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Corrupt: Colbert Spins WSJ’s Damning Biden Report

Late-night propagandist does his studio audience (and viewers) a disservice

Stephen Colbert’s fans have little interest in the truth, so the “Late Show” host avoids it at all costs.

Inflation? The border? Hamas? Crime? Oct. 7?

Name the hot-button topic, and Colbert will spin it to benefit Team Biden. He, like Jimmy Kimmel, literally fundraises for the elderly president.

What Colbert did last week on behalf of the 81-year-old should have come with a six-figure DNC check. This kind of spin requires a Herculean effort, and Colbert gave it his comic all.

The subject?

The Wall Street Journal’s shocking report detailing just how far President Biden’s age has impacted his mental state.

We’ve seen this before, of course. The embarrassing gaffes. The meandering public appearances. The sudden squats that fuel comparisons to wee ones.

Here’s The New York Post summarizing some of the WSJ details.

Others in attendance recalled that it took Biden about 10 minutes from when he entered the room to get the meeting started, and when he did, he used note cards to make obvious points that everyone was already in agreement with and participants could barely hear him.

In a February follow-up with House Speaker Mike Johnson, the Louisiana Republican expressed his concern to the president over the administration’s liquid natural gas export policy — fearing it was benefiting Russia.

Biden didn’t seem to know the policy was actually in effect and falsely claimed it was “only a study,” according to the report….

Biden would “ramble” and mumble, and his ability to command the room varied from day to day during tense negotiations over raising the debt ceiling last May, former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) recalled.

Had the report arrived out of the blue it would be stunning. It didn’t.

The Biden White House is furiously attempting to stop the audio from Biden’s interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur from going public months before Election Day.


We just read a startling Biden interview with Time Magazine which featured more confused comments.

President Biden forgot key facts about the economy, foreign policy and his time in public office during a sit-down interview with Time magazine last month — even mixing up Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He even threatened to fight the Time’s journalist at one point in the exchange.


Biden ducks most press interviews these days, even softball-level chats tied to the Super Bowl. Instead, he went on “The Howard Stern Show” for a fawning Q&A.

His lying is now legendary, witness him claiming he belongs to any nationality to appease the crowd du jour.

Some 81-year-olds retain much of their vim and vigor.

Not Biden.

Something is seriously wrong with the leader of the free world. It’s not a partisan matter.

And the press is (mostly) covering it up. So, too, are Democrats eager to drag Biden over the finish line a second and final time.

Like Colbert.

The comedian covered the blistering WSJ report and flat-out misled his audience. They like that. Still, the people watching it at home and via YouTube were likely less pleased.

They know the best political satire is served with a serious helping of the truth.

WSJ Shocker: Joe Biden Is Old | GOP Unhappy With Asylum Order | RNC Mistakes Milwaukee For Vietnam

“A reputable newspaper like The Wall Street Journal would never run a headline like, ‘Behind Closed Doors, Biden Shows Signs of Slipping,’ unless they had the receipts,” Colbert said, setting up the spin.

Colbert then cherry-picked quotes from the report, leaving the damning bits out to protect His Precious.

For example, he extensively riffed on the fact that Biden relied on notes during some of his important meetings, a potentially innocent scenario without the full, brutal context.

The Wall Street Journal delivered said context. Not Colbert.


Later, he read a portion of the story sharing how Biden would speak softly at times and often paused before talking. Why, that could be the sign of a leader using his voice for emphasis and taking time to collect his thoughts.

Except we know the fuller meaning behind the WSJ article. He left it out for comic effect, and the audience cheered in response.

We call that … clapter.

Watch the full clip to grasp just how far he stretches the truth for his master.

Colbert owes the WSJ reporters behind that story an apology. He’ll never utter one, though. Heck, he spent three years telling his audience Donald Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election.

We’re still waiting for a mea culpa on that front.

Editor’s Note: It’s a brutal time to be an independent journalist, but it’s never been more necessary given the sorry state of the mainstream media. If you’re enjoying Hollywood in Toto, I hope you’ll consider our Tip Jar option.

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