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Bill Maher, Sharon Osbourne: Colleges Crank Out Marxists

Free thinkers shred universities for indoctrination, anti-American rhetoric

Bill Maher’s disdain for the “woke mind virus” is hardly a state secret.

The “Club Random” host brings up the issue early and often, excoriating its impact on free speech and Western culture.

What he did during his chat with TV personality Sharon Osbourne went far beyond his boilerplate woke bashing. He revealed its source in language that might shock his liberal peers.

Sharon Osbourne | Club Random with Bill Maher

Maher wasted little time broaching the subject in his conversation with Osbourne, who lost her steady gig on “The Talk” in 2021 due to a vicious Cancel Culture attack. The latter is an insidious offshoot of woke.

Osbourne dared to take Piers Morgan’s side after the Left claimed his criticism of Meghan Markle smacked of racism. For that, Osbourne herself got pummeled on social media, and someone alleged she used racially-charged language against her co-hosts.

The wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne vigorously denied those charges, but by then it was too late.

The host brought up his college days at Cornell University, a time when he struggled to find friends at first. 

“It was lonely, cold and competitive … it just wasn’t a fun college, but I learned a lot,” Maher said before asking if his guest had gone to college.

“F*** no. I was working from 15,” Osbourne said.


“When I went to college, college had not yet become the insane places they are now,” Maher said. “Elite American colleges, I know people say, ‘oh, Bill, you’ve taken the Red Pill,'” Maher said, alluding to the “Matrix” meme of waking up to the hard-Left’s impact on the culture. “I’ve looked at this pretty carefully. What goes on in colleges is insanity. That’s where all the super nutty woke s*** emanates from.”

“Of course it does,” Osbourne added. “They come up Marxists or whatever. It’s insane.”

“They’re literally Marxists … hating America,” Maher added about how students emerge from the university experience. “I’ve never been a rah-rah [guy] … I make fun of all that s***  with the flyovers and getting a boner when you see the flag …  but I have perspective about America, which they do not.”

“I think colleges are very dangerous places right now,” she said, with Maher nodding along.

“Yes, it’s what I said. You didn’t miss a thing,” Maher said.


The host shared another toxic element of woke’s collegiate takeover. Teaching European culture now comes with sizable caveats.

“I was allowed to learn Western civilization [at Cornell] … you’re not supposed to do that anymore because white people are toxic and terrible,” Maher said.

“We don’t count,” Osbourne said.


  1. Yeah, well. Fools like these two protected the progressive liberal left and relentlessly attacked the family-values right, which is a big part of how we got here. Their whinging is too little, too late. You want to help, Bill and Sharon? Speak out in favor of conservative causes. Donate to common sense candidates. Consider improving your own viewpoint by exploring a life of faith and learning the value of prayer. Even if talk is your job, don’t just talk. Talk is cheap.

  2. So because you have “perspective” about this country, you don’t get a boner when you hear the National Anthem, etc. Or is it your “perspective” that apparently many of us on the right or those who do take pride in the USA just don’t possess? What self serving nonsense. What’s make your “perspective” any better than mine or anyone else? Maher who sent a $1 million campaign contribution to Obama and Osbourne who says she donated six figures to BLM. Both are overpaid fools blessed to be able to spout their overly inflated opinions of their contributions to public discourse while looking down their noses at those of us who knew better than to fall for the marxist dem left narratives about George Floyd, etc. Whatever.

  3. They are way too late to the party. Such arrogance the nuveau riche develop. I guess they figure they are too rich to be effected by democrat policy.

  4. Granted music is very personal. But for Maher to poo poo Jazz!!?? Give me a break! In my 20’s while going to the Fillmore East, I was listening to Jazz. I went to see, Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, Oscar Peterson and Ella Fitzgerald! Sorry! But Maher is totally off base! There’s Sarah Vaughn! Johnny Hartman. Gil Scott Heron. Rahsaan Roland Kirk! Bill Evans, Thelonious Monk, Keith Jarrett, Dave Brubeck, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Stan Getz. Just to name a few! Then there’s Brazilian Jazz. Jobim!

    For Maher to say that Jazz is a big nothing is ridiculous. It’s unfortunate that most are dead. I was lucky to see a lot of them in my 20’s. Funny, I was never a McCarthy fan. George Harrison to me had a lot more talent.

    I love how both complain about the homeless problem, yet keep voting in the same ppl who do nothing about the problems other than create it!! AND!!?? Bill keeps putting down the republicans as a do nothing Party? Gee, that’s interesting, when every inner city is run by his kind! All inner cities are run by democrats! And they are all falling apart!! And makes no mention what an incompetent Biden is!!? What a joke. And if he runs again? He will vote for him again. When it’s obvious the man not only has dementia but sold our country out to the Chinese. And as corrupt as they come. But Maher cud care less, bc to him he’s better than a republican!

    I wonder why all these ppl moved from his great state of CA and lost a House seat? Why hv so many ppl moved from NY? Why hv so many ppl moved to TX, FL, TN, SC!!?? Ppl are moving from Blue states to Red states. Yet Maher continues to put down republicans. He still will never admit how his party has ruined this country. And if Sharon gave money to BLM? Then she’s a bigger fool than I thought:(

  5. @Anita

    The Right also pushes its own narratives. Let’s take the death of George Floyd for example.

    * Did George Floyd commit a crime? Yes, he used counterfeit money.

    * Was Floyd’s crime so bad that he should be executed? No.

    After subduing Floyd, cop Derek Chauvin should have taken him to jail. That is proper procedure.

    Instead, you had an endless parade of right-wing influencers and pundits who said the clearly subdued Floyd was pure evil and deserved to die. And many of their conservative fans eagerly ate up this dangerous slop.

    Floyd wasn’t an angel, but he wasn’t a demon either. He was an American citizen who should have gotten due process after being arrested.

    The irony is that the same conservatives who cheered on Floyd’s murder then got upset when a cop gunned down January 6th protester, Ashli Babbitt. These conservatives were suddenly all about due process. They could not or would not admit their attitude to Floyd contributed to the idea of cops killing people who pose not threat.

      1. @S2

        Thanks for proving my point of how many conservatives are just as brainwashed by media narratives as liberals.

        For the record, all the forensic evidence in court proved Floyd was murdered by Chauvin.

        1. I am not and never cheered on George Floyd’s death. Of course the Right pushes its own narrative. And your point is what? Hypocrisy is neither Left or right? As for Ashli Babbitt, Lt Byrd of the US Capitol Police who has a history of mishandling his service weapon was never even interviewed by the FBI, etc investigating the shooting incident. Not sure how much of threat she was to him or anyone to be shot the way she was that day. George Floyd had his day in court so to speak – state court and now federal as the justice system goes after Chauvin. Ashli Babbitt ability never had her day in court.

  6. A SATAN WORSHIPPER (Sharon) and a GOD HATER (Bill) had a conversation where they happened upon a truth. Colleges crank out Marxists. And conservatives are POWERLESS to do anything about it. TIED UP IN THE CORNER LIKE CUCKS watching their wives get BACK DOORED, impotent and wholly without use as evil Satan inspired scum poisons our children with Marxism and sexual deviance .

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