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Bill Maher Mourns Losing ‘Germophobe’ Howard Stern as a Friend

'Club Random' podcaster shares duo's complicated past, uncertain future

“Club Random” showcases a kinder, gentler Bill Maher.

No sharp elbows, partisan smackdowns or gotcha queries. The comedy podcast is just Maher, a celebrity guest and a free-wheeling chat fueled by the occasion joint or tumbler.

Simple. Direct. And, as is often the case, brimming with banter that begs listeners to be kind to one another.

Maher will never be Mister Rogers 2.0, but the “Real Time with Bill Maher” host is genuinely building bridges one episode at a time.

Need proof? Recent show guests included Republicans Kid Rock and Dave Rubin.

Kid Rock | Club Random with Bill Maher

So it’s no surprise to hear he considers recovering shock jock Howard Stern a friend.

The radio star’s celebrity feuds are legendary. He’s sparred with Rosie O’Donnell, Kathie Lee Gifford, Chevy Chase and virtually every competing shock jock across the country.

Yet Stern, aided by decades of therapy, has mended fences with some of the aforementioned stars.

Maher included.

The “Club Random” host brought up Stern during his recent chat with author Sam Harris. Maher said the two fought for years but eventually pushed past their differences. And, to hear Maher describe it, they became fast friends.

Except it’s hard to be friends with Stern today.

The SiriusXM star became a recluse during the pandemic, and while most of American society has moved on from masks and lockdowns Stern still lives like its April 2020.


He recently dined with some celebrity chums, the first time he’s been out on a social event since the pandemic started.

Maher places great value in friendship and face-to-face connections, and that’s no longer possible with Stern. It’s why he fears their bond may be a thing of the past.

Maher and Harris spoke extensively about COVID-19, from various treatments to how Americans settled into distinct camps over the virus.

“I hate the way it’s dividing people,” Maher began. “Climate change never divided people for real in my life.” He segued to the so-called King of All Media, a figure whose pandemic fears proved paralyzing.

“Howard Stern and I … for years there was animosity. We got back together like two lost lovers,” Maher said with a smile. “And we had just repaired this relationship and were having this beautiful friendship. Now, I think I’ll never see him again.”


“I still love him and I hope he still loves me, but he is, in my view, a germophobe. I think he would admit [it], it’s pretty obvious,” Maher continues. “People have the right to be whatever level of scared they are of germs. I can’t live in that world. I don’t want to … I can’t live in your paranoid world.”

Stern began broadcasting from his Hamptons home early in the pandemic and has remained there for most of the past two-plus years. He did re-enter his SiriusXM studio earlier this month for an interview with rock legend Bruce Springsteen.

UPDATE: The Maher/Stern relationship hit a sour note months later when the “Club Random” host mocked Stern for talking up his marriage to the former Beth Ostrosky, his second wife. Maher felt it was insulting to Stern’s first marriage to Alison Berns, and Stern vehemently disagreed on a subsequent edition of “The Howard Stern Show.”

It’s safe to say the two are no longer friends. And it’s unlikely a makeup phone call will smooth things over.


          1. Agree,,,No way listen to him to know about him to make such a ridiculous comment – that’s like 30 years ago . He sits home with his wife and cats

          2. Have you heard his c***toberfest celebration special?

            We should all have stayed decades behind, because he’s currently much worse than in the past.

        1. You forgot the comma after yes.
          It should say “…such an intellectual exercise”.
          You forgot the period.

          Very intellectual lol.

          1. You forgot the comma after, “say,” and your ellipsis is placed improperly. The ellipsis should be placed thusly, “… such an intellectual …”

          2. Likewise, your comment should read “It should read,” rather than “It should say.” Additionally, the placement of a period should precede the closing quotation mark.

            You forgot, or more likely, you’ve never known or practiced basic, rudimentary punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, etc. Ignorance must surely be bliss, for you live in the splendid oblivion granted only to fools and the intellectually disabled (the antithesis of very intellectual).

