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Should Conservatives Harass Samantha Bee in Restaurants?

‘Full Frontal’ star sicced fans on Justice Alito … is she fair game, too?

Samantha Bee holds no official sway over the nation.

She doesn’t cast any votes of consequence beyond what the average citizen does each Election Day. Her TBS show, “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,” has no official powers or ability to craft or deny legislation.

She’s a late-night host floating in a sea of like-minded competitors. And a very low-rated one at that.

The “Daily Show” alum still packs a cultural punch. Time Magazine included her in its list of the 100 most influential people.

Sam On Roe…with Covid

Bee uses her progressive TBS showcase as a political platform. Week after week, Bee dives into the hottest issues of the moment. And boy, does she have an opinion on every last one.

Fine. Good. All-American even.

Here’s the rub.

Bee’s banter, one could easily argue, is bad for the country. She helps divide us, marginalizing those with whom she disagrees. She curses out Senators and First Daughters alike, bringing the level of discourse down with every slur.

She’ll slap a GOP official as a “racist” one moment, then twist the headlines to suit her far-Left agenda the next. Her show once blasted a cancer survivor as a Nazi.

And, at her most toxic, she tries to upend the social fabric.

We saw that last month when she savaged the Supreme Court for overturning Roe v. Wade, a move that sent the abortion debate back to the states where some say it always belonged.

To Bee, it was an opportunity to dehumanize her political opponents in ways that wouldn’t pass any sane fact check.

“Make no mistake, this is not where it ends … Conservatives will not rest until they have come for all of our rights. Everything we have fought for could be lost, unless we take it back.”

That kind of crazed commentary should be left to the wild, wild west of Reddit, not a major cable platform.

It got worse.

“And we have to raise hell in our cities, in Washington, in every restaurant Justice Alito eats at for the rest of his life, because if Republicans have made our lives hell, it’s time to return the favor.”

Bee not only supports harassing public officials wherever they may be, her “raise hell” rhetoric comes on the heels of nationwide violence tied to both BLM and Antifa that crushed businesses and cost the country $2 billion.

Plus, her words land with greater impact since one Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh, nearly squared off with an assassin just weeks earlier.

It wasn’t the first time she condoned this kind of behavior. She gave protesting at Supreme Court Justices’ homes, often illegal but approved of by the Biden administration, her full-throated support.

Her most heated rhetoric isn’t remotely comic or satirical. Late-night types routinely put humor aside to make their partisan points. It’s a betrayal of their gig, but it’s hardly damaging to the body politic.

Bee takes it a step further. Two or three, to be more accurate.

So she isn’t any ol’ citizen with a piping hot Twitter take. She’s using a major cable channel and her social media account – 663K followers on Twitter alone – to suggest violence may be the answer.

By her logic, Bee should be open to conservatives “raising hell” against her for all of the above.

  • When she hits the gym …
  • Checks out the latest Broadway show …
  • Savors a prime rib at her favorite restaurant

Should she never eat a meal in peace again outside her gated home? We’re playing by her rules, right?

There’s an argument to be made that this is the only way to bring an end to Bee’s vile rhetoric. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez similarly cheered on protesting politicians wherever they go … and then wailed when a comic called out her “booty” on the steps of Congress.

The news media, cartoonishly corrupt and with the public disapproval to show it, can’t actively critique Bee or her fellow travelers. “The View” chuckled at the notion that justices deserve the right to be left alone in public.

Someone already took Bee’s marching orders to heart. They made Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s meal at Morton’s steakhouse a public protest, forcing him to flee via an alternative exit. Does anyone doubt it’ll happen again, especially as so many Democrats cheered the harasser on?

What are sane citizens left to do?

It’s reminiscent of how some conservatives take a contrarian view on Cancel Culture. Yes, they abhor its punishing spirit, its inability to let forgiveness into the debate. Still, some want progressives to suffer its full effects on the rare occasions the woke mob attacks the Left.

Cancel Culture finally recede, they argue, when both sides feel its fury.

Is that where we are with Bee’s vile declaration? Is that the only answer left to maintain the social order? Not yet. And let’s hope it never gets to this point.

There’s still hope for this nauseous trend to wane, and it won’t be due to any mainstream journalist calling for a return to sanity. Nor will Hollywood rise up and defend politicians from these ghastly attacks. We’ll see more of this than anything like that.

The answer, for now, is a big, beautiful wave. A red wave, to be exact.

And it may take at least two before the Bees, Ocasio-Cortezes and “View” hosts realize they’re not just on the wrong side of history.

They’re so wrong they’ve lost their fellow Americans … maybe for good.


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