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Tim Dillon Drops Brutal Truth Bombs on Woke Hollywood, Strikers

Rebellious comic shares what industry insiders won't want to hear

Many comedians use their stand-up routines to score partisan points.

Just watch any Stephen Colbert monologue on CBS’s “The Late Show.” (That’s a variety program that used to air before the writers went on strike)

Tim Dillon, by contrast, is much harder to read.

I'm On Strike | The Tim Dillon Show #354

The comedian uses his podcast monologues to play devil’s advocate, satirize what the appropriate angle is on a given issue and zig when everyone expects him to zag.

It’s not impossible to glean some truth bombs from his podcast.

A great example? His recent show explored the dueling Hollywood strikes, the woke “Snow White” film and related topics.

“Hollywood and the machine is gonna shrink now. It has to. There’s 600 shows. Nobody’s watching a lot of them…. It’s not sustainable,” Dillon said about the current strikes and the likely fallout. One reason why?

YouTube channels deliver the kind of content consumers crave. For less.

“Shows like mine cost a lot less to produce than these shows. We have more people watching this than a lot of the shows being produced by streamers for millions and millions and millions of dollars,” he said. “Long term, the sustainability of the business model is being called into question.”

The comic also addressed one of the biggest battles raging in Hollywood. Will Artificial Intelligence, or A.I., cost actors and writers their livelihoods?

It just might, and for a reason too few people are willing to say aloud.

“They’re not giving up on A.I. … if every industry in the world is using A.I. Hollywood is not gonna take a moral stand … this is the business that threw women into the fire pits for when they spoke up about anything, except for a couple of years ago [during the MeToo explosion],” Dillon said, before adopting the voice of a generic studio executive.

“Well, you know, we care about humans and we don’t wanna displace any human beings,'”

“They’re trying to it accelerate A.I. so much they never have to see another actor or writer again. I’m sure they’d love that.”

He segued to a topic few, if any, Hollywood executives will broach in the public arena.


“You can’t keep ruining everything with this crap where you’re hiring people based on race, sexuality and gender and not level of talent. I’m not saying you can’t find both,” he added. “If you’re gonna do this thing where you remake movies so that they’re morality tales where people are gonna learn lessons, [audiences are] just f***ing not gonna watch them. They’re not gonna care.”

He brought up recent images from the live-action update of “Snow White,” a project that ditched the seven dwarfs for woke reasons.

“Do you know who’s the new Snow White? Dylan Mulvaney … because nobody learns a lesson,” he cracked, alluding to the TikTok star’s impact on Bud Light sales. “She’s coming to a screen near you.”

He then noted that most actors and writers aren’t rich, famous or handsomely compensated for their skills like A-list talents are. Once again, that’s a theme few Hollywood journalists will explore.

“There’s so much inequality in the entertainment business, right?” he asked. “Even though it’s quote a progressive and liberal business there’s an insane amount of inequality.”

Later, Dillon imagined a war-like strike where lives are ruined, blood is shed and the two sides pull out all the stops to win. You know, like in the movies. He’s not cheering on violence, but he imagined a war in cinematic terms.

“Let’s make it what the movies aren’t. Fun and watchable,” he cracked.


  1. “Rebellious” comedian that always seems to fall on the side of corporations who won’t have anything to do with him because he just panders to fascists. His special flopped so bad, his own fans didn’t even like it.

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