            All things considered, it’s fair to surmise that the joke’s on you, Jim. Lol, Jim, L O L.

        2. No way do you listen to him to know about him to make such a ridiculous comment – that’s like 30 years ago . He sits home with his wife and cats

          1. And does his show from the basement of his house at 60
            . He still has sex 3 times a week ( so he says. ) Preety impressive. Lol . I still like the show mostly the Whack pack rob

        3. Actually he is really smart. I never agreed with him politically, but I have to admit he is pretty “on point”. The movie that he did(documentary really) about the Jewish religion is pretty epic, and he said when he is wrong.

      1. He’s a sell out. he blasted Springsteen in the past along with many others. Now he’s part of the problem he exposed in the entertainment industry.

          1. I Totally Concur! I have NEVER thought Springsteen could friggen sing! He kinda just like Yells! Irritating as to me and ALWAYS has been. Soooo glad someone ELSE SAID IT!

          2. I love Bruce Springsteen, and his talent is immense. One could say the same thing about Bob Dylan or Neil Young, far as their “voice capacity”. To me their unique voices are part of the beauty of their music! Their music is art, is REAL, all three of the above named artists. Just had to throw in my 2 cents on one of my musical heros.

        1. I have not been able to listen for a decade or 2. He literally became the antithesis of what he used to be. I wish it was possible to hear 1990 Howard Stern talk about 2022 Howard Stern. It’s sad because I grew up listening to him, he was like one of us blue collar guys, now look

          1. I don’t know what you were watching or listening to but he was an a**hole from the get go. A whore & smart-a**, who only wanted women to take their clothes off! He set women back to the 1940’s!!!

          2. Bruce hasn’t changed you stupid fool, you have. You’ve become the cringy, middle age ignorant, grievance spouting loser, who’s incapable of any self-reflection or higher level of consciousness. At 70 years old, Bruce is still in excellent shape, looks like he 50, faithful to the same wife he met before he was famous….he’s a role model…

      2. Lmao, and you do? Do you actually know how much of an a-hole Stern really is!? Stop pretending like you even know him or are close friends with him.

          1. Dude. You need to drop your pants and bend over when you talk out you a*** like that. You come.out all muffled and stupid.

          2. Hmmm. Nobody seems at all inquisitive about the tax returns of Hunter and the Big Guy’s tax returns. There is also the even wider Biden Crime Family Syndicate. He has long ago sold us out to China, an act of treason.
            Then there is ancient Mitch McConnell and his wife, Elaine Chao. Her family, though from Taiwan, own the largest shipping company in China. The Republicans are idiots for putting him back as a rep in the Senate.
            All of these people’s returns should be open to us.
            How stupid it is to just want to see Trump’s returns.He is audited every year. Real estate holdings are dynamic. We lost 60% of our old stone home in the northern Poconos in PA. Why? Shootings. Dead bodies. Drive bys. Burglaries.
            You think they are only dropping illegals off. In just a few places?
            Nope, Scranton and Wilkes Barre are being overrun with crime.
            Do the Dems care? No.
            They are achieving a one-party Marxist county.
            Thank Biden and those who are really running the United States.
            End of comment. Sir, there is a foreign object on your cheek.

          3. Must definitely be a liberal , Always petty bulls*** correcting a person’s punctuation !! Correct away,Motherf****** ! Who cares about any politicians all birds of the same feather ! They could give a rats a** about any of you tardlings !! An Howard stern yes was a Ho ! So what if he got more p***** than the both of us ! And I’m a woman !! Lmmfao !

      1. Trumper? No, just very anti- Biden ( the worst president in U.S. history.
        And what super qualified citizen did bidet chose as his V.P.? The cackling
        Her only use is to keep bidet alive
        (Well done btw).

          1. It’s always funny to read this comment. It’s even more hilarious that the person posting never know what communism actually is or who’s pushing it. The fact that all you do is name call and put down also shows me all I need to.

