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Comics Attack Tucker Carlson for Defending Comedy (Really)

Stand-ups deny Cancel Culture's wrath, even one who got canceled personally

Nimesh Patel is living proof that Cancel Culture exists.

The Indian-American comic got pulled off stage at Columbia University in 2018 because three university staffers objected to one of his gags.

Patel quipped that being gay cannot be a choice because “no one looks in the mirror and thinks, “This black thing is too easy; let me just add another thing to it.’” Members of AAA then interrupted the performance and denounced his material about racial identities and sexual orientation. The group gave him a few moments for closing remarks, but Patel pushed back, saying none of his jokes were offensive. He purportedly claimed that he was simply exposing the audience to ideas that would be found “in the real world.” Patel’s microphone was cut from offstage and he exited.

It didn’t matter that Patel is a comedian of color, nor that his joke exposed cultural racism. He still got the boot.

You might think Patel would cheer on Fox News superstar Tucker Carlson’s special, “The Death of Comedy,” which examines how Cancel Culture is crushing creativity and putting lives at risk in extreme cases.

Not so fast.

Patel rushed to social media to slam Carlson for including his college incident in the special. Repeatedly.

Warning: Adult Language:

Patel shared little of that rage against the scolds who ended his 2018 university show.

Funny, eh?

The Daily Beast, a far-Left outlet that apparently cheers on Cancel Culture, reported on other comics who took Patel’s side, including Laurie Kilmartin, Jena Friedman and Troy Bond.

Why? Why would comedians attack Carlson, not the cultural forces aligned against their craft?

Blame tribalism with a side order of fear.


Carlson is the boogeyman for many dyed-in-the-wool liberals. They loathe him and would support his banishment from cable television, if it were possible. So even if the Fox News host defends their livelihood he must be mocked.

That’s how divided we are as a nation.

There’s another factor in play, of course. Today’s comedians fear Cancel Culture, and with good reason. Performers like Stephen Colbert and Marc Maron could be canceled tomorrow if the woke mob resurrected some of their older, more problematic material.

They could slam Cancel Culture, but doing so might make the mob turn on them. So they tell all the “proper” jokes, attack all the “acceptable” targets and pray no one digs through their comic past.

The irony couldn’t be richer.

“The Death of Comedy” trailer makes a powerful case that comedy is, indeed, under attack in today’s woke culture. Comic after comic is seen being physically assaulted, from Will Smith attacking Chris Rock over a joke to Dave Chappelle getting tackled on stage during a Hollywood Bowl appearance.

That’s just the physical side of Cancel Culture. We also see audience members outraged by comics for telling jokes that offend them. They’re triggered, and they have the cultural power to punish stand-ups who make them uneasy.


That’s where comedy stands in 2023. It’s not dead, at least not yet, but comedians must self-censor lest their next gig be their lasts.

Just ask Desus & Mero.

It’s funny, but not in that ha-ha way, that some would rather attack the person defending their craft than those willing to shut it down. 


  1. This is a crap article. Nimesh Patel was asked by Tucker’s team to appear in the documentary, he declined, so they basically stole a clip from when Patel appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast… And you wonder why he’s pissed? You have to have a pretty low IQ to think Carlson is “defending” anyone, he’s doing this to create a false narrative and enrich himself. Chappelle doesn’t need defending, I’m a huge fan of him, apart from the trans jokes the guy supports BLM, with a huge platform, Netflix deal, he has the respect of all the other “libs” that Tucker hates such as Jon Stewart too.. in no way is he cancelled and he’s man enough to defend himself, he doesn’t need a pansy pancaked in makeup wearing a bowtie to defend him lol. Yep Tucker is a metrosexual cuck

    The funniest thing about Tucker’s documentary is he features one comedian called Troy Bond in the documentary who was apparently “cancelled”, again featured him without his consent and now the guy is so pissed he has declared he’s joining Antifa… Now thats comedy. I mean how terrible is Carlson as a person that he’s turned a guy about as far left as possible haha

    1. You clearly don’t know your ass from your elbow… you ever heard of a thing called fair use? They asked him to APPEAR in the documentary. Doesn’t mean they can’t use a publicly available clip under fair use law. Lmao

  2. Tucker Carlson has a long history of hiring WHITE NATIONALISTS at the DAILY CALLER . In fact if you google “THE DAILY CALLER HAS A WHITE NATIONALIST PROBLEM” you come upon articles from people that I admittedly can’t stand and don’t trust like SPLC or BUZZ FEED that have PROOF of the racism of the people Carlson has hired. Using a despised and biased source is okay in this instance since the people either SAID the racist things of which they are accused or they didn’t and he either HIRED them or he didn’t. And they did say those things and he did hire them….all of them.

    So I applaud Patel for not wanting to be “defended” by someone he despises. It always amazes me with conservatives lick Bill Maher’s nether regions when he says something even remotely against “cancel Culture’ . I despise such boot lickers since Bill Maher thinks religious people are actually retarded and I am a religious person!

  3. “Why? Why would comedians attack Carlson,….”

    Errrm, possibly because Rush Limbaugh is dead? Just a guess.

  4. Maybe it has to do with Tucker trying to take over and own every single controversy out there? He has a voracious appetite to be the final word on something. Matt Walsh created “What is a Woman”, which is devastating to the Left, but Tucker then did his own little documentary about it.

    When Carlson had one program, his original show, that was great. But now he’s got Tucker Carlson Today, Tucker Carlson Originals, etc. ANd his original show has like 40 minutes of commercials.

    Meanwhile it is a fact that he manages controversies to appear as if he’s on the right. For example, he says the 2020 election was rigged, but not due to silly (but real) things like mail in ballots, etc., but due to the FBI influencing social media. Ok. Then he appears to be against the Covid 19 vaccines but doesn’t fully expose what they are, and why they’re bad for eveyrone. He holds back. ANd of course he still maintains the fiction that our government can be fixed.

    In the end, Tucker Carlson is about Tucker Carlson. He is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, yet has the gall to tell his audience with Mike Rowe that hard work “gives meaning” to your life.

    In short, Carlson is smart enough to know what’s wrong with America, but cynical enough to use it to make money and not rock the boat too much.

    1. No, Tucker isn’t flawless. But, he does a great job of exposing the hypocrisy on the left, especially within government officials and various policies. Also he doesn’t hold back on criticism of politicians on the right either(Lindsay Graham). He pretty much calls it like he sees it and is nail on the head for the most part. He does a great job with his interviews on Tucker Today. Of course that is mostly about his guests. I think the guy is of very high value to modern day media.

  5. I just subscribed today and was immediately drawn into your deft critique of the unholy power the overseers have. You can’t escape a surrender like that. Stand firm and Stay Funny.

  6. Their hatred for the right over-powers everything else, including their own careers. And they say we’re the “extremist” haters.
    Pot, meet kettle.

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