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WaPo Blistered Over Woke ‘Fast Car’ Spin

Biased paper whines as Tracy Chapman's single is reborn as country smash

Woke may be a new movement, but it already has hard and fast rules.

Like, you can never be woke enough. Celebrities and films have learned that the hard way. Just ask Amy Schumer. Or Team Disney.

Another woke truism? You must ignore past achievements to prop up current woke bromides. Jennifer Lawrence embarrassed herself when she said she was the first female action hero, courtesy of the “Hunger Games” franchise.

Ellen Ripley, Princess Leia and many others begged to differ. The Oscar winner swiftly backpedaled.

Now, The Washington Post is getting into the act.

The far-Left newspaper is outraged that Tracy Chapman’s 1988 smash single “Fast Car” has been reborn as a country sensation by Luke Combs.

“As Luke Combs’s hit cover of Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’ dominates the country charts, it’s bringing up some complicated emotions in fans & singers who know that Chapman, as a queer Black woman, would have an almost zero chance at that achievement herself.”

The angle is a not-too-obvious attack on country music, a genre the press loathes and attacks when it can. The same Washington Post did just that two years ago.

Luke Combs - Fast Car (HQ)

It also explains why the woke mob, aided and abetted by the media, did all it could to cancel Morgan Wallen last year after he uttered the “n-word” in private and not against a black person.

(The same mob looked away when Hunter Biden did far worse)

That effort ultimately failed, but Wallen’s career came to a screeching halt for a spell.


The WaPo messaging is clear. Country music fans are too racist and ignorant to embrace the song had Chapman herself made it into a country ditty. Plus, Chapman is a victim because she’s both black and a lesbian.

Twitter users didn’t hold back regarding the WaPo article.

Yet the singer-songwriter doesn’t exactly sound like a victim. Instead, she’s thrilled to watch her classic song find new life in another music genre.

“I never expected to find myself on the country charts, but I’m honored to be there,” Chapman tells Billboard in an exclusive statement. “I’m happy for Luke and his success and grateful that new fans have found and embraced ‘Fast Car.’”

Oh, and she’s cashing in on the song’s resurgence. As well she should.

Best of all, Chapman’s initial fame came at a time when fans didn’t care about her skin color or sexuality. They loved the song, its melancholy spirit and how unique it was in the sonic landscape of the era.

Tracy Chapman - Fast Car (Live)

TMZ, of all news sources, summed up the issue best.

Carry on, folks … nothing to see here.

Yet what the WaPo attempted, trying to divide us along race and gender lines, shouldn’t be forgotten.


  1. What a dishonest article you have written. Not only do you not address the crux of the issue raised in the original WaPo article, but you intentionally misquoted the journalist. The sentence you quoted does not end with the words “…would have an almost zero chance at that achievement herself.” In fact, you placed that tricky period right before the very important words “in country music.”, which actually appear at end of the original sentence you chose to misquote. What an obvious attempt to circumvent the entire discussion about country music which was the point of the WaPo article, and not as you suggest: the success Chapman enjoyed in other genres or the issue of wokeness. I, too, had a problem with the original WaPo article because of its poor concept of journalism. You had an opportunity to either rebuff her claims about country music, provide evidence to show her take was misguided, or simply disagree with her assessment entirely for whatever reason you chose. However, you chose not only to misquote her, but what your publication did was follow suit with its own poor journalism. It isn’t the first time, and will not be the last because you have decided your readers would rather be right then informed. You are no better, and have joined the ranks of WaPo in deceptive journalistic practices to further a narrative that doesn’t exist, but “sells” papers.

  2. As much as the woke crowd is celebrating Tracy Chapman for being Black, she has not exactly been a staple on R & B radio. In fact, if people were to listen to her music and not know how she looked, it would be easy to think she was NOT Black. In fact, even before our coddling of Lefties in show business, Black singers were often NOT signed to record deals and/or told to(if it is more a matter of how it was worded) to put out “authentically Black” music. Black record execs, from what I’ve read, are the WORST when it comes to refusing to work with Black singers that don’t appeal to R & B fans.

  3. This article defines what Woke means and it definitely defines the Left’s concept of social justice. Non white and not country music. While the RIGHT just thinks it’s a good song.

    1. The critics? How I hate the critics. How can I hate the mentality challenged, the brain dead and morally deficient?

  4. I didn’t care back then if a singer/band was [fill in your victim card adjective here], and still couldn’t care less. Whiners divide, great music unites.

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