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‘View’ Hosts Take Bold Stand Against … Free Speech

There’s a reason Meghan McCain causes a ruckus on “The View.”

Sure, being the only conservative on a show dominated by far-left talkers is part of it. McCain’s ability to bring facts and figures to the table, while avoiding conspiracy blather and hate, has made her an indispensable part of the program.

And the ratings prove it.Whatfinger News

She’s still just one voice at the “View” table. This week, the show beclowned itself in ways even McCain couldn’t save.

Or, to be blunt, didn’t bother to try.

The subject, of course, involved President Donald Trump’s nativist Tweet aimed at “The Squad,” the four cartoonishly progressive congresswoman who dominate the news cycle.

Trump Tweeted they should go back home, fix their respective nations, and then come back and show us how it’s done stateside.

It could be his most ill-advised Tweet to date, even if it helped highlight the quartet’s deep anti-American roots.

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“View” host Whoopi Goldberg couldn’t contain her anger about the comments.

“What he’s doing is possibly inviting violence toward these women, and women who are saying, ‘This is wrong, I don’t like this.’ This involves every female in this country,” Goldberg argued, spiffying up the quartet’s anti-Semitism and anti-American rants.

Her colleague, Joy Behar, took the argument to a surreal level.

“Why can’t he be brought up on charges of hate speech? Why can’t he be sued by the ACLU for hate speech? I don’t get it,” Behar said.

No one objected to Behar’s absurd statement. Here’s stating the obvious:

Hate speech” is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution. Yelling for Omar to go back to Somalia (or to be forcibly sent to Somalia) is gross, but falls under free speech protections as an opinion. In the event we did have laws against “hate speech,” they’d be enforced by the government, not by the ACLU.

Co-host Sunny Hostin whispers something to Behar following her comments. Even upon multiple rewinds, the whispers are impossible to hear. The hosts then play a clip of Rep. Rashida Tlaib suggesting women of color need special protection against criticism.

You’d think a sane talk show would pounce on that sentiment. Not “The View.” McCain hints at the core problem with Tlaib’s lament, but the conversation quickly drifts away.

Some notes:

  • McCain doesn’t inform the clueless Behar that “hate speech” doesn’t technically exist in legal terms. Free speech does, and it allows for Nazis to march in the streets if they follow the right regulations. That’s America, not the college campus version that says “hate speech” hurts feelings and must be silenced.
  • It’s possible Hostin tried to inform Behar of a truth every American should know about “hate speech.” If so, she did it a cowardly fashion, whispering so as we couldn’t even hear her comments.
  • Goldberg is trying to insulate the Squad against criticism. It’s one thing to attack Trump’s ugly Tweet. It’s another to say harsh critiques invite violence. What about calling every other Republican, from Trump to his voters, Nazis?
  • But … if you want to follow that dangerous line of thinking involving harsh comments, why not shred the Squad for comparing immigration detention centers to “concentration camps?” That language inspired an Antifa member to take up arms against an ICE facility a few days ago.

Here’s more background on that attack, one the media barely covered:

In the early hours on Saturday, police in Tacoma, Wash., rushed to the local Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility. An armed man was firebombing the building and nearby vehicles. Police killed him in a shootout after he attempted to set off a large propane tank connected to the facility. Antifa social media accounts subsequently identified their fallen “comrade” as Willem Van Spronsen.

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