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‘Breaking Laws’ Sheds Light on Bizarre Justice System

Loor.TV original reveals loony laws and the Biblical ways to respond

Most of us break a law or two every day.

Have you ever eclipsed the speed limit or done a “U-Turn” while ignoring signs against it?

“Breaking Laws with Joseph Granda” understands.

The new Loor.TV show, debuting Sunday on the streaming platform, lets Granda explore a subject that’s getting stickier by the minute. The series reveals more than antiquated laws that no longer make a lick of sense.

It asks Christians to think hard about existing laws and their spiritual components. Or, as the show’s tag line says, “But is it Romans 13?”

Breaking Laws Episode 1 Premieres July 14th, 8pm EST!

“Breaking Laws” fuses Benny Hill-style antics with serious questions about laws past and present. The debut episode finds Granda, the writer/director of “The Healing Garden” and 2025’s “The Sasqualogist,” sharing how Denver law allegedly prohibits residents from sharing vacuum cleaners.

Why? To stop the spread of bed bugs, apparently.

So off Granda goes to a local vacuum shop to ask pointed (and not so pointed) questions on the subject. Later, he chats up some bail bond professionals about their line of work. He also talks to a pastor about the spiritual wisdom of following the letter of the law.

This isn’t an anarchist’s playbook, but a cheeky exploration of law and order.

The context couldn’t be more timely. 

Granda touches on the pandemic, abortion and how law enforcement often looks the other way these days. Call it our “two-tier” system, one that tears at the fabric of America.

Walk near the Capitol on Jan. 6? You better lawyer up. Battle cops for “social justice?” Pick up your check at the local government office.

That’s heady stuff for a lighthearted TV show, especially Granda’s thoughts on Colorado abortion restrictions. Or the complete lack thereof.

“As Christians, it’s time to ask ourselves, ‘Where’s the line? Where do we say yeah, and where do we say nay,'” he asks. There’s plenty of material to work with, from increasingly wacky headlines to laws that don’t make much sense in today’s world.

“Breaking Laws” isn’t afraid to embrace humor amidst sobering conversations on the subject.

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