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Netflix Promotes Comedy Special with Trump Assassination Jokes

Comic Andrew Santino's extreme anti-Trump routine greets subscribers

Netflix has a funny way of promoting its comedy specials.

The streaming giant doesn’t always offer its stand-up hours to reviewers for pre-release coverage. The company also limits the number of pre-approved “stills” provided to journalists for various one-hour events.

Netflix’s latest move, though, is a head-scratcher.

The company recently released “Andrew Santino: Cheeseburger.” The comedy special from the Left-leaning comic touches on Climate Change, free speech and his disdain for politicians.

Pretty standard stuff.

Andrew Santino's Prostate Exam | Andrew Santino: Cheeseburger | Netflix

Netflix subscribers know that when they scroll through its lineup they get short teasers of the content in question. If your cursor lands on “Glass Onion,” for example, you’ll get a short scene with co-star Dave Bautista firing a gun into the sky to the shock of his fellow guests.

When subscribers let their cursor hover on the rectangular tile for “Cheeseburger,” here’s what they get.

“I was shocked Trump lasted four years. Four years was wild to me. And nobody, you know, nobody,” he says, his voice trailing off as the audience begins to titter.

“Nobody?” he asks while making a gun-like gesture with his hand and making the sound of a gun going off.

“Not once? I’m not advocating for killing a president, but we used to try,” he adds. 

Santino’s bit is clearly in the realm of comedy, and therefore deserves a vigorous defense. It’s also different than what Johnny Depp infamously said at the Glastonbury Festival in 2017 about President Donald Trump.

“When was the last time an actor assassinated a president? I want to qualify, I am not an actor. I lie for a living … however, it has been a while and maybe it is time.”

Depp later apologized, alleging the comments were said in jest.

Johnny Depp Under Fire For President Trump Assassination Comments | TODAY


Other celebrities have also wished death on Trump in a serious fashion, including Charlie Sheen and Joss Whedon.

It’s still a curious way to promote Santino’s special. For starters, the comedian isn’t a far-Left type a la Marc Maron, Stephen Colbert or Margaret Cho. He’s no conservative, but his approach is more measured and able to attract a wider audience.

Plus, the snippet might scare off liberal subscribers exhausted by Trump Derangement gags at this point.


Netflix deserves plenty of credit for standing up for free speech in recent months. The streamer stood by Dave Chappelle after a relentless Cancel Culture attack for telling jokes deemed “anti-trans.”

The streamer also produced irreverent specials from Bill Burr, Tim Dillon and Ricky Gervais. Those comics shared jokes many now deem off-limits.

Whoever chose that Santino snippet out of the hour-long “Cheeseburger” may be doing the company more marketing harm than good.


  1. at the end of the day, he’s just not that funny. THIS is what it boils down to.

    I don’t care if he makes Trump, Biden, or otherwise kinds of jokes but for the LOVE OF GOD be funny! You’re a COMEDIAN after all.

    But he is not. We watched the entire thing.

    He’s just a millennial jokester.

  2. I have a complimentary subscription with Netflix through t mobile…I rarely use it and I will not subscribe at the end. I lived my life without Disney, HBO and the rest. you can too…

  3. And if the preview didn’t dissuade you from watching the first few minutes will. Basically he calls vaccine skeptics dumb…..even as the vaccines are coming under fire from around the world. And in the same breath he calls himself a CONTRARIAN Ha Ha that made me laugh but I don’t think he intended it to be a joke. I thought I’d come back to it but after reading this…I’m done.

    1. Yeah. People are dropping dead from the vaccine daily and as a comedian Santino is just a big turd. Making an assassination comment about Trump the way he did should get him life in prison as he is more or less promoting it. Trump had America in pretty good shape and ole Joe Biden is destroying it. There are not many good comedians around and people should stop supporting these wantabes.

  4. I wonder if those who take up Netflix on their offer to view this will do so because they believe comments like that are somehow or other amusing – or because it validates the seething rage they live with 24/7 in their belief that Trump is the anti-Christ incarnate. (of course, they’re pretty much all atheists from the cult Rock Fairy Religion Of Atheism, so anti-Christ may not apply).

    I also wonder if this alleged comedian had substituted similar comments wondering how Biden is still alive over his performance the last two years with Afghanistan, etc… if Netflix would have similarly found that funny enough offer to their viewers?

    My guess is they wouldn’t have. And my guess is this will have the same success as that of the failing late night comedians whose ratings continue to fall each month as they continue attempting to present political activism as comedy.

    Given that they can’t learn from Dave Chappelle’s success… one would assume the majority of these alleged comedians are not all that bright. At least not bright enough to figure out that at least half their audience doesn’t find this funny at all. And nothing like turning off half your potential audience to show you have a plan for success.

  5. Netflix? Never heard of that. Are they the dummies that had the obama’s stealing money & lying about everything?

  6. It’s OK if the left makes assassination jokes about people on the right because, like, people on the left are nice and care about people and want to give them free candy and, like, people on the right are mean and don’t care about people and want everyone to suffer and die except for rich old white men.

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