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Why That DailyWire+, Angel Studios Partnership Matters

Two rising platforms follow Andrew Breitbart's playbook for 'Sound of Hope'

Andrew Breitbart had a knack for working around the culture’s liberal biases.

He created Big Hollywood, the first major web site covering entertainment from a right-of-center perspective. He also rolled out the 2009 Acorn investigative series in a curious fashion.

Journalist James O’Keefe’s unconventional work exposed the rot within the progressive program.

To maximize the investigation’s reach, Breitbart and O’Keefe shared scoops with right-leaning platforms. That gave the revelations more exposure than they might have otherwise received.

DailyWire+ and Angel Studios may be taking a page from the media mogul’s playbook.

The two have announced a partnership tied to the upcoming Angel Studios’ drama “Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot.” The fact-based film, opening July 4, follows Donna and Reverend Martin and their heroic efforts to find homes for troubled children.

It’s perfectly in line with Angel Studio’s core philosophy – amplify light. And it could be a summer sleeper following on the heels of the studio’s 2023 blockbuster “Sound of Freedom.”

If so, they’ll have some help from DailyWire+

The conservative streaming platform is teaming with Angel Studios to spread the word about “Possum Trot.” It’s the first collaboration between the two emerging players, and it’s hard not to envision more partnerships moving forward.

Sound Of Hope: The Story Of Possum Trot | Official Trailer | Angel Studios

“We are thrilled to partner with Angel Studios, a company that not only shares our commitment to creating impactful and meaningful entertainment but also excels in doing so,” said Jeremy Boreing, co-founder and co-CEO of The Daily Wire in a statement. “Speaking as the father of an adopted daughter myself, ‘Sound of Hope’ is truly inspirational. We know it will resonate deeply with our audience – and far beyond – and has the power to make a true cultural impact for kids and families in crisis. We want millions to see this film.”

The partnership speaks to a problem impacting much of conservative-leaning media. Platforms too often don’t spread the word about projects made outside their ecosystem.

If Conservative Outlet A produces a documentary on a Red State-friendly subject, it’s no guarantee other conservative outlets will report on it.

Compare that to the reaction left-leaning projects receive in the mainstream press. Most get near-universal coverage. Can you imagine if “The Apprentice,” the anti-Trump biopic, hits theaters later this year? Every Hollywood news outlet will give it wall-to-wall coverage.

If Michael Moore picks up his camera again, chances are he’ll get all the media attention he needs.

Conservatives lack that kind of unified front. That attitude may be changing, and the timing couldn’t be better.

The Time Has Come for Conservatives to BREAK THROUGH

The Daily Wire recently dedicated sizable resources to content that appeals to its readership.

The Blaze is moving in that direction, too, distributing feature-length comedies and video podcasts brimming with cutting-edge humor.

The Daily Caller is creating documentaries to tackle subjects mainstream directors won’t touch. Other right-leaning outlets are also joining the content creation game.

The Angel Studios/DailyWire+ partnership may be short-lived. Time will tell if the deal works well for both parties in the short term.

It’s still a sign that winning Culture War fights requires more than money, hustle and ambition. It demands alliances.

Editor’s Note: This reporter is a contributor to both The Blaze and The Daily Wire.

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