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Bill Maher: I Still Believe Trump Colluded with Russia to Beat Hillary

'Real Time with Bill Maher' host admits (still) buying mother of all Fake News stories

Bill Maher has been talking politics for decades, and he decided it’s time for a break.

No, HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” host isn’t retiring from the long-running show. Nor does he plan to change the format away from the latest headlines.

Instead, the progressive comic created a new podcast where the focus is on everything but politics.

Meet “Club Random.”


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“There’s a whole big world out there that isn’t about politics and Bill and his guests talk about all of it,” goes the show’s description.


The podcast’s guest lineup reflects that sentiment. Recent interview subjects include comedian Rob Schneider, Jack Osbourne, Nikki Glaser and John McEnroe. You won’t find these faces on MSNBC.

The Schneider episode tested “Club Random’s” ethos early and often.

Rob Schneider | Club Random with Bill Maher

Both Maher and Schneider veered away from the political chatter only to keep returning to it. Maher repeatedly mocked President Donald Trump, while Schneider focused on the sorry state of California.

Both are technically no-nos in “Club Random” speak.

The most surprising part of the conversation happened when Schneider brought up one of the most egregious chapters in American history – the FBI’s complicity in the Russia collusion hoax.


The Mueller Report cleared President Trump in 2019 of any official wrongdoing, but many on the Left and in the media still insisted Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election from former Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

It took the alternative press, including sites like Just The News to The Federalist, to show how a compromised FBI spun the collusion narrative out of whole cloth.

With some help from Team Hillary, of course.

No pee tape (sorry, Tom Arnold). No stolen election. No credibility to the Steele Dossier.

Tell that to Maher.

The HBO star spent much of the Schneider chat blasting President Trump’s unwillingness to accept that he lost the 2020 presidential election.

Left unsaid? Hillary Clinton still thinks she won in 2016, a topic the media aggressively ignore. Some “big lies” are larger than others.

Hillary Clinton: "Trump knows he's an illegitimate president"

“The peaceful transfer of power .. that’s what Trump has broken,” Maher said about the real estate mogul’s unwillingness to accept defeat in 2020.

“This guy needs to go to jail,” Maher added, twisting some of Trump’s words against him in the process.

Schneider, like some Republicans, agreed with Maher’s critiques of Trump’s post-election antics.


The “Deuce Bigalow” star broadened the conversation by bringing up how many Democrats didn’t accept that Trump was the duly elected president starting in 2016 and, for some, running through the current moment.

“It was a travesty to not accept him as president,” Schneider argued.

He’s right. Maher countered that wasn’t as important, and as sacred, as what Trump did following his 2020 loss.

“They never accept anybody. They never accepted Obama,” Maher countered, incorrectly. Disliking a leader is not the same as rejecting his status as the Commander in Chief. In fact, the impeachment talk surrounding Trump happened almost immediately after he took the oath of office.

A 2017 impeachment effort, led by Houston Democrat Rep.Al Green, died a quick death before his peers renewed their efforts in 2020, but this time successfully.

Schneider then brought up the Russia collusion hoax, a scandal so big the corrupt press has yet to fully investigate it or hold people accountable for the lies.

“And to start this whole bulls***, this whole Russian collusion thing,” Schneider began.

“That’s not bulls****, either,” Maher interrupted his guest.

The duo didn’t pursue the host’s comment, which was muttered but clearly audible.

Maybe Maher should edit any future political comments out of “Club Random” entirely. It might be less embarrassing that way. Or, he can bone up on New York Times’ columnist Bret Stephens.

NYT admits it was ‘wrong’ about Trump-Russia collusion hoax reporting


  1. Maher is a libtard POS who has Trump living in his head rent free. He has such a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) that it’s not even funny. He’s the ugly ba$tard son of Hugh Hefner.

  2. To believe the Russian collusion hoax after believing it for years means the person has to admit to themselves they are pretty gullible. It also would make one wonder what other stupid stuff they believed whole heartedly is also wrong. All when they consider themselves so much smarter than the Trump fans who were right the whole time.

    Easier to keep on believing. The mind protects itself that way and the rest of us will have to deal with these willingly mislead voting assholes until they come to terms with reality.

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