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Carolla, Pinsky Mock Eco-Hypocrite Gore’s Electric Bill

Adam Carolla says anyone embarking on a weight loss speaking tour shouldn’t be sporting love handles.

Makes sense, right?

If you want to be seen as a guru on living a fit life you better be in fighting shape. To do otherwise would look foolish. It also might underscore your arguments.

So what in the world is Al Gore up to these days, Carolla wonders.

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power (2017) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

The podcaster asked the question earlier this week on “The Adam and Dr. Drew Show.” The podcast, an extension of Carolla’s “Loveline” syndicated radio show co-starring Dr. Drew Pinsky, lets the duo help callers with medical and emotional problems. The pair also riff on the latest headlines.

Case in point:

Dr. Pinsky brought up the revelations, ignored by most media outlets, that Gore’s Nashville home has a massive carbon footprint.

Heating the home’s pool sucks up the energy used by five U.S. households, Pinsky says. And that’s just one of Gore’s four homes, he added.

“Yeah, but he’s doing the Lord’s work by preaching at everybody,” Carolla cracked.

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The comedian then made one of his famous analogies to mock Gore and his climate crusade.

“If I was gonna embark on a speaking tour called, ‘What’s Up, Fat Ass,’ and I was carrying around an extra 20 pounds, I would probably think, I should work that off before hitting the circuit,” he said. “I don’t wanna be called a hypocrite … ‘when was the last time you caught a glimpse of yourself in underpants, you don’t look so hot’ … that would be my biggest fear.”

“If I was Al Gore, and I was gonna lecture the world, or actually the United States mainly about consumption, I wouldn’t have four stately manors with swimming pools and heaters going,” Carolla said.

“That’s the part that’s vexing to me. Not the part where the guy wants to turn a buck making cooked documentaries. The part where he’s a hypocrite,” Carolla said.

“Well, everything he predicted for 2016 came true …. oh, wait, none of it,” Dr. Pinsky added of Gore’s track record on climate change alarmism.

FAST FACT: Al Gore’s 2006 documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” earned $24 million at the box office.

Carolla then segued to blasting film critics for their entrenched liberal bias.

“I do believe politics bleeds into everything these days,” he said. “If you wanted to get a zero [rating] on Rotten Tomatoes, you’d call [your film] ‘America: We’re No. 1,”  Carolla said. “Now, if it starred Sarah Silverman and it was ironic, if it was an outhouse with an American flag on it, that would be 100 percent. But if you wrote, ‘America, We’re No. 1″ and you just had a picture of Donald Trump giving the thumbs up it would get a zero just based on the title.”

Modern film critics are more likely to embrace left-leaning films like Gore’s “Inconvenient” shared universe, he said. Only “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power”  may have been too tepid for even liberal critics to fully embrace. The original “Inconvenient Truth” scored in the 90s on the movie review aggregator site.

The sequel? A more modest 76 percent rating.

Carolla then compared what critics thought about “Sequel” compared to the general public – 76 percent ‘fresh’ (critics) to 46 percent ‘rotten’ (consumers) to prove his point.

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