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Tim Dillon Destroys Media for Protecting Clinton From Epstein Files

Rebel comic's rant against corrupt press is funny, bold and accurate

Today’s fact checkers care more about protecting Democrats than speaking truth to power.

August wire services like The Associated Press are now as comically biased as The New York Times or The Washington Post.

The late-night comedians charged with speaking truth to power are too busy cozying up the power to sound the alarm.

People are noticing how low journalism has fallen, a group that includes comic podcaster Tim Dillon. 

The rebellious Dillon opened his latest episode with a rant for the ages against both media bias and sheer incompetence.

The topic?

How the media covered new allegations tied to the late Jeffrey Epstein. Reporters spoke from the same talking points, protecting former President Bill Clinton from any possible wrongdoing tied to the Epstein scandal despite his name appearing in the recent Epstein case link again and again and again.

More than 50 times, to be accurate. And that doesn’t include a line in the files noting that the former President liked his girls “young.”

How did the media react to a prominent Democrat’s ties to the scandal? Nothing to see here. Move along.

Not Dillon.

Names On Paper | The Tim Dillon Show #376

He started the episode by playing a clip from the “good people at NBC” and their Epstein coverage.

“None of this, obviously, suggests any wrongdoing by the former president [Bill Clinton],” the reporter says.

“It’s very important that NBC and all the other news networks that we know and trust, come out and first and foremost defend the honor of the man who’s mentioned 50 times in the human trafficking docs. Who will do it, if not NBC?” Dillon said.

“Being friends with the human trafficker, being on the plane of the human trafficker, having the human trafficker’s friend at the wedding … it just happens,” Dillon said.

He paraphrased former MSNBC star Chris Matthew who tried to shoo away any suggestion that the former president behaved badly.

“It’s a ’90s movie mixup where you end up on a plane with a human trafficker at an island where they’re having sex orgies with children  … you weren’t supposed to be there, you just needed a ride. It was ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’ starring the ex-President of the United States and a bunch of 15-year-olds.

“This is a level of gaslighting that is almost impressive.”

Dillon then compared how the news media would cover the allegations had Donald Trump been prominently mentioned.

“If Donald Trump inflates the price of a condo by 80 grand he should be given the death penalty,” the comedian cracked, referring to a New York case still pending against the former president. “But NBC is letting us know that … none of this is that big of a deal.”

His war on the press raged on.

“This is the same group of people that if somebody at Mar-a-Lago had a meeting with a guy whose brother knew a guy who went to Russia and met Putin and shook his hand … the labyrinth of connections that were being used to justify this idea that the RussiaGate thing was real … this was the same media that was coming up with the Steele Dossier and the piss tape, all these weird conspiracies that were held together by essentially nothing, conjecture and downright lies … they’re now telling you that actual, credible, genuine evidence, documents from a court, don’t really suggest anything.

“By the way, they’re not gonna find out what it means,” he added. “The media is basically going, ‘Hey guys. We don’t know what it means, and you don’t know what it means, and we’re not gonna try to find out what it means so we’ll just all live with the mystery’ … would you think that it’s enough to maybe start investigating the wrongdoing,” he said, his voice rising. “Yes, they went to a pedophile orgy island, but it doesn’t mean anything was going on.”

He then played a CBS news snippet to show how its coverage essentially aped what NBC said, down to the reporter defending President Clinton from any suggestion he was part of the sex trafficking scenario.

“In what other news case have they done this? I’m not saying that everybody in the documents is guilty … in what other news case do they feel the need to go out and say, ‘Just because these names are being bandied about doesn’t mean they did anything wrong.”

“In what other news case does the ex-president of the United States, who is mentioned over 50 times in these documents, and the first thing you say its, ‘There’s nothing illegal here… you have to believe that all of this is an accident … they had no idea, what are you talking about? These are the wealthiest people in the world. they can go anywhere they want on vacation …  they do not need to go to THIS island with THIS guy,” he said. “They can travel, they can charter planes… the people in the media act like Jeffrey Epstein owned the only private plane available.

“Why don’t you do the work of figuring out why the ex-president’s name [is on the list so often]?” he said.

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