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Tyler Fischer, Joe Rogan Take Turns Shredding Dr. Fauci

Comedians punished for defying pandemic groupthink have last laugh

No one imitates Dr. Anthony Fauci quite like comedian Tyler Fischer.

The “Lady Ballers” star went viral during the pandemic with his Fauci-isms. They proved good for business, even if some social media platforms didn’t take kindly to the ribbing.

The comic isn’t willing to forgive and forget what Team Fauci did to both him and the country he calls home. Nor is podcast giant Joe Rogan.

Fischer told “The Joe Rogan Experience” host this week how extreme pandemic rules took a toll on his personally and professionally.

Rogan could relate.

Corporate media savaged the Spotify superstar for taking Ivermectin as part of his doctor’s recommended treatment when he contracted the virus. Journalists lied about the medicine, inaccurately dubbing it “horse paste.”

Rogan claimed CNN darkened Rogan’s skin to suggest he was sicker than he let on.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta joined the Fake News chorus, only to later admit to Rogan’s face that he was wrong.

Now, Fischer is sharing what he went through during the early days of the pandemic.

Joe Rogan Experience #2168 - Tyler Fischer

Fischer told “The Joe Rogan Experience” host the toll the government’s COVID-19 response had on him.

He refused to take the vaccine, for starters. He was young, healthy and had natural immunity from a previous infection.

He paid dearly for the decision.

“I couldn’t take part in society. That was a fun little experiment that we’re just gonna pretend never happened,” Fischer said of the draconian measures taken during the pandemic.

Get the shot or get fired.

“We had segregation in this country based on medicine, and then we’re back to pretending like it never f***ing happened,” Fischer said.

The pair then discussed the leaked conversations tied to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the point man in the nation’s pandemic response during the Trump and Biden presidencies.

“They’ll drop their ideological bulls*** when they can’t work,” Rogan said, quoting Dr. Fauci in the damning tapes. “Imagine saying that about people’s jobs, that you’re gonna force them to make a decision with their own body … and as a doctor you know some people are allergic to some of the components [in the vaccine].”

The podcaster mentioned New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers as just one example.

“And some people have immune systems that work pretty well, and you don’t have to start jabbing them with experimental stuff,” Fischer added.


Rogan wouldn’t let the matter go.

“So many people are still defending [the extreme precautions] because they defended it previously. They’re not defending it from a position of objectivity,” Rogan said. “They’re defending it from this weird place of, ‘I defended it three years ago and I shamed people three years ago. We were right. They were wrong. It saved millions.’ There’s no way to tell [how many lives were saved].”

Fischer refused to follow the new rules, and he paid a steep price.

“When I decided not to get the vaccine I lost almost every friend, every job, and was called a far-right Trump supporter. I thought, ‘We’ve never done this before,'” Fischer said.

He then teased Trump for the speed of the vaccine’s approval, another pandemic detail often overlooked.

“Trump’s really good at pushing things through regulations very fast… remember Warp Speed, Joe?” Fischer asked the host, slipping into his impeccable Trump impression.

“He’s bragging about how quick he did it. I’m not gonna get that [vaccine]. I’m young. I’m healthy. I had COVID. I have natural immunity,” Fischer told “The Joe Rogan Experience” host.

“Why risk that?” Fischer asked.

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  1. The discussion SHOULD be about JAILING FAUCI for causing the death of millions by DIRECTLY FUNDING GAIN OF FUNCTION RESEARCH which literally created the pandemic. Any other discussion is stupid and not worth listening to.

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