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Bill Maher Uncancels Sage Steele for ‘Club Random’ Network

Former ESPN star gets to speak her mind at last, free of Disney control

Sage Steele learned the Gina Carano lesson the hard way.

Carano got fired by Disney for not toeing the woke progressive line on social media. Steele, a fixture at Disney-owned ESPN since 2007, also got forced out after accurately describing Barack Obama’s racial makeup and questioning vaccine mandates.

Steele has been essentially benched ever since.

Now, the sports personality is back, courtesy of Bill Maher.

The liberal talk show host debuted his “Club Random” podcast, a place tailor-made for guests across the cultural landscape, in 2022. His chat with Steele last year sparked something more than smart conversation.

Sage Steele | Club Random with Bill Maher

Maher literally offered her a job on his expanding podcast empire mid-chat.

This week, he proved good to his word.

Steele is among the high-profile names attached to the Club Random Podcast Network. It’s Maher’s way of embracing free speech anew.

Why Steele?

Maher explained to The Hollywood Reporter.

“I am looking for people who are not talking-point people. I’m looking for people who don’t, before they speak, say, ‘What’s the right answer here?’”

Others joining the new podcast network include Billy Corgan, Kevin Garnett and Fred Durst.

Maher is staying true to his word … and his brand.

He’s been a free speech warrior for decades, dating back to his ABC series, “Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher.”

His “Club Random” podcast doesn’t discriminate on the basis of ideology. The progressive Maher, 68, talks to folks across the political spectrum.

By hiring Steele, he’s striking another blow against Cancel Culture.


Professional suitors weren’t lining up to hire Steele following her ESPN divorce. Her political leanings and free spirit made her radioactive to them.

The same holds for Carano.

When “The Mandalorian” standout got unfairly dismissed by Disney it took an alternative media outlet, The Daily Wire, to hire her for her comeback film, “Terror on the Prairie.”

Now, it’s Maher’s turn to reward personal bravery.


  1. For supposedly being “anti-cancel culture,” the Daily Wire was sure quick to get rid of Candace Owens.

  2. Good on Bill. I used to love watching him and Ted Nugent on Politically Incorrect. They would rib each other like Cowboys and Redskins fans that are old friends. Not many classic liberals left, the loony lefties are replacing them en masse.

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