          1. Calling Peter an honorable man… the cult of dem at work.

            This honorable man will tell you he lowered the deficit by a trillion. He went tell you it was due to COVID emergency billz expiring. Is that action of an honorable man? Lying to the American people?

        1. Trump was the worst president in US history dumbass! Biden has succeeded in doing more than Trump ever did. I don’t remember any other president that caused the capital to be overrun! Trump is the worst by far!!! Get a clue!!!

          1. Trump traitor? That’s like comparing cherries to watermelons with this guy(Traitor Joe). Which of his policies has worked? 0, nada. So, can’t let that go without mentioning Captain Obvious. When Maher, the Ultimate Democrat says, I tried, but these people have lost their minds. This debacle with the Bidens is the biggest scandal in our country’s history. Why would you send a Crack addict in to 2 countries that are our 2 biggest enemies and broker what deal for billions if it wasn’t the deal to sell our country out? Uneducated, never had a job, unqualified by his own mouth. That’s just common sense. So miss me with the traitor Trump.

          1. $1.85 a gallon gas, 401k’s soaring to record highs, lower taxs, getting along with North Korea, Russia and China, energy independent, highest home buying ever by people of color, record manufacturing in U.S. is that what you want ??? Are you crazy ???

          1. America First? Try Russia First. Why don’t you move to the USSR. Putin could use your idiocy in his war on Democracy. Or maybe you can go to North Korea and live the Commie Dream

    1. Typical condescending ass who seems threatened by anyone more famous than he is.
      I don’t even care about his Germophobia. It’s kind of stupid, and it sucks for him, but his vitriol towards Donald Trump and his supporters over the years had been so disgusting that I can no longer listen to him.
      I used to like him ok, I especially miss Robin. but here is a supposed “ shock jock” that no longer pushed the envelope, no longer challenges the status quo..
      maybe it’s because of some kickbacks from Pfizer? Hmm..

      1. Conspiracy theory much? This guy doesn’t squeeze money out of his listeners like so many others. He doesn’t sell t shirts and cups or any of the s*** so many do. He has more scruples than most also. You haven’t listened to him recently meaning The last ten years .

        1. F Howard stern and his zoo of mentally ill people and anyone who follows the demeaning womanizer , u think he’se got to worry about a thing when this administration is tuning this country into a 3rd world slum, this place is being run by phony no nothing dolts and what’s worse is alot of people listen to them if this continues all you gimme gimme everything for free idiots won’t have s*** because there won’t be anything to give you

          1. Isn’t that the truth. Miss the days of a couple years ago. The Biden syndicate is turning this country into a 3rd world shit fest. So ready for 2024.
            Go Trump if not him at least another Republican/Conservative

      2. Just spell it out for people if your still listening to anything Howard Stern has to say your really lacking, and have a quality of adult life issue thats as empty as howard sterns contribution to mankind has been considering the great platform he has been given and vast financial resources he has accumulated all only for himself. I hope his ex wife took him to the cleaners

      3. It’s the Hollywood effect. They’re so holier then thou that they can’t see the forest for the trees. But hey they want to fix the world but not with their money eh comrade?

      4. No because he’s calling it like it is, and I agree, why would you support someone that hasn’t done s*** for you, unless your rich. He can’t even relate to the working person. He’s in bed taking money from the autocrats and dictators of the world. So you don’t mind giving up your freedoms, then?

    2. Anyone that thinks this country is moving in the right direction with all of the woke ideology and climate change policies that a crippling America,, not producing our own energy independence here in America is foolish!

      1. That’s exactly what all of the ‘woke’ policies are about – America producing its own energy and being in the forefront of technological development. Old timers stuck in the past ways of energy, impede progress and innovation. The world is moving towards alternatives. We can either be asleep at the wheel or be leaders . Those who snooze lose. Go for it woke generation!

