Eight Great Conservative Celebrities on Twitter

These brave stars aren't afraid to cheer liberty, freedom and less government

A meeting of openly conservative celebrities could fit into an exclusive Beverly Hills eatery … with plenty of tables to spare.

That’s assuming they weren’t chased out by “tolerant” Leftists.

Liberalism is the de facto setting for today’s stars. A microscopic subset pledge allegiance to the Reagan Revolution. An even smaller group say so openly. They risk losing gigs for their honesty, but they Tweet all the same.

So here, in no particular order, are eight conservative celebrities worth a follow (and your admiration) on Twitter:

Adam Baldwin (@AdamBaldwin)

The star of TNT’s “The Last Ship” and, of course, “Firefly,” flexes his Twitter feed for pro-U.S. military messages, social media memes and breaking news updates. In between, Baldwin makes salient political points for his flock.

It’s a giddy potpourri, one designed to enforce his ideology without shoving it in fans’ faces who vote for the other party. He’s no shrinking violet, though, even if he’s not as brusque as his screen debut role in the ’80s classic, “My Bodyguard.

Nick Searcy (@yesnicksearcy)

The “Justified” standout takes a markedly different approach to Twitter. He’s an unapologetic conservative with a capital “C.” He’ll call out a liberal reporter, dub naysayers part of the Human Democrat Centipede and use the most colorful language to hammer home his arguments.

And he wants other Hollywood conservatives to stand up at long last.

His Twitter feed isn’t for the faint of heart, but he’s having too much fun to care. He’s also brave enough to make movies like “Capitol Punishment” which refute media narratives on the Jan. 6 riots and aftermath.

Dennis Miller (@DennisDMZ)

Don’t hold his “Saturday Night Live” alum status against him. The mind behind “The Dennis Miller Option” is exactly how you expect him to be on Twitter – whip smart, sly and unpredictable. Oh, and he tells jokes you won’t hear on any late night show or “SNL” skit.

Best of all? While some celebrities lose their edge over time, Miller’s wit remains razor sharp and unblemished by the years. Editor’s Note: This reporter has appeared on Miller’s podcast to talk movies and more.

Pat Sajak (@patsajak)

Exhausted by stars with, shall we say, inflated egos? Sajak’s Twitter feed is your necessary balm. Even in jest you can sense he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

“Wheel of Fortune” watchers may not realize just how funny the veteran host is when unleashed. Twitter proves it. Sajak also routinely sticks it to biased media reports and trending liberal talking points.

James Woods (@RealJamesWoods):

The veteran actor has a massive Twitter following, and for good reason. He’s smart, precocious and always worth a look. He routinely shames both biased press accounts and his celebrity peers.

Sometimes he does both with one snarky Tweet.

Recently, he weaponized his Twitter following to help those impacted by the California wildfires. His selflessness even drew the attention of major media outlets.

Kristy Swanson (@KristySwansonXO):

The original “Buffy” rocks on Twitter, especially if you appreciate political commentary with a dash of kindness. She’s also self-aware enough to float above the partisan divide.

She’s equally gracious about some of her former co-stars, showing a side of Hollywood we’d love to see more often.

Dean Cain (@RealDeanCain)

This former Superman is the real deal on social media. That translates well in our digital age, especially for fearing his heroic screen image is just a facade. Sure, the “Gosnell” star fought back hard when Tom Arnold personally attacked him. Who wouldn’t?

Cain’s Twitter feed remains a frisky blend of humor, keen insights and a dash of self promotion. He’s even gracious with the “haters” one inevitably faces on social media.

Kevin Sorbo (@ksorbs)

The “Let There Be Light” and “Hercules” star isn’t shy about his political beliefs, or his love for his beloved Minnesota Vikings. But he’s also eager to thanks his fans and spread cheer for his colleagues.

He’s also a major figure in the faith-based film market, making him the perfect “follow” for spiritual social media users.

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