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Tom Arnold Attacks Melania Trump in Grossest Way Possible

Comic actor Tom Arnold dedicated an entire TV show to taking down President Donald Trump.

No spoiler alert required: Arnold’s “The Hunt for the Trump Tapes” on Viceland didn’t get the job done. The show itself lasted just one season.

Still, the “Roseanne” alum remains one of the most ardent anti-Trump voices in Hollywood, even if his career can’t Whatfinger Newsquite match the fire from fellow Trump critics Rob Reiner, Robert De Niro and Mark Ruffalo (to name a few).

The aforementioned names routinely savage both President Trump and his administration. Still, they generally avoid targeting First Lady Melania Trump.

Even professional comics tread carefully when it comes to First Ladies, past and present. It’s a cultural sign of respect, plus an acknowledgement that these wives avoid nasty partisan battles.

The previous First Lady, Michelle Obama did just that for two terms.

So what Arnold Tweeted earlier today is both shocking and wildly out of bounds by societal norms. [Caution: adult language ahead]

tom arnold Melania Trump

This isn’t the first time Arnold used Twitter to toxic effect. He previously suggested Justice Brett Kavanaugh molested children without a scrap of evidence. He also told black conservative activist and talk show host Candace Owens to “suck racist d***.” says Arnold has three projects in pre-production now. Will any of those film companies cut ties with Arnold in grand Cancel Culture fashion?

Remember, had he slammed First Lady Michelle Obama like he did the current First Lady his Apology Tour would last for months, if not years.

That’s assuming he’d ever work again.


  1. There will no longer be a “rules for thee, but not for me” system allowed. Henceforth, it is not only acceptable, but expected that we get to return the favor by slandering and smearing wives and children of candidates and office holders (not to mention well-known public figures), and then defend them as “jokes”.

    Democrats must cheer to find that Trump is insinuating undercover agents into his opponent’s political campaigns. The media must, of course, defend Trump’s actions as “keeping our elections pure”.

    Any Democrat office holder in the future will be impeached for daring to refuse Congress’ slightest whim, precedents from previous administrations meaning nothing.

    No Democrat policy will be allowed to stand unless and until they can convince EVERY SINGLE JUDGE in the Federal Judiciary (just under 300 at last count), as it only takes one to put a stop to any order issued by the President and issue a nationwide injunction.

    Any accusation against a Democrat must be immediately believed, no matter how flimsy the evidence, and a total lack of evidence merely means that not enough investigations were done, it does not alter the “accusation=guilty beyond any doubt whatsoever” equation in any way, even if exculpatory evidence appears.

    Of course, since none of this will happen, I am still predicting a Second Civil War, exactly like the last time Democrats thought that they had the right to own the labor output of others. Keep your powder dry!

  2. Arnold spoke up because he needs an acting gig, and acting like a Hollyweird pig is the best way to get their attention. Except for him it isn’t an act; he really IS a Hollyweird pig.

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