        1. D Galla you’re right ofcourse to bad so few don’t see this, survival of humans hundred years from now ? Questionable
          If we don’t change hard and clean up our planet we’re toast.

          1. Bull, the earth will shake us off like a bad case of fleas when it’s ready to. And all the the trillions of dollars and all the green piece s*** will be null and void.

        2. So when you have to pay more for the battery of your electric car or there is the power grid is outta to power it put on your walking shoes.

        3. Must definitely be a liberal , Always petty bull**** correcting a person’s punctuation !! Correct away! Who cares about any politicians all birds of the same feather ! They could give a rats a** about any of you tardlings !! An Howard stern yes was a Ho ! So what if he got more p**** than the both of us ! And I’m a woman !! Lmmfao ! These comments are beyond hysterical you young a**holes will last ten minutes if the electric grid goes ! Omg what will you do with out a phone or microwave , listen one thing you haven’t thought about is Everythibg runs on fossil fuel an if you think there will be anything close to a transition that’s smooth good luck ! Electric cars ! Go get your 60 thousand p**** ride an plug it in so Einstein you think windmills will run factories an how the f will the supply chain run then with electric planes an ships how much money to transition all of the United States ! How much time to finish ? If the government is involved you’ll be dead before that happens ! You might be intelligent in theory but having any skills on the street or acclimating to a survival situation NO ! You make stupid emotional driven decisions just like some of the hysterical comments about oh we are working towards energy independence being green is stupid because the other parts of the world aren’t giving a s*** ! How can we be green while buying oil from terrorists that produce it without any regulations then ship it ! Which is one of the worst offenders in pollution ! Yeah you got it all figured out we are sitting on the oil but begging for it from terroists ! Lmmfao makes great sense so how long before this master plan is complete ! Will they have electric planes ? Or how will Amazon fly your EarPods from china to you ! Will there be recharge stations in the vast oceans or skies while china is pumping out coal burning plants as fast as they can get the slaves to build them you will be next if they take over an that’s the plan , They have Biden balls twisted along with hunter by the looks of some of the videos off that laptop ! Oh but nothing to see here ! On that ?!listen there isn’t going to be a green America ! EVERYTHING RUNS OFF FOSSIL FUELS EVEN THE ELECTRIC ! With the exception of a few nuclear or hydro plants ! Sit down green bean figure out how you’ll survive without google or Amazon ! And Biden is a total failure please tell me all he’s accomplish in his 48 plus years ! Not much ! So go ahead call me whatever or pick my verbiage or punctuation apart , but I’ll bet I could survive on the street or in a crisis quicker than you can figure out how to wipe your butt without toilet paper !!

      2. You are right. People need to wake up to the BS that this Woke crap is spewing. There is war against the West. Just look at all the craziness happening, it all goes against the way we live in North America & Europe for that matter.

    3. Exactly a guy who couldn’t pass an 8th graders test but has a billion dollars? Not too bad but I agree with you.

    4. Exactly a guy who couldn’t pass an eighth graders test but has a billion dollars? Not too bad for a Moron but I agree with you.

    5. I agree. $200 million per year is about $200 million TOO MUCH to pay for a shock jock.

      EVERY TIME I hear his voice I think of the Fisher King.

    6. its funny you slam howard , I mean so funny hes only the best to ever do it what he does period end of story. he is the best interviewer in our history . yet your simple mind cant understand that so you slam him . go away moron

    7. I tend to Agree! He wasn’t acting on his show. That was the type of guy he was. I know that I wouldn’t, well I don’t like him. Just his badly dyed hair. It’s sad when someone his age is so vain. He is a turd.

    8. Howard Stern is one of the best people in showbiz. He’ll also probably prove to be one of the smartest ones too, as Covid has not disappeared, no matter how hard people wish it would. Maher isn’t fit to tie his shoes. What kind of a rightist rag is this anyhow.

    9. Maher is a trumper, a sellout. He’s fine losing an old friend because he’s a germaphobe. Geez! No compassion just like republicans.

