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These Conservative Documentaries Defy Hollywood, Inc.

Rebel filmmakers fight Culture Wars with stories that demand to be shared

Some of the most provocative documentaries are ignored by Hollywood.

Many weren’t screened in theaters and got snubbed by the entertainment press. Film critics looked the other way rather than give them a fair shake.

These projects hail from outside Hollywood, Inc. Some came courtesy of conservative outlets or newer platforms like Substack and Others remained independent to the core.

Filmmakers no longer need Hollywood’s permission to tell their stories their way. These documentaries tackle subjects deemed radioactive to the modern Left.

They still matter to most Americans.

  • DEI
  • Immigration
  • Trans issues
  • Racism
  • George Floyd
  • Academia
  • Free Speech
  • School choice
  • The U.S./Mexico border

A critical note: Some of these films are not “conservative” in the traditional sense. Many explode progressive narratives without getting their hands dirty with the Left/Right divide. Others never so much as flirt with political arguments.

They’re conservative for defying the Left’s stranglehold on the cultural conversation.

The Coddling of the American Mind

This Substack-based feature springs from the 2018 book of the same name by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt. Veteran filmmaker Ted Balaker (“Can We Take a Joke?”) introduces us to college students who ran headfirst into academia’s woke agenda. The wide-eyed teens share how the indoctrination turned their college dreams into a nightmare.

Capitol Punishment

Actor/director Nick Searcy is the driving force behind this blistering look at the Biden administration’s treatment of Jan. 6 protesters. It’s grim and unrelenting, and some of the film’s most troubling revelations have been born out following its 2021 release. A sequel is coming soon.

Capitol Punishment - The Movie (Trailer)

America, Invaded

Filmmaker Namrata Singh Gujral guides us through a harrowing look at the War on Terror and its inability to protect America’s borders. It’s both a tribute to our fallen soldiers and a warning that another 9/11-style attack could happen due to a porous southern border and ineffective governance.

The Reformers

This five-part docuseries recalls the “Grievance Studies Affair” that rocked the elites. Three rebel scholars concocted a fictitious batch of “papers” to show how cartoonishly woke academia had become. Mission accomplished, and this taut docuseries captures it from start to stunning finish.

The Reformers (2023) - Trailer

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

The Independent Women’s Forum continues its push into video storytelling with this new docuseries. We meet female inmates who share what happened when trans women entered their space. It’s yet another story the media, and fellow filmmakers, won’t explore.

The Fall of Minneapolis

The documentary starts with body-cam footage of George Floyd’s final hours. From there, we watch as major U.S. institutions crumble before our eyes in the quest to prop up pre-determined narratives. Their obfuscation, and that’s being kind, fueled years of violence, chaos and decay. It’s a shattering look at a superpower in decline.

What Is a Woman?

The Daily Wire uncorked the most talked-about documentary in ages. Director Justin Folk’s smart, provocative film may have set the stage for what we’re seeing overseas regarding the trans youth agenda.

“Hollywood Takeover”

China has been pulling Hollywood’s strings for more than a decade, and the ramifications have been profound. “Takeover” lets insiders share the full story behind the alliance. NOTE: This reporter is one of several “talking heads” featured in the film.

Hollywood Takeover: China's Control in the Film Industry | Documentary | Trailer

The Greatest Lie Ever Sold

This 2022 film has aged well, in part thanks to the corruption within the BLM movement. Firebrand Candace Owens breaks down the Floyd protests, police brutality and more, exposing activist rot in the process.

Killing America

Director Eli Steele’s short, haunting film shows why antisemitism exploded in Gen Z following the savagery of Oct. 7. The answers should scare everyone, especially those with children in the public school system.

“After Death”

Upstart movie empire Angel Studios examines an issue that speaks to, well, everyone. This documentary actually graced theaters and drew a sizable crowd – $11.4 million is a massive number for most documentary films. The faith angle proved irresistible to many even if it made some mainstream media outlets squirm.

After Death (2023) | Official Trailer

The War on Children

Conservative activist/author Robby Starbuck channeled his rage over the attacks on America’s youth into a searing new documentary. “War” focuses on attempts to indoctrinate children with the far-Left’s sexual agenda, drawing notable support from public figures like Riley Gaines and Sen. Rand Paul.

“Damaged: The Transing of American Kids”

This Daily Caller documentary tag-teams with what Team Starbuck reported with “Children.” It exposes the intense pressure children face to consider life-altering surgeries to swap genders. We meet young trans adults who regret their decisions to embrace “gender-affirming” care.

The Essential Church

The spiritual film looks at how governments suppressed religion in the name of fighting COVID-19. The documentary not only honors Christians who defied the nonsensical rules but connects the pandemic overreach to past examples of religious persecution.

Whose Children Are They?

This indie doc details how public schools have declared war on both parents and children. The former are kept in the dark about sexual grooming tactics, while the latter endures indoctrination of the highest order. The two-hour running time may seem unnecessary, but the film shows just how much shocking information can be shared on the subject.

Uncle Tom,” “Uncle Tom 2”

Larry Elder’s docu-franchise examines how black conservatives are discriminated against by too many progressives. The voting block also gets short-changed by the GOP, a marketing mistake that continues to haunt the Republican Party.

“Generation COVID” (coming soon)

Author/activist Jennifer Sey did more to promote common sense during the pandemic than most politicians and pundits.

She also has the background to deliver a scorching look at everything that went wrong in 2020 given her previous work as a filmmaker and author.

“Devastated: Colorado’s Fentanyl Disaster” (coming soon)

Radio talker turned filmmaker Steffan Tubbs has the kind of radioactive material that should be catnip to Hollywood storytellers.

There’s a catch.

Sharing why the country has been flooded with fentanyl means exposing the Democrats’ open-border policies, so it’s up to independent filmmakers like Tubbs to fill the gap.

Trailer- DEVASTATED: Colorado's Fentanyl Disaster- Trailer

These films are fighting an uphill battle in more ways than one. Most media outlets refuse to engage with the documentaries, profile the filmmakers or review them. Even conservative media outlets occasionally ignore them.

In some cases, outside forces have stepped in to help.

X owner Elon Musk helped spread the word about “The War on Children’s” trailer, which dramatically boosted its visibility.

To date, that Tweet has 46 million views.

The Daily Wire’s team of pundits helped promote “What Is a Woman?” Musk, again, helped promote the title. His X platform screened the movie for users on its one-year anniversary.

It’s worth noting that when Rob Reiner introduced his anti-Trump documentary “God & Country” earlier this year the project earned plenty of free publicity AKA media coverage. The film tanked all the same, but it’s typically more media attention than most conservative documentaries draw.


  1. I would like to add “Uncle Tom part 1 & Uncle Tom Part 2. Larry Elder is the Executive Producer.

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