [with pandemic treatments]. And whenever there’s a lot of money involved there’s f***ery,” Rogan said.

Neither Rogan nor Dillon embrace a particular political party. Rogan’s ideology is hard to pinpoint. He’s libertarian on some issues, like pot use and free speech, while praising Democrats like President Barack Obama and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

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Dillon leans to the Right, but he’s eager to taunt GOP figures like Reps. Thomas Massie and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The duo briefly mocked former President Donald Trump early in their most recent chat.

They’re observational comics first and foremost, and their political neutrality leaves them able to spot corruption wherever they see it.

Left. Right. Center. Or somewhere in between.

Neither is a soothsayer or expert. Their opinions should be considered and, later, personally fact checked when the subjects warrant that scrutiny.

So why bother sharing two podcasters’ opinions?

Both thrive on speaking their minds, shrugging off media narratives and doing all of the above from platforms outside the mainstream. Sure, Spotify may be the “new” mainstream due to its reach and significance, but podcasting remains a fresher format, and Rogan treats it like the wild, wild West of communication.

Together and apart, Rogan and Dillon’s voices outweigh those of state media hacks like Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel or John Oliver. The latter are beholden to the progressive playbook, preventing them from speaking truth to power.

It’s why the podcast giants could have a large cultural impact in 2022, assuming the press doesn’t take them down. first.

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