    10. He never was a very mature person. I lost the very little respect for him after he told his listeners he likes to sit on his hands and fart on them and then bring them up to his nose and smell them. His girls must have been so humiliated at school .

    11. 80’s 90’s when he peaked. then he became the person he fought against… but as for being a pompus prick? I never knew him on a personal levek to make such a disctintion..Howard Stern and Howie Mandell I have been empathetic to.. especially during this STILL ONGOING Pandemic

    12. Agreed. I always thought he was a creep and a clown. I’m not what you’d call a Bill Maher fan, either, but Stern is just bad joke and always has been.

    13. He married Beth ostrowski and all the fun was over he’s now p**** whipped I satellite radio because of him then he gets married and becomes all righteous

    14. If you listened to him just once you’d realize he’s none of those things you mentioned. You’re just going by what you’ve heard from others who are also incorrect about him. I’m female too.

    1. You should know Howard Stern. He is a white knight hero for your 1st amendment rights. He took all the fines and criticism and cancelations, so he could shine a light on the hypocrisy that is show business, he held up the Constitution and screamed “but this says I can!” .

        1. Are these the same women who would do absolutely anything for fame and attention, no matter how shameful or disrespectful to themselves?

          1. I thought we’re supposed to “believe women” interesting how it works when people like Stern and Joe Biden face accusations its that they just want their money andfame. But when its anyoje who isnt an outspoken liberal they are guilty until proven innovent and then still guilty .

      1. Right. And now he wants forced vaccinations because he’s a paranoid germaphobe. He’s become the tyrant he used to lambast.

      1. I like both of them. Stern is a great interviewer. He asks questions, That I was literally thinking about.
        I Like Maher as well.
        If we can’t separate art from the artists, there will be no one to listen to, as many entertainers are immoral. Stern is the GOAT IMO. Yes he has faults.
        So did Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Lil Wayne etc… but we still listen to the music.
        Michelangelo was a pedophile, but I still enjoy looking at the Sistine chapel.

    1. Tbf nobody said this is “news”. You just don’t understand how the internet works. The internet is not a “news machine” ok there are things called blogs and thats what this website is. It’s a blog. In this case it’s a blog that is talking about a podcast. If you mistook that for “news” that is your problem

  1. If the pandemic taught me anything it’s that people who refused to mask or get vaccinated claiming their rights were being composed on, don’t have a problem imposing their germs on others. If Stern wants to stay away from people,that’s his right as an American in this democracy…….for now at least.

    1. It taught me mask do nothing which science backs up. Also vaccinated are not you still get covid and still spread it. I never took the jab and never will because natural immunity is better. Too many are dying from the jab which nobody is talking about

      1. NO one isndying from the “Jab”. YouTube videos are NOT proof. Anyone can make one and say anything they want in it, but it doesn’t make it so!!

        1. The anti vast movement started off in the liberal community and while many Trump supporters are anti vax now the anti covid vaccine movement actually started in Washington with people like Kamala and Joe who said they would never take a Trump vaccine. And there are plenty of liberals who are anti vax to this day. The original anti vaxxers were middle class white mothers and white liberals from Beverly Hills. Many blacks are anti vax too comparing it to the Tuskegee experiment. You’re being very narrow minded. This issue isn’t as simple as Trumpers vs Non Trumpers. In fact I’m fully vaccinated and my family voted for Trump. We’re all vaccinated and consider operation warp speed a major Trump administration accomplishment and thought Joe was crazy when he initially bashed the vaccine. As Americans are our memories really this short? I remember when Tim Allen was making episodes mocking liberals for being anti vaxxers in Last Man Standing. I mean, that was what 2014? Not exactly ancient history ya know.

      2. It’s proven that the masks are useless. If human gas can make it through Underwear and denim jeans, then what good is a thin mask.

