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Bill Burr Predicts a ‘Revolt’ Against Cancel Culture

'Old Dads' star shares how New York, L.A. and elite universities crush free speech

Traditional comedy clubs no longer hold Bill Burr’s fan base.

The mind behind Netflix’s “Paper Tiger” special and the upcoming comedy “Old Dads” now cracks wise in much bigger venues.

Think Fenway Park and Madison Square Garden.

He got to this point with humor, wit and a willingness to say what others won’t. Yes, he’ll discuss trans issues, the male-female divide and other topics that mainstream stand-ups avoid.

Those jokes could limit their career potential or crush their livelihoods. Burr barrels ahead. He told he’s not about to change now.

“At the end of the day … I’ve just been doing this stuff a long time, and I know in my heart, I’m not being malicious,” he said. “I’m being funny. I’m being absurd … and I have the right to do it.”

The “Mandalorian” co-star is no dummy. He’s watched as fellow comics like Roseanne Barr, Joe Rogan and Dave Chappelle have been attacked by the woke mob for various infractions, both real and magnified by the cultural elites.


Burr says those forces thrive on the margins, literally. Think New York and Los Angeles, for example, along with elite universities nationwide.

“I would say like 95 percent of people don’t give a (crap) and aren’t offended.”

Burr doesn’t actively define his political views, but if you listen to his stand-up routines and podcast it’s likely he’s a center-Left soul. He still understands how nefarious Cancel Culture can be and its impact on free expression.

He also summons a phrase more commonly used during the 1950s McCarthy Era.

“The whole idea of cancel culture is like you were canceled,” Burr said. “You weren’t really canceled, you were blacklisted [emphasis added]. If you had a television show or a movie career, all of a sudden you didn’t have one.”

He sees what Elon Musk dubbed the “woke mind virus” as having an expiration date. It’s a “hardcore dictatorship” approach to culture that will be rejected by the masses at some point.

“There’s only so long the general population stands for that stuff before there’s some kind of revolt.”

He may be right, but the woke mindset still controls much of what’s seen in mainstream comedy. Institutions like Late-Night TV and “Saturday Night Live” still follow the unofficial woke playbook, eager not to offend those eager to leverage social media against free speech.

That leaves a sizable opening for rebel comics like Burr, Tyler Fischer, Ryan Long, Tim Dillon and Chrissie Mayr to tell the jokes others won’t. By doing so, they’re building an army of counter-culture fans along the way.

Old Dads | A Netflix Film From Director Bill Burr | Official Trailer | Netflix


  1. He’s right. However, as butt hurt as those on the Left get, if TV shows , music and/or movies with Left-wing “sensibilities” failed commercially, Lefties all over would throw a hissy fit, ESPECIALLY if those who did not like the stuff had even a peaceful protest.

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