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Yahoo! Shames Mumford & Sons Musician for Supporting Andy Ngo

The far-left outlet lies about the brave journalist doing the job the media won't do

Journalist Andy Ngo’s very existence shows Identity Politics is a big, fat lie.

Ngo is a gay Asian journalist. Neither his minority status or sexual preference earns him a molecule of defense from special interest groups. Nor does his work as a journalist, despite four years of fellow journalists insisting they were under attack by former President Donald Trump.

Ngo faces the kind of danger most journalists rarely, if ever, endure, and he’s got the medical history to prove it. He suffered a brain bleed after an Antifa member hit him with a concrete milkshake in 2019.

Conservative journalist attacked by Antifa protesters speaks out

He keeps on covering the violent sub culture, proving anew just how brave he is. His new book, “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy,” captures both his zeal for covering the real Antifa threat while shaming media outlets eager to avoid the truth behind Antifa.

Now, do a quick Google search to see how many groups have rallied to Ngo’s side over the last few years. It shouldn’t take long because none have done so.

The latest attack on Ngo, however, comes from a curious angle.

The far-left Yahoo! Entertainment shared the story, warping the truth in the process.

Winston Marshall, the banjoist and guitarist for the rock band Mumford & Sons, is fielding intense criticism after congratulating controversial conservative journalist Andy Ngo on his new book about the far-left anti-fascism movement known as antifa.

Marshall shared the cover of Ngo’s book along with a note of praise.

“Congratulations @MrAndyNgo,” Marshall said in his tweet, which he deleted Sunday afternoon. “Finally had the time to read your important book. You’re a brave man.”

He eventually deleted the Tweet after an avalanche of hate ensued from the far-Left. Here’s how Yahoo! describes Ngo’s work and back story.

Ngo, a vocal antifa critic who has been described as a right-wing agitator and provocateur, rose to fame in 2019 after being attacked at a Proud Boys rally; Ngo claimed a milkshake thrown at him by Antifa activists was filled with concrete.

Who described Ngo that way? Does covering an event count as being provocative or antagonizing? Has anyone disputed it was an Antifa attack that caused the attack? Why no mention of Ngo being hospitalized or the severity of the injury?

Andy Ngo reveals brain hemorrhage diagnosis after Antifa protest

It took this journalist less than a minute to find video of Ngo being physically assaulted by Antifa thugs dressed in black. Does the Yahoo! Entertainment reporter lack a YouTube app on his or her phone? You can see the black eye Ngo suffered following the assault in this screen shot.

Could Yahoo! spare a syllable about Antifa’s violent nature for better context? Better yet, how many other journalists are risking their lives to cover a mob-like group that destroys property, and attacks strangers and journalists alike, across the country?

Perhaps a book by the foremost authority on Antifa is worth something in today’s day and age?

Civil Rights Commission refuses to condemn Antifa violence

Instead, the article’s angle is meant to shame Marshall and make sure no one else dares to defend Ngo. It’s pure bullying, journalism style.

The article, a small but effective part of Cancel Culture, later shames Marshall’s band for daring to pose with Canadian professor Jordan Peterson.

While Marshall, didn’t elaborate on whether his political views are in line with Ngo’s [emphasis added], this isn’t the first time the band has been called out. Back in 2018, Marshall and his bandmates received criticism when they posed for a photo in a music studio alongside Canadian professor and YouTube personality Jordan Peterson, NME previously reported. Peterson is known for rallying against causes ranging from “social justice warriors” and women’s rights to people choosing their own pronouns.

Peterson’s penchant for defending free speech (he doesn’t want the government to enforce personal pronoun use) and empowering young men to take charge of their lives makes him the Left’s bogeyman. That means outlets like Yahoo! view him with suspicion, at best.

The message here is clear.

You WILL think the way the media wants you to think or prepare to have unflattering articles written about you. Marshall found that out the hard way. By deleting the Tweet in question he made Cancel Culture a little stronger, a bit more bold.

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