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Tim Robbins Blasts ‘Discriminatory’ Hollywood Vaccine Mandates

Far-Left 'Bull Durham' star demands actors guilds lift pandemic restrictions

Tim Robbins got political before it was all but mandatory in Hollywood.

The veteran star of “Bull Durham” and “The Player” raged against President George W. Bush in the 2000s and has created progressive art for decades.

Think his directorial masterpiece, “Dead Man Walking” as well as subsequent plays including an adaptation of George Orwell’s “1984.”

Dead Man Walking Official Trailer #2 - R. Lee Ermey Movie (1995) HD

So many would expect Robbins to fall in with his liberal colleagues when it comes to COVID-19 restrictions, particularly vaccine mandates.

Those rules enjoy heavy support on the Left even after we’ve learned of the medicine’s limitations.

And you’d be wrong.


Robbins shared a blistering Tweet this week attacking a status quo which prevented many actors from working during the pandemic. Clifton Duncan is the most glaring example. His refusal to get the vaccine literally cost him his entertainment career.

Robbins is on Team Duncan, apparently.

We don’t know if Robbins got the vaccine and/or the boosters, but he’s using the CDC’s updated recommendations to demand Hollywood stop “marginalizing” actors who never got the shot.

It remains to be seen if other actors will take up Robbins’ cause.

Duncan, for one, appreciates the support from a celebrated colleague.


  1. I’m no fan of Robbins. But, he’s been pretty consistent on his views over the years. And he equally criticizes both sides on the military, wars, etc. You just don’t hear about it when a Dem is President because it’s not useful at that moment.

  2. I just heard that 2 people tested positive on set fully vaccinated and were sent home.
    The production was not shut down. They were tested on Friday and worked Monday.
    There is something completely out of whack, unvaccinated people can’t work even though they comply to get tested.

  3. That’s all well and good….but where was Robbins in the midst of the antivax witch hunts? This reminds me of the scene from Beverly Hills Cop when Eddie Murphy takes down the bad guys, whereupon Judge Reinhold jumps out from behind the bushes, shouting “You’re under arrest!” Robbins is getting credit for the antivaxxers’ sacrifice. You’re welcome, Robbins.

  4. Was he making the same noise when the mandates first came into play? If not, then who cares what the coward says now?

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