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Carolla to NYT: ‘No One Gives a S*** About You’

So says Adam Carolla, documentary filmmaker and the mind behind the Carolla Digital empire.

Carolla shared his post-election analysis during a recent installment of “The Adam & Dr. Drew Show,” the podcast spinoff from their “Loveline” days. Carolla began by mocking those clutching their pearls over what to tell their children following Donald Trump’s surprise Nov. 8 win over Hillary Clinton.

He zeroed in on Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. The scribe penned an “open letter” to his daughter about Trump’s win.

“What do I tell my child? … Who cares?” Carolla cracked, riffing on Sorkin’s tone. “It’s such a colossal douche move. It’s unbelievable.”

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“If mom’s got a tumor, that’s a conversation [with your children]. Politics? That’s not a conversation. Your job is to provide stability, look after your children … whatever you think this administration will do to you, make it your business to make your family administration proof.”

The podcaster has a strong libertarian streak despite not declaring a political party.

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Carolla then tore into the heart of Sorkin’s letter, which essentially slammed his fellow Americans as racist. Sorkin wasn’t alone. The podcaster wasn’t having any of it.

“We elected a black president eight years ago and then re-elected him four years later,” Carolla said. “Now, we ended up getting a guy with red hair, and the whole country’s been thrown into one big Klan rally. You f***ers have that kind of hubris that you’re gonna announce with this big, broad sweeping stroke that this is a racist nation?”

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“We have a black president finishing his second term elected by a majority of white citizens,” he continued. “All these CNN pundits sitting around with this, “this is backlash” … backlash for the second term? He would make it a third. Obama would win a third term,” he said. “We’ve all joined the Klan after eight years of a black president? I find that a little insulting.”

The arguments point to a bigger, more troubling trend in modern politics, he suggested.


“It must be black or it must be a woman every single time, or it must be racist underpinnings? Or maybe we just don’t like the job that was being done globally by our government over the last eight years-plus. Maybe it’s getting a little out of hand.

“Did you ever think of that? Or is it just that we’re all racist?” he asked. “People want a change.”

‘We’ve all joined the Klan after eight years of a black president? I find that a little insulting.’

Carolla said it’s true that some who voted for Trump are racist, but he called them a “very, very small fraction” of his voting bloc. “Let’s not spin this that the Klan got together and voted in their guy,” he said.

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Dr. Drew Pinsky, who stayed quiet for most of Carolla’s rant, pointed out a key post-election hypocrisy.

“If Trump’s people lost, they’ll be rioting in the streets,” Dr. Pinsky said of the liberals’ post-election prediction. Of course, the exact opposite occurred. “They’re really talking about themselves. That’s so interesting to me.”

“It’s predictable,” Carolla answered, before blasting progressives anew.

“The group that is constantly telling everybody to be colorblind can’t walk 10 feet without talking about race. They can’t do anything without rolling out some race component,” Carolla said. “You’d like to live in a world that’s color bind, and we focused on the content of the character. You can’t move five feet without [liberals] bringing it up.”

Another teachable moment from Election Day? What consumers think of the mainstream media. It isn’t pretty.

“There’s a group of people who like Donald Trump, and there’s a group of people who like the message. I like the message, which is — CNN and New York Times, you don’t get to dictate outcomes,” he said.

FAST FACT: A September Gallup study showed Americans’ trust in mainstream media outlets hit its lowest level in the company’s polling history.

The podcaster then rattled off a series of withering points, from CNN providing questions to Clinton in advance to the DNC putting the squeeze on insurgent candidate Bernie Sanders, a move that garnered precious little outrage from CNN and its ilk. Carolla also pointed out the overt liberal bias in the weeks leading up to Election Day.

The people have had enough.

“We got the Internet. New York Times, no one gives a s*** about you. You ain’t Hearst, William Randolph Hearst. You can’t affect things anymore,” he said.

“I think in some respect [the election] is a reaction to that,” Dr. Pinsky weighed in. “Because people said, ‘well, that’s not how I’m feeling, so I’m not gonna let you tell me how to feel.'”


  1. Excellent article Mr. Toto. Love Adam Carolla. He is a take no prisoners kind of fellow. He is right about something else too. It is the job of a parent to make their family government proof as much as possible. Not to scare the child to death by telling them an evil man got elected when that is the very last thing that happened.

  2. The VAST majority of ‘Racists’ voted Democrat.
    As Usual! THEY(!) are the party of slavery, segregation and class warfare.
    Always have been. Always will be. You can descent a skunk but you can’t change a Progressive.

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