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Shouldn’t ‘Hamilton’ Get Canceled Next?

Protesters already erased statues, American history from society for our own good

One of Disney Plus’s biggest attractions opens just in time for Independence Day.

The streaming channel debuts the Tony Award winning production “Hamilton” July 3.

The hip-hop musical is hailed as a creative modern retelling of Alexander Hamilton’s journey to becoming a founding father of the US. Created by composer, playwright, performer and producer Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton won 11 Tony awards in 2016 as well as the 2016 Pulitzer Prize in Drama.

Viewers can’t even leverage a free Disney Plus trial to see it. It’s full price or bust.

HAMILTON Trailer (2020) Disney Plus

But wait…

We’ve spent the last month seeing American statues spray painted or toppled. Confederate symbols got thrown into the circular file along with the president who fought a Civil War to free American slaves.

Even Mt. Rushmore is under attack, both by Native American activists and The New York Times.

As the 1619 Project bravely taught us, America was built by slaves in order to preserve and protect slavery. It’s already been decided that “Imagine” should be the new National Anthem.

So how can woke Americans watch Lin-Manuel Miranda and co. pay tribute to the Founding Fathers?

Sure, “Hamilton” features people of color playing Caucasian leaders like the title character, George Washington and Aaron Burr. The color-blind casting proved a welcome twist when the show first debuted in 2015.

It was woke … for its time. Today? That’s hardly a defense.

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This racist nation shouldn’t be celebrated in song, let alone via an award-winning musical honoring its founders. Is there a better way to heal the nation than by demanding Disney Plus remove “Hamilton” as quickly as it unveils it? No warning label could address a production dedicated to slave owners, a la HBO Max’s treatment of “Gone With the Wind.”

The production’s unwoke agenda is hardly new. Harvard Law School’s Annette Gordon-Reed sounded the alarm four years ago on the subject.

The show portrays Hamilton as a “young, scrappy, and hungry” immigrant (he was born on the Caribbean Island of Nevis, but qualified as a U.S. citizen when the Constitution was adopted), an egalitarian, and a passionate abolitionist. All of this is wrong, Gordon-Reed said…

“He bought and sold slaves for his in-laws, and opposing slavery was never at the forefront of his agenda.

“He was not a champion of the little guy, like the show portrays,” she said. “He was elitist. He was in favor of having a president for life.”

It gets worse.

“In the musical, only Jefferson is shown as a slave holder,” said Gordon-Reed, who won a Pulitzer Prize in 2009 for her book on the family of Sally Hemings, slave and mistress to Jefferson. “But Madison owned slaves too, and so did George Washington.”

Black Lives Matters didn’t rise up following the killing of George Floyd only to see Americans celebrate the Founding Fathers anew. And Disney had been working so hard to be socially conscious. The company released a video shortly after Floyd’s murder supporting BLM.

We just learned the words “Black Lives Matter” will be painted on the three NBA basketball courts at Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex.

Airing “Hamilton” represents a monumental step backward.

All of this, of course, assumes BLM, and its many supporters, are both consistent and logical in their quest to fix our broken country. That they have the country’s best interests at heart, not a political agenda with dubious goals, at best.


If that wasn’t true, though, our fearless mainstream media would have warned us already.

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