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Morgan Wallen Crushes Media, Cancel Culture with Shocking Music Win

The country superstar did much more than conquer the album charts in 2021

Morgan Wallen said a word that’s no longer allowed to be spoken in society (unless your name is Hunter Biden, then all is forgiven).

For that, the country sensation suffered a humiliating blow to his music career. Several, actually.

  • His record label suspended him
  • iHeartMedia yanked his songs from the massive platform
  • Cumulus Media did the same, as did Pandora and SiriusXM
  • CMT canceled his music
  • The Country Music Awards disinvited him from its annual showcase

Wallen immediately apologized for using the “n-word” in a private conversation captured on video and shared for all to see and hear.

His apology tour didn’t stop there.

He donated $500,000 to various black causes. He admitted himself into a rehab facility and shuttered his upcoming concert tour. And yet it wasn’t enough for either Cancel Culture or the media outlets that fuel it.

Reporters suggested his punishment needed to continue, with no apparent end in sight. What good is Cancel Culture, they said, if the targets aren’t permanently canceled?

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Wallen finally emerged from his self-imposed hiatus toward the end of 2021. And, we’re just learning, his record sales boomed during his tumultuous year. He crushed 2021 by having the number one selling album of the year, “Dangerous: The Double Album.” 

The release beat out stiff competition from Adele, Drake and Olivia Rodrigo.

That’s not all, though.

The far-Left Variety reports Wallen now sits atop the Hip-Hop music charts thanks to “Broadway Girls.”

The track, teaming Wallen with rapper Lil Durk, needed roughly a week to climb Billboard’s R&B/hip-hop charts. And Wallen’s hip-hop connections aren’t over. 

Lil Durk - Broadway Girls feat. Morgan Wallen - (Official Music Video)

He just appeared with Druski, a black comic, on a Clubhouse talk show. The conversation avoided the “n-word” incident and focused on music, future hip-hop collaborations and small talk.

The black community should be the angriest about Wallen’s use of the “n-word,” to state the obvious. That his latest song soared up the R&B/Hip-Hop charts, which routinely features artists of color and boasts a diverse fan base, speaks volumes for how Wallen was treated during the past year.

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The superstar didn’t hurt anyone, mislead the public or hurl that awful word against a black person. The punishment did not remotely fit the crime, and many Americans from all races and creeds felt he had suffered enough.

They showed it by continuing to buy his albums and salute his cross-over efforts. It’s similar to seeing disgraced comic Louis C.K. get a rapturous reception during his latest stand-up special. Yes, what the comedian did was vile and disgusting. At what point, though, does he get to live his life again?

Wallen’s end of year comeback gave Cancel Culture, and the reporters who adore it, a big black eye.

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