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Joe Rogan: Dems Committing ‘Elder Abuse’ Against Biden

Podcaster teams with Tim Dillon to explore party's gaslighting tied to aged leader

Stephen Colbert read the Wall Street Journal’s shocking report on President Joe Biden’s mental state and had one reaction.


Joe Rogan read the same article and likely nodded along. The podcast giant, like most Americans, has seen all the proof necessary that President Biden is suffering from the ravages of time.


Rogan brought up the WSJ article during this week’s chat with comedian Tim Dillon. The two wondered why Democrats were sticking with Biden when it’s clear the 81-year-old doesn’t have his mental faculties anymore.

It’s tantamount to elder abuse, the Spotify star alleged.

The conversation began with Dillon noting that Sen. John Fetterman, who was suffering the after-effects of a stroke, appeared to have regained his mental acuity.

“He was out of it for a period of time … now, he’s back, and it feels like from my perspective that the things he’s saying are pretty logical,” Dillon said.

“What a crazy political move. Recover from a stroke publicly while in the middle of a campaign … against a guy who’s famous [Dr. Mehmet Oz] and still win,” Rogan said of the 2022 Pennsylvania Senate campaign.

“And get progressively better and make more sense, ‘cuz our guy, that’s the president, is getting worse and Fetterman’s getting better,” Dillon said.

“There’s nothing there,” Rogan said of Biden. “I don’t think there’s a question about this.”

Joe Rogan Experience #2162 - Tim Dillon

Later, Rogan returned to Biden’s mental state and the Democrats’ ability to pretend the Commander in Chief is perfectly fine.

“How much you can gaslight people into voting for him again … and this mysterious cabal of humans that’s actually running the country,” Rogan said.


The comedians brought up President Barack Obama’s eloquence in the Oval Office, comparing it to President George W. Bush’s oft-clumsy remarks.

“This is so far down the road from that,” Dillon began, referring to President Biden.

“It’s so far down the road from that I think it’s elder abuse. I really do,” Rogan said. “If it was any other job it would be elder abuse. If there was a guy running the corner grocery store and his family was making him run it, and he was that old and they had money, you’d be like, ‘Why are you making your Dad work? Your Dad’s out of it.'”

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  1. I’m worried about the days and months after the elections. The losing side will never accept the results.
    “We lost to a vegetable! It’s rigged!”
    “We lost to Hitler! Burn down the country!”
    If I were law enforcement, I would have all hands on deck on Nov. 5 and prepare for mass rioting.

  2. Their entire platform is : Child abuse, elder abuse, border abuse, and national security abuse.
    As a bonus: wrecked economy.

  3. Barack Obama was only eloquent with a teleprompter. When he was off script and ad-libed, every 3rd word was an “ah”.

    1. “Uhh Uh Uhhh….”
      He added a “me” in every other sentence too at the same time creating racial division and new various forms of victimhood.

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