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Joe Rogan on Russia Collusion Hoax: ‘No One’s Being Held Accountable’

Red-pilled podcaster shreds media for hiding Hunter Biden laptop story and more

The media may soon regret its Fake News assault on Joe Rogan.

The podcast giant spends most of his time interviewing eclectic guests and ruminating on his favorite topics.

  • Hunting
  • UFC fighting
  • Stand-up comedy

He’s added a new topic to his podcast arsenal – media bias. And he sounds as passionate about it as his love of marijuana or a clean roundhouse kick.

It unofficially began when media outlets, including CNN, excoriated Rogan for taking Ivermectin to treat COVID-19. The Nobel Prize-winning medication isn’t officially sanctioned to treat the virus. Many doctors suggest it has no benefits for the infected.

That wasn’t the angle reporters took, though.

They claimed Rogan ingested “horse dewormer,” one of the medical uses for Ivermectin. It’s a highly misleading charge, especially since Rogan says his own doctor prescribed the drug for him.

Boy, did Rogan shred reporters who promoted that Fake News angle, including CNN’s own Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

To his face.

Now, Rogan is turning to the obvious collusion between the Democratic Party and the mainstream press. There’s no better example than the Hunter Biden laptop story, first broken by The New York Post.

That bombshell revealed the future president’s son held shaky business deals with direct ties to “the big guy” AKA Joe Biden.

New details emerge on Hunter Biden laptop emails

Not only did Big Tech platforms suppress the fact-based reportage, media outlets rallied to do the same. NPR smugly said the report was “discredited by U.S. intelligence and independent investigations by news organizations.”

That’s false, and Rogan said as much on a recent podcast with guest Jocko Willink, an author and retired Navy SEAL.

“The collusion between the media and the government is pretty apparent,” Rogan said. “Especially left-wing media and left-wing government.”

“There’s some narratives that get shared back and forth,” he continued, using a word Andrew Breitbart routinely employed to discuss media bias – “narratives.”

“They have talking points, and they don’t talk about things they’re not supposed to, like the Hunter Biden laptop story, something that’s actual news … because if that was the Donald Trump, Jr. laptop,   holy f***ing s*** would that lead [the news] every night.”

Rogan then moved on to the Russia collision hoax, which he called “complete nonsense.”

“And no one is being held accountable,” he added.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, arguably the loudest media voice on the hoax, just snagged a massive, multi-year deal with MSNBC which keeps her on the far-Left network.

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The news organizations that earned Pulitzer Prizes for their so-called investigations into Russian collusion haven’t given back their awards. Politicians like Rep. Adam Schiff, who falsely claimed he held proof that President Donald Trump colluded with Russia, haven’t been held accountable in any way, shape or form for their repeated lies. 

Rogan is right. Again.

And his message isn’t just going out to right-leaning Americans who already know what he’s saying is true. His “Joe Rogan Experience” reaches a huge audience on Spotify (and via YouTube and select social media clips). That includes fans who are either apolitical or lean to the Left.

How many listeners are being red-pilled along with him?

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