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Late Night Runs Cover for Biden’s Classified Docs (UPDATED)

AG Garland announces special counsel as new trove of Biden docs revealed

Even late-night propagandists knew they couldn’t ignore a sitting president engulfed in a classified documents kerfuffle.

So the same comics who spent months skewering President Donald Trump for the FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago estate had to mention Biden’s similar woes.

They did just that, spinning the revelations like they were getting paid by the DNC.

Oops! That’s what elderly leaders do, we reckon. Aw, shucks! (At least Biden’s skin isn’t orange!)

So what happens now that Attorney General Merrick Garland announced a special counsel to explore why classified document stashes from Joe Biden’s Vice President days were found over the past few months?

First, let’s look at how the far-Left comics handled the initial revelations less than 24 hours ago.

“The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert started by tsk-tsking President Biden for the imbroglio.

“Come on, Joe. Classified?” Colbert worried. “Is this just what every president does now? Just scatter a trail of intelligence like Johnny Document-seed …given Biden’s age, I assume [the documents involve] the Spanish-American war and the digging of the Panama Canal.”

Late-night comics feel safe poking gentle fun at Biden’s age (80) to soften barbs that might injure his approval ratings.

Then, Colbert comic-splained why this was much less troubling than the Trump matter.

Let’s see what he says now. That task just got much harder with Garland’s revelation.


Jimmy Kimmel, Colbert’s fellow hard-Left comic, accused the GOP of pouncing and/or seizing upon the Biden news. Then, he tried a rare case of bipartisan fury at leaders who can’t handle simple documents. That means he knows Biden looks bad in this moment.

“We can’t have two sets of rules. We can’t hold Trump accountable for leaving documents around and not Biden.” Kimmel jokingly proposed putting Trump and Biden in a cell together for a 24-hour reality show. “We get Ryan Seacrest to host it. And then we watch as they either tear each other apart or get along. And then maybe we will stop tearing each other apart and get along, too.”

Kimmel is responsible for dividing the nation with his angry brand of partisan comedy. And, on some level, he knows it.

Seth Meyers took the “pouncing/seizing” approach to the scandal, framing the scandal as something he could awkwardly pin on his ideological foes. 

“In case you’re wondering why Tucker Carlson did his show tonight in full Joker makeup,” the host of NBC’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers” cracked, alluding to the scandal.

Sadly, that’s all he could muster on the subject, according to Newscasters.

Today’s events may force the far-Left comics’ hands, especially if they sense the matter is scandalous enough to threaten a possible second term for President Biden.

UPDATE: Team Late Night chuckled over the blossoming scandal, using the lineup’s usual tricks to deflate matters tied to Biden. He’s just … old.

Colbert led the charge.

“I know you’re retirement age — are you starting a collection? They’re classified documents, not spoons from the Delaware Train Museum!”

Meyers said the president had the documents “for a while, because a lot of them have to do with the Louisiana Purchase.”

Kimmel also played the Old Age Cad in his commentary.

“Which is more dangerous: Joe Biden having classified documents in his garage, or Joe Biden having the keys to a Corvette?”

Jimmy Fallon, still firmly on the Left following his infamous Donald Trump hair tussle, waved away the scandal by comparing classified documents to easily lost AirPods.

One late-night host, though, actually spoke truth to power, and he made us laugh along the way.

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