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Tom MacDonald’s ‘Your America’: Destructive Ideologies Come from the Left

Rapper re-teams with Adam Calhoun for right-leaning, hard-charging anthem

Sounds like Tom MacDonald has finally picked a side.

The anti-woke rapper’s songs blast woke culture, divisive media outlets and attempts to reign in free speech. That’s all catnip for conservatives, but the rapper often takes a bipartisan approach to his lyrics.

The media and politicians are trying to divide America, and he wants no part of it. That philosophy may have reached its expiration date.

“Your America,” the follow-up to the incendiary “American Flags,” once again teams MadDonald with Adam Calhoun. The rebel singers turn down the heat from their previous collaboration, to a degree, for a slower number that ticks off plenty of hot-button issues.

  • Speech suppression
  • Drag queens
  • Pronouns
  • Second Amendment

The latter offers a connection to “Flags,” the most hard-charging track of the rapper’s still-young career.

The song brings up the two political parties, suggesting one may be imperfect but the other is hurting the country.


Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun - "Your America"


The lyrics speak for themselves:

[Tom MacDonald]

Y’all been filling up our classrooms with drag queens for kids
We think its not appropriate, you tell us that it is
The complexities of gender and children won’t ever mix
When there’s school shootings by women who’s pronouns are him/his

I’m not republican but keep it a hundred, they makin’ sense
The most destructive ideologies are comin’ from Left [emphasis added]
I think black lives matter, they think white lives matter less
And LGBTQ turned into WTF

Dear democrats I don’t have nothin’ against the liberal
But the people representing you are communist and criminals
They been startin’ World War III, we shippin’ missiles still
They don’t want America great, they want it miserable

You can try to burn down the city, scream at the top of your lungs till you’re dizzy
You can cancel everything and everybody in it, but it’s not your America

[Adam Calhoun:]

You can burn the flag, get aggressive
You can wear a mask and pretend you’re progressive
I got my First Amendment, don’t forget I got the second

The former president got arrested, the current one lost but I guess he got elected
Kids get molested, pedophiles all get protected
And you can kill a baby anytime if you pregnant
People so weak, feel free to take a knee
And you can’t even speak, God forbid you disagree
I don’t even know what virtue signaling means
Young men used to fight wars, now they make memes
Divide us up, I’m pretty sure that’s the plan
Got a gun in my hand for when s*** hits the fan
And how the f*** the woman of the year is a man?
I’m pretty sure I’ll never really understand

[Tom MacDonald]

You told us we been spreadin’ lies
But you believe the truth is on the news every night
You told us we gotta stop the fightin’
But you’re the ones who keep the country angry and divided
You told us we’re crazier than you
But all of our conspiracy theories are comin’ true

You can try to burn down the city, scream at the top of your lungs till you’re dizzy
You can cancel everything and everybody in it, but it’s not your America

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