Tyler Fischer Feasts on Smart Comedy Crowds

'Lady Ballers' star draws fans leery of mainstream media lies

Comedian Tyler Fischer rocked Denver Sunday night, no thanks to the corporate press.

Fischer forged his fame not from late-night TV or fawning media profiles. He went straight to the public, building a fan base from his social media posts, podcasts and YouTube clips.

Dr. Fauci explains why you need MORE shots

That not only filled the Denver Improv over the weekend and forced a second show to be added, it proved there’s an audience beyond the media’s sightlines.

Fischer’s material leaned heavily on crowd work, but throughout the blistering set he returned to themes that might strike some audiences as funny.

Not “ha ha” funny. Just … unfamiliar.

One example? He tackled a news story the press downplayed about a planned AIDS memorial shaped like a rectal aperture. He also mocked Dr. Anthony Fauci, the pandemic advisor considered a God-like figure for those weaned on mainstream media.

Anyone who has a broader news perspective knows how duplicitous Dr. Fauci has been over the past four years.


Another example?

Fischer mocked President Joe Biden’s tone-deaf response to the horrific Hawaiian wildfires that killed nearly 100 people and devastated many communities. President Biden summoned his own fire disaster, a kitchen blaze that was easily extinguished, to say he felt their pain.

It’s one of many Biden-adjacent stories the press either ignored or dismissed. The same held for late-night comedians.

Not Fischer.

The “Lady Ballers” star spent considerable time on his dating woes, focusing on his height-challenged status and first dates with what he dubbed angry feminists. He also mocked airlines for letting passengers snack on peanuts during the COVID-19 pandemic while forcing them to mask up between bites.

The virus, he said, obviously takes a knee during snack time.



The comic also noted the rising crime rates sparked by the Defund the Police movement, asking “Do you guys have cops here [in Denver]?” The press won’t connect those essential dots. This crowd knew the score, though.

The comic broke out some of his signature impressions later in the show, from spot-on takes of Owen Wilson and Adam Sandler to dueling presidents.

Think Trump and Biden.

Donald Trump Live vs. Joe Biden Live Tyler Fischer Comedy

Trump talks in measured tones before ramping up the volume, the comedian noted. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden starts strong before resorting to a creepy, incomprehensible whisper.

The Biden bits hit hardest, in part because the Commander in Chief is suffering from the ravages of age. The media can’t completely cover it up, not with Elon Musk’s X allowing people to share clips of Biden’s tragic decline.

Fischer pantomimed Biden attempting to leave a stage, any stage, the kind of viral clips the media refuses to broadcast.

The Denver crowd knew them all too well and howled at the shtick.

Fischer occasionally marveled at the sorry state of the union, from the baked-in racism found in DEI policies to pandering to black Americans in humiliating fashion. He caught himself several times, eager to avoid the kind of “clapter” material that has made late-night television such a bore.

“It’s turning into a TED Talk,” he told himself at one point, hitting the brakes on his banter.

A casual observer might think Fischer’s politics lean to the Right, that he’s just another part of the MAGA movement.


Fischer’s Denver appearance wasn’t political. If anything, he stands on the common sense side of the Culture Wars. Judging by the raucous welcome he received in the Mile High City he’s far from alone.

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