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Woke Indiewire Hammered by Its Own Readers

Today’s film journalists do more than cover the latest movie news and reviews.

They routinely perform “woke” checks on esteemed directors, slam films deemed not diverse enough and avoid stories that put progressive stars in a nasty light.

On a certain level they must believe readers deserve nothing less. And, given recent comments aimed at, they could be sorely mistaken.Whatfinger News

The far-left film site offers comprehensive Hollywood coverage, from reviews to breaking news. The site also steers much of its coverage toward progressive groupthink.

And the site’s readers aren’t always happy with the tactic.

Take a recent feature on Netflix cancelling a number of original shows directed by women. Here’s the headline:

Netflix Has Canceled Eight Series From Women Creators in 2019 (So Far)

The story chronicles the various female-led shows given the ax by the streaming giant, including “The OA” and “Orange Is the New Black” (after eight seasons, mind you).

The OA: Part II | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Earlier this year, reports surfaced that streaming services are more likely than traditional networks to cancel original series after two or three seasons. Be it rising production costs due to front-loaded deals or decreased ease of accessibility for new audiences looking to start watching, the theory has proven out this year, with Netflix canceling a slew of short-run shows. But that seemingly impartial policy seems to affect a disproportionate number of women creators….

These figures serve as more of a warning sign than a call to action — Netflix remains committed to hiring women-run series — but it’s of note that the company has yet to achieve gender parity among creators overall.

The site shared its feature story on its Facebook page, drawing a large number of responses (to date: 295 comments). People generally opt in to receive a company’s Facebook updates because they enjoy the site in question, so the audiences is self-selecting to a degree.

Given that reality, the vast majority of Facebook readers didn’t embrace the site’s narrative. To be blunt, they rejected it outright.

John Davidsson: Them being women had nothing to do with it. Grow up.

Hakimo Brahim: Indiewire, please start talking about indie films. At least Netflix realised that even women can make bad series

Thomas Klein: So two thirds of the cancelled shows were “male” created?

Cameron McHarg: I can’t say for sure, but I’m fairly confident they didn’t check in for a XX or a XY chromosome before they made their business decisions.

PT Brownell: so if you are a woman, everything you do is amazing. reverse sexism much…

John Zanardelli: I’m really considering unfollowing IndieWire. This used to be about independent movies and not being concerned with getting more responses & reactions by stirring the outrage pot. This doesn’t even have anything to do with movies!!

Aurore Meilender: A shame Tuca and Bertie was cancelled (IMO), I found it fun and really different. Nevertheless, I’m afraid you’re feeding the masculinist troll with such a title for your article.

Cooper Fitch: I’m all for women created series, but 1/3 of cancelled being by women does not represent a majority and thus does not really strike me as an issue. I like indiewire, but that is not a stunning statistic that needs to be corrected.

Michael Lysaght: And this is what happens when activists masquerade as journalists…

Gary O’ Driscoll: As a film maker, a story teller, if you’re not making content that enough people want to watch. Then your sex and gender are irrelevant until someone tries to use them as an excuse to mask the fact that there wasn’t enough of an audience and/or interest in what you were making.

Deirdre Hayes: If they weren’t being watched, they weren’t being watched…

Dennis Brian: this site is becoming so PC it actually seems to hate everyone.

The article itself also drew a less fiery response. Still, several readers agreed with the Facebook complaints:

Ridiculous…now Netflix can’t cancel a series if it was created by a woman?

Terrible article. Not going to go in to detail because obviously this was lazily written with only an agenda in mind.

Corrected Headline: Netflix cancels a bunch of shows, mostly made by men, some by women and all because of reasons other than the gender of who made them.

The New York Times recently embarrassed itself by changing a factually correct headline to appease its far-left readers. Will Indiewire reconsider its woke posture should more readers complain?

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