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What’s Missing from the James Franco/Fidel Castro Debate

Outrage over Latino representation hides Cancel Culture's flawed agenda

Louis C.K. could be telling jokes into his 80s, but chances are the press will still bring up how he sexually harassed multiple women as a younger man.

And, potentially, remind us he never should be forgiven for his actions.

Reporters routinely chew on Cancel Culture targets, and like untrained dogs rarely let go.

Some stars, like Roseanne Barr, are permanently ex-communicated with the media’s blessing. Others, like Morgan Wallen, are hounded by reporters for microscopic sins long after countless apologies have been uttered.

No matter how much time passes, it’s never enough for some media outlets.

Just ask C.K.

Louis C.K.'s Grammy Win Renews 'Cancel Culture' Controversy

And then there’s another group of canceled stars. They’re allowed back into polite Hollywood society almost immediately, with little to no outrage from the press. 

Why, it’s as if Cancel Culture is more about power and control than holding people accountable.


A 2021 court decision said “Empire” co-star Jussie Smollett manufactured a hate crime. The actor’s claim that he was attacked for being gay and black didn’t hold up to the slightest scrutiny, something the press conveniently ignored during the early days of the investigation.

Yet BET+ broadcast Smollett’s directorial debut, “B-Boy Blues,” earlier this year without so much as a peep from Cancel Culture warriors.

No outraged op-eds demanding he suffer more for his actions. The press greeted with the news with a “just the facts, ma’am” shrug.

And Smollett has yet to apologize for his actions, the first alleged step in escaping Cancel Culture’s clutches.

We’re seeing that pattern play out again with James Franco.


The Oscar nominee known for “True Story” and “The Disaster Artist” suffered a career pause after multiple women accused him of sexually inappropriate behavior. The initial charges went public in 2018, but it took time for the accusations to take root.

Franco’s career officially stalled last year. The final straw?

Seth Rogen, a frequent Franco collaborator, finally disavowed his old chum. Franco eventually opened up about his addictions, a key step in any possible comeback story.

James Franco Discusses His Sex Addiction & Sobriety | SiriusXM

  • Would Franco ever work his way back into Hollywood’s good graces?
  • Should a star who abused his power to prey on younger starlets even get a second chance?
  • How many years would he stay unemployed before Tinsel Town types gave him a second chance?

Not very long, as it turns out.

Franco, rumored to be connected with former co-star Amber Heard, made headlines earlier this year when he landed a role in “Me, You.” Now, he’s secured a juicier gig, playing dictator Fidel Castro in “Alina of Cuba.”

The usual woke suspects are whisper silent about Franco’s comeback. Whatever remains of the Time’s Up organization hasn’t made much noise about the star’s return, if any.

Feminists actresses haven’t rushed to their social media platforms to decry his swift reinstatement into Hollywood, Inc. Reporters aren’t outraged that Franco’s comeback proved so swift, so uncomplicated.

Instead, the media latched on to a different, woke narrative tied to the star. Latino actor John Leguizamo raged against “Alina of Cuba” for hiring a non-Hispanic star to play the despot.

Actor James Franco faces backlash for latest role | GMA

Leguizamo’s critique went viral, forcing the folks behind “Alina of Cuba” to defend hiring Franco for the gig … based on his ethnicity, not his past.

What about the women Franco allegedly mistreated over the years? Will they get a chance to share their objections to the actor’s comeback?

Likely not.

Cancel Culture purports to make the world a better place. It holds people accountable for their crimes, or so we’re told, making up for decades of systemic racism, sexism, etc.

Except the rules are constantly changing. Or, in some cases, ignored.

Confused? You’re not alone. Just know when a Cancel Culture advocate describes what the movement represents, they’re not being honest.


  1. I remember John Leguizamo’s turn as Frenchman Toulouse Latrec in Moulin Rouge. Nobody complained about cultural appropriation than. Neither should Leguizamo now

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