        1. Thank God for the internet. You know? And for social media. Otherwise, how was I supposed to know about this? Comparing ‘human’ gas permeating textiles to vaporized expectoration permeating masks… It’s inspiring, in a way. Johns Hopkins is a pricey school, but you make the advantages obvious. NASA called, they’re missing a genius. You’d better head back.

          1. I’m relieved that my surgical team wears a mask during surgery. Oh! That’s right. Masks are ineffective with regards to germ control. Yea right.

      3. Right On Jacob..
        The flu is actually re-appearing, now that the Total lie of COVID is exposed. C-19 was Nothing more than the lefts way of stuffing their pockets w/ millions$, same as global warming BS.

      4. Problem is you’re selfishness. The entire mask policies were to
        prevent the spread. People didn’t want to catch covid from some ignorant maskless fool. The masks ARE effective in keeping covid FROM YOU to others. The masks aren’t to keep YOU safe, they’re to keep it from SPREADING.

        1. I mean……Fauci actually said that. The problem is, you need to have Covid first to natural immunity.
          I’m battling COVID as I type. It sucks, after three weeks it won’t go away. I run 4 miles a day and strength train 5 days a week and it’s still kicking my ass.

      5. That’s right man, breath in oxygen exhale carbon dioxide, the poisonous s*** we shouldn’t keep breathing in breath after breath. And as far as the bs boosters go, that is nothing more than the f***ing left Wack jobs trying to control. Natural inhibitors are the best defense against any crap like that. Scary thing that most people don’t understand is when you get the stupid shot, your killing your natural inhibitors..

    2. THIS RIGHT HERE! I hope you see this Bill. Used to be a big fan, but seems as though you are taking Joe Rogan route. Money is your god. You, Musk & Rogan can screw off. I realize public health & public safety aren’t a thing in this country, but for you to put your middle finger up to to the only thing that should matter beyond disappointing. BUT that’s what money people do. Money over all. Sound familiar – Mr. ReligUlous……..

    3. Maher, the great “truth teller — in his own mind, has no problem distorting facts to justify his own selfish, self-centered refusal to respect the health choices of anyone else.

    4. Listen Rod A**wipe, you have the right to protect yourself with however much cellophane, duct tape, peroxide, self imposed isolation exile, and untested non-working dangerous so called vaccines for whose serious possibly deadly side effects you can not sue for, but don’t ever think you have the right to try and mandate that the rest of us reasonably cautious sane non panty waist passes have to follow your “afraid of your own shadow” regimen. The best way to risk shedding your mortal coil ahead of your hoped for schedule is to deny the rights of others who actually have a set of balls ( or intestinal fortitude ). Life is worth protecting just as freedom is worth dying for. Do what you wish to guard against microbes: Others will stand up against tyranny.

  2. Howard has turned into a total judgemental, freak, with all of the personality quirks that he used to make fun of others having. He lost his edge years ago and went Hollywood hanging out with Kimmel. Howard Stern has always done a fantastic job interviewing his guests, but that isn’t enough to keep me listening to him anymore. I tuned him out several years ago.

  3. I listened to him when I was young he used to give number we’re you would call and racist black joke was told the guys a hypocrite and an a** he goes with what makes him money at the time I’m shock no one has called him out on this even the woke seem to have forgotten about the nasty radio show he used to do and cut your hair you look like a poodle

    1. That’s because Even though it shouldn’t be about politics… It kind of is for them. If you’re on the left and a liberal, you could have been as racist as you wanted to and worn black face etc., as long as you apologize about it later.
      But God forbid you’re a conservative, you’re automatically labeled as racist anyway.
      We will take our slings and arrows because were used to it. Howard Stern Will never be happy and unfortunately will die lonely.

  4. Maher made me laugh once…
    The assisted suicide rant…Anything that frees up the traffic.
    Stern made me hund laugh on terrestrial radio… But since satellite he’s done nothing but piss me off!

