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Woke Stephen King Mocked for ‘Marvels’ Defense

Horror guru questions reasons behind MCU flop, gets schooled by X users

Stephen King is no J.K. Rowling.

Both became rich and famous via their fantasy yarns. Their stories may be wildly different, but they transfixed generations with their rich characters and unforgettable thrills.

Culturally speaking, the two couldn’t be further apart.

King genuflects to the woke crowd, apologizing for saying talent should matter more than diversity when it comes to art. Rowling refuses to back down after sharing her opinions on the trans movement.

He went woke. She stood up for free expression.

JK Rowling ‘hounded and abused’ for transgender views: Piers Morgan

Now, King knows he must continue appeasing the far-Left mob lest it turn on him in a New York minute.

That explains why he ran to “The Marvels” defense on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. The latest MCU film bombed at the box office over the weekend, earning dramatically less than its predecessor and most Marvel titles.

Its $47 million haul stateside, combined with its tepid global take, will make it the lowest-performing MCU title … ever … without a miraculous word-of-mouth comeback.

Some right-leaning news sites and film fans alike trumpeted the news, which coaxed King to fire off this message.

It’s a common refrain. Whenever a mediocre (or worse) Comic-Con style project fails it’s always the fans’ fault. Remember how the Left and the media (but we repeat ourselves) reacted to the Lady Ghostbusters film?

King’s comment is merely a variation on that theme, ignoring the fact that “Barbie” remains the year’s highest-grossing film. And it had many “yucky girls” in it. So did recent hits like “Wonder Woman” and, of course, the 2019 “Captain Marvel” blockbuster.

“The Marvels” downfall is due to the MCU’s inability to build on its past success, reliance on “diversity” over grand storytelling and the loss of iconic characters like Iron Man and Captain America. Plus, the recent MCU films can’t match the glory of the first dozen or so entries.

Several X users hammered King for defending such a weak film in that manner.


The MCU and by extension, Disney seem less interested in pleasing the fans and more driven by diversity quotas and gender politics in recent years. That better explains why many are piling on “The Marvels,” not any teen boy rejection.

It’s not a quality film.

Plus, exit polling showed 65 percent of the people who actually saw the film over the weekend were men.


  1. No, Marvel Films are so far from the Comics that they might as well be another corporation altogether. The fun and thrill of all in color for a dime is lost on these ‘screenwriters’. It has nothing to do with misogyny or racism and all do do whith story and character. King knows the truth. He’s so radically different from the writer once published in Twilight Zone magazine as to be another person.

  2. The culture war is starting to shift. People are absolutely sick of all the diversity thrust in their face at every turn. Just about all new shows have a gay person in the first few scenes. And not just gay, but in your face gay, so that there is no misunderstanding on the part of the viewer that the character is, in fact, gay. It is also common to take a shot at the “white patriarchy” right out of the gate, or to give a nod to climate change.

    People are so done with all the woke nonsense.

      1. No matter how hard studios try, most straight people dislike gay scenes because they prefer heterosexual couples. That’s why they are straight and not gay to begin with. Repeatedly forcing gay scenes on straight people doesn’t change this, only increases the aversion to woke films.

  3. At this point I’m convinced that Marvel scripts, along with Stephen King novels, are written by AI.
    All hail the Panderverse!

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