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Jeff Dunham Proves Partisan Comics Leave (Lots of) Money on the Table

Superstar ventriloquist shows why alienating half the nation is a huge mistake

When Jeff Dunham tells a joke, he knows there’s an entire country willing to hear it.

Dunham, the most successful ventriloquist of the modern era, doesn’t alienate Red or Blue state Americans. His shtick is meant for everyone, no matter one’s race or background.

And he’s making a killing in the process.

  • Sold-out global concert tours
  • Best-selling books
  • A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Sold-out venues where acts like Taylor Swift play
  • A Guinness Book record for Most Tickets Sold for a Stand-Up Comedy Tour

So when the host of Netflix’s “Beside Himself” talks comedy, it’s worth taking notes. The ventriloquist spoke to “CBS Mornings” about his current tour as well as his thoughts on partisan humor.

Comedian Jeff Dunham on new comedy special and cancel culture

“[A] lot of comedians have now—they pick a side. And then they start name-calling and pointing fingers and calling the other side idiots. So what that does is you eliminate half the audience,” he said.

He didn’t name names. We all know them by heart. Colbert. Kimmel. Fallon. Meyers. Oliver. Noah.


Fellow late night host Bill Maher, who leans to the Left, has expanded his comic base in recent years by telling jokes aimed at the Left. That only proves Dunham’s point.

“I think there’s an easier way–a better way of just making a little fun of everybody because I think most people in this country have a decent sense of humor … people from the left [and right] come to my shows and everyone has an equally good time.”

Comedians like Johnny Carson, Jay Leno and Bob Hope told jokes for everyone, he says. Their legendary careers speak for themselves.

Dunham follows in that tradition, and he’s become fabulously wealthy as a result.

Jeff Dunham: Beside Himself | Netflix Trailer | September 24

The aforementioned  hosts aren’t pinching pennies at the moment. TV platforms pay them handsomely for their “clapter.”

They could draw much bigger crowds, and fatter paychecks, if they followed the Dunham model. Even a numbskull like Bubba J knows that.

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