  5. Stern has sold out and is trying to be some great interviewer and he is horrible at it. He constantly interrupts the guest. They eill be telling an interesting story and he will interrupt to ask the dumbest question and it completely throws the anecdote off track. I was a huge stern fan but it’s time to hang it up Howie

  6. Howard is like 70 years old and still working. If his hob allows him to work fron home… so be it. The show really hasnt suffered so who cares. Bill Mahaer did ya ever hear of pickin up the phone ? Howard will be on Morning Joe.. tune in!

  7. When Stern was the big to-do I tried watching him to see what it was all about. All I saw was this self centered vain person who had the audacity to bring on groupie chicks scantily clad to impress him and let him critique their bodies as if he was God’s gift to women. The arrogance and his complete negativity was enough I could take of that over rated porn show MENtality. I don’t know what his fear of germs are since he appeared to be as toxic as any virus known to man and especially women.

  8. Stern is a ultra neurotic narcissistic schlemiel. Weekly therapy aside, he has become his mother in voice and actions.
    If he isn’t into something then it’s ridiculous and stupid.

  9. I hope Howard gets a grip and see his friends and family. I do understand the fears though. But to have a great following and the money to stay in the Hamptons or wherever you can is lucky.

  10. Howard Stern is a thing of the past, his “ratpack” are nothing but a bunch of losers who kiss his a** and treat him like he is this media giant. He just was at the right time right place when he came into being famous. His time is over and just like his paranoia with germs, it comical to see him milk out his last few yrs. As far a a great interviewer, again just a kiss a** who interviews are boring to say the least. Time to craw into your hole and retiree igor.

  11. Horrifically, Stern used women by publicly abusing them to become famous. His disgust was lauded by men who were as abusive as he was. He had a large audience. Both he and Maher take themselves too seriously, but I admit I am a fan of Club Random. They’re both working from their basements.

  12. Like another “Howard,” Stern now picks up objects with napkins; has his hair and nails cut only once a year; walks around in tissue boxes; and has two years worth of stored urine.

    1. He turned into a complete c*** he used to be a little bit funny and I enjoyed some of the interviews but he ain’t s*** now in fact he’s kind of politically correct like I said in my comment being a talent show judge was the complete death of who he was in the beginning now he’s just a schmuck

  13. Bill Maher is no friend for doing this. Friends don’t ditch friends, but after 4 years of trump & 2 1/2 years of pandemic, Americans have shown their a****. Individualism runs supreme. Rights for all, no responsibilities to those rights. Truly pathetic.

    1. What does Trump or any of the other things you mentioned about Americans have to do with Stern being a germaphobe? The guy just isn’t relevant anymore like he was back 30 or 35 years ago he’s turned into what he used to make fun of.

      1. It’s about being a true friend. Families and friends have been divided and worse over Trump and pandemic. If HS wants to hang in his home & stay away from people who clearly care about nothing & believe they can spread their bs (germs & otherwise) to all w/o any concerns, let him. & a true friend should know that. But, BM clearly did this to gin up bs on a supposed friend for his own gain. He’s more like Trump nowadays than he realizes. BM has turned into what he used to rant about as well. Old white man worried about his relevance & money. Pathetic.

  14. Man so many commenting are super negative and “he’s yesterday’s news” and on and on. The world is full of judgemental people with bad attitudes it would seem. Or do comment sections just bring out our negative sides?

  15. I used to like him about 30 years ago. The funny stuff like butt bongo fiesta . he isn’t cool anymore, and it was COMPLETLY over when he became a talent show judge what a complete bust out that guy turned into

  16. Who is this Howard Stern again? I remember some radio guy but I haven’t heard about him in years. I thought he was dead.

  17. That’s billions with a b. I just love all these d-bags try to disparage Donald trump all the while they support Communist joe Biden the dirt bag that lived off the tax payers of this wonderful country his whole life the job that pays maybe 180 thousand dollars a year yet today his school teacher wife and crack head son are worth millions how did that happen. Meanwhile Donald trump takes the the job for free and sets aside all his business dealings to rescue this country from Communist criminals like the Biden gang think about it one came to the government with nothing the other came to the government with more money than he could ever spend who do you think you can trust.

  18. “I can live in your paranoid world”…uh…
    Does he not realize OCD is a real illness?
    It isn’t something people can just opt out of.
    You can tell me it’s not gonna hurt me when I do certain things, but that doesn’t make the OCD go away. I can’t work without gloves, cause I don’t wanna wash my hands every 30 minutes just due to a little dirt, and I know that will happen. I wash my hands so much, they get dried out and cracked so often…
    You can’t just dismiss this as if it’s simply “paranoia.”

  19. Way too many Trumpster Deplorables Talking sh*t about Bill Maher HBO’S Real Time host and Howard Stern and Spewing their Conservative Extremist Delusional Childish rhetoric !!! Trump’s a Treasonous Traitor to the USA and a Criminal Grifter who moochers off his Cult of Personality disorders !!!! LOL. Trump !!! What a Loser !!!! He’s Running alrighty then !!! Running away from the DOJ !!! He’s been stalling and Running away for Decades with his Crooked Lawyer’s, he screws everyone around him , what a freeloader !!!! Trump will lose again !!!! Loser !!!! Lmao !!!!

    1. I’m your huckle bearer. You know that’s what he really said(Val(Doc)), you Biden followers are easy pickings. Sheep being led to the slaughter(thing is, your taking US aith you). See, the Dems can’t debate one issue, “not one”(Well, LGBTQ)…it’s all about feelings not results. What one thing has Biden done that was good for America 1st? One thing, we are requiring proof, however, because I’ve heard all the LIES. Want a fact. Fetterman would be better, poor fella, but a broke clock is right twice a day. Just being honest. Proud Trumper, he’s no SELLOUT. Bottom line, but I can go ALL DAY about your guy. All Facts, tho, not feelings.

  20. Stern stabbed Trump in the back and kissed up to Hillary to curry favor with his Hampton elites. Howard is as phoney as his mail order wig.

  21. Howard was the reason I got Sirius radio, and was a fan for years. After Covid hit he became just like he mother , who he loves to make fun of, but he became the 69 year old whining yenta

  22. As if human beings don’t change their opinions with age and wisdom. I see Stern as growing and at times apologetic at the folly of his youth.

  23. Howie was always an a$$ clown. Now he’s a complete sell out to the liberal media cabal. He says whatever they tell him. He fooled all his fans to get rich now that he is he couldn’t care less what you think of him. Never liked him so no loss to me. I guarantee he wouldn’t say the crap he says about real Americans to my face.

  24. Joe Biden is a confoundedly gluttonous pervert and a grotesque stench-emitting derelict whose birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory.

  25. First of all none of you have the slightest clue what you’re talking about. Alll of these comments are from lonely depressed people who are just venting online. Yea Howard Stern is washed up. Yes he was entertaining 20 years ago. And YES you all need to get a life.

    Now stand up. Turn around. And SMELL YOUR CHAIR!!! You might wanna go take a SHOWER!!!

  26. Like Bill and most people I know I’ve been long past worrying about covid. Like I’m gonna wear masks to every indoor public place and boost every 6 months forever. No. Than Sunday I felt like I had a bad cold, tried one of the free tests I had lying around from my daughter’s school. I finally got it. Still sick 4 days later, isolated from people. Don’t recommend it. So I guess there’s a time when Bill sounds like he knows exactly what he’s doing and moments when Stern does. Couldnt see myself as paranoid as Stern, but the weeks leading up to getting this lousy virus? Absolutely wish I had. No question. Who cares how it wouldve looked to my carefree friends. Monday morning quartetbacking.

  27. Oh my goodness. The comments here are quite an eyeful. May the Covfefe Confederacy of COVID-00+or-{÷√π£¢€¥} leave us undamaged and/or somehow surviving this spicy disaster